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I would rather eat dirt than to tell you that my Sunday Series, I just started, this was week #2, was a fail!. I started out great, really loved the color, loved the combination I did with the accent nail but just as I was getting ready for bed I nicked both colors. I cannot stand a nick or chip of any kind. I tried to “fix” the nick by adding contrasting stripes across the top. But that was not good. no beuno!

So, just before I went to sleep I removed it all, added a couple coats of my OPI Nail Envy and called it a fail. 😦
This morning I applied this Barry M Dusky Mauve. Love this!

I am loving the Barry M polishes. This one my friend Tina sent to me. This is a dupe for CHANEL Paradoxal (and also Revlon Naughty). It is a gorgeous gray, purple, brown color that I love so much.

This Barry M polish is amazing. It is a drugstore polish, sold in the UK, comes in great colors. I’ve heard of several CHANEL dupes from this line. When I have on this polish my nails feel so strong. I really hate taking it off! My friend Nic is sending me some more Barry M. She loves the glitter polishes and Deborah Lippmann. Originally I sent her DL Mermaids Dream. This time I sent her some Revlon (dupes for DL) and some of the new Sally Hansen glitter polishes. I feel very fortunate to have such nice friends willing to do trades with me. If you are thinking of doing a swap with someone from the UK, or anywhere, be careful. I have heard horror stories of people being “swap lifted”. That’s where they send off a beautiful package full of nice products and then never hear back from the person. That would break my heart. Luckily, I have no worries!

Back to my Sunday Series, I am 1 for 2. I am disappointed about the For Audrey, but I’ll have to try it again, another day. I will try again this coming Sunday. I’m not sure what polish I will pick, but it won’t be For Audrey!

It’s Sunday, time for a change. What I mean by that is, every Sunday I am committed to wearing a polish in my collection that I have never worn before. I will wear this polish until Wednesday, which is really Tuesday night as I remove my polish at night, sleep with the Nail Envy on and polish in the mornings. I have so many pretty polishes that I have never worn. Why is that? Do you do that? Is it because I buy polish like most people buy eggs? I think I buy too many at one time, then some of them get ignored. Hopefully this series will take care of that problem.

Today I have on China Glaze’s For Audrey. Because I knew I would get bored fast with just the For Audrey I added an accent of Essie Ballet Slippers. I have never worn either one of these. #twobirdsonestone!
I bought both of these polishes right after Christmas. I had to have them. I think they are both so pretty and I am glad they are in my collection.

Do you have For Audrey or Ballet Slippers? Have you worn both before? Tell me what you think of my idea of using an ignored polish at least once a week. πŸ™‚

I found a dupe for CHANEL’s Holiday from the Summer 2012 collection.


Revlon’s Red Bikini is a dead on dupe for Chanel’s Holiday.
Red Bikini is from Revlon’s summer 2012 collection. The collection from Revlon also includes a gold polish that is a dupe for Chanel’s Gold Fingers. Revlon also released an eyeshadow palette and some lip glosses. The lip glosses look very much like CHANEL lip glosses, but since I don’t any of those I can’t say for sure. Everything released in the Revlon collection is designated as limited edition.

I received the best package in the mail from my You Tube friend Nic. Nic lives in Ireland. She wanted a Deborah Lippmann polish that she couldn’t get over there so I sent her Mermaid’s Dream, along with some other items. In return she sent me a Sleek blush, that I love and some nail polish. She sent me a Model’s Own blue & pink glitter polish, a Nova blue polish and a bunch of Barry M.

I honestly could not decides between these 2 colors so I used both in my half and half manicure. You know how I like my half and half! πŸ™‚
I used Raspberry and Shocking Pink. I don’t think I need to tell you which one is which! This polish is great and now I know why I’ve heard such great things about it. Donna, from donnashorts1 on YT, says it wears like iron. But of course, we all know I won’t keep it on long enough to know how it wears! ;). It applies like a dream. So smooth, no streaks. The only thing is on the shocking pink I did need to do an additional coat to cover the nail line, but only on a couple of nails.
In addition to these 2 gorgeous colors Nic sent me a purple, maroon, blue, bright blue, grey and mushroom. Mushroom has been written about a lot in the British beauty blog world. It is a medium brown, with slight shimmers. Very pretty. Kind of like OPI’s Wooden Shoes Like to Know. I would, and probably will, wear those two together in a manicure.:)
This is a little present I am going to share with you. I truly enjoy watching this person.
I briefly mentioned Donna above. Any of you who watch You Tube, please watch Donna’s videos. She is so talented, a magician with make- up, so beautiful to look at, and her videos are like little miniature movies. She can make you cry and laugh out loud all within a 9 minute video. I adore her videos and hope you will, as well! Her You Tube name is donnashorts1.

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This is another Revlon dupe I’ve found for a CHANEL polish. This is for the Les Jeans collection. I found a dead on dupe for Coco Blue. Revlon Dreamer is a dupe for Coco Blue.



<a href

I have a love hate relationship with this polish. I can’t tell you how many mornings I have put this polish on, only to remove it and use a different color. I have never worn this polish out of the house. Until today. It is Sunday. I am going to keep this polish on until Wednesday. Ha!
I know I’ve said that before and always end up changing my polish. It’s like I have ADD when it comes to nail polish. I see something shinier or prettier or newer and run right to it to try. But I am really going to try to go until Wednesday with this polish.

I first saw this polish in a You Tube video of my friend Teresa (TeresaNC1) and it looked gorgeous on her, so of course I had to go buy it. As you can see it is a pretty shimmer-y silver with duo-chromes of pink and purple. It really is a pretty color. It is a little fussy to apply. That is why I would always remove. I could never get it to go smooth enough. Today though, I decided I was going to be the boss of this polish and I think it turned out really pretty and I’m loving it. πŸ™‚

Do you have colors that youve never worn? Each Sunday I am going to actually wear one of my polishes that’s never been used before. I have so many pretty colors that for what ever reason I have never worn. So stay tuned for next Sunday to see which polish I will have on! πŸ˜‰
I hope you will join me on Sundays by wearing a polish in your collection that you’ve never worn, I think it will be fun! πŸ™‚


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