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The top picture is Revlon Copper Penny. The bottom picture is Chanel Delight, taken from Google Images. (sorry, there was no photo credit on the Google image one).

I am adding this to my CHANEL dupe page as it is a dead on dupe.

This is the same polish, the same day as the first picture but as you can see it changes with the light. In this picture it is definitely a rose gold, but in the other pictures it is more gold. After wearing this for a day, I think it is pretty and seems more rose gold than gold. It looks great with my MK rose gold watch.

As this makes number 8, of my gold nail polish I am officially not buying any more gold polish! I actually have 7 bottles because I sent The gorgeous Diane a bottle of Revlon Gold Coin. I wound up with 2 bottles of Copper Penny. I bought this at my Albertson’s store. They have a large selection of Revlon polish and are the cheapest place in town to buy ($4.29). When I got home I had 2 bottles in my sack but I only paid for 1, so I called to tell them I would be bringing back a bottle. Marni, the front end manager said she put that in my bag because they are discontinuing carrying that color and she wanted to get rid of it. I didn’t have the heart to tell her 1 bottle is P-L-E-N-T-Y! But, thank you Marni. 🙂

Copper Penny on the left, CHANEL Delight is on the right.

In the mail yesterday I received the sweetest birthday present. Indie sent me 4 bottles of polish. I don’t have any of these brands and I’m so excited to try them. The colors are great and not like anything I have. Which is good!
Starting on the left, CND Asphalt, CND Dark Ruby, Sinful Colors Dream On and MAC Russian Red.


Indie knows I have an ‘obsession’ for William and Kate, she sent me a couple of post cards and a magnet with W and K photos. I love those, Indie. Thank You!
She also sent 2 beauty diary sheet masks. I used one last night and I loved it. It felt very soothing on my skin.
I painted my nails with the MAC Russian Red. I was thinking this might be too much red, so I did one of my half & half manicures with Estée Lauder Rosa Rosa to go along with Russian Red.

I must say, I feel very grown up and lady like today. I think I should call my girlfriends, get dressed up, put on some proper shoes, and go to a fancy, schmancy type of restaurant for tea. What? If only there was a place like that in my town, I’d be there. Of course, I would change my shoes. Somehow these shoes don’t go with my nails today.

Thank you so much, Indie. I really appreciate this! I love everything you sent. It’s people like you that I’m so glad to call my friend. 🙂
**Updated Photo **
I’m trying to get a better photo so show how pretty this polish is. I’m sorry it this is the best I could do, it’s kind of cloudy here today.


I received a package in the mail today from my friend Erica. We arranged a swap of some nail polish. Erica had received a duplicate color, Gayle in her Julep box last time.
By the way, Erica received a gynormous box from Julep with, like 10 polishes and a bunch of hand cream, scrubs, base coat, top coat. Way to go Erica! Anyway, I digress, I love the Gayle so we agreed to swap. I sent her a Nubar called Purple Heart and an OPI crackle in dark blue.

Clearly I came out ahead on this deal. Erica sent me the Gayle, plus Alyson, plus an Ulta polish Fine Pruned and 2 bottles of micro beads. One in green and one in gold. I, of course had to try out the beads right away. I sent the picture above to Jilly and asked her Yay or Nay? I honestly thought I’d get back a big fat Nay but she liked it. She really liked it.

This will be so much fun to work with. Thanks so much Erica. I was happy to do this swap with you and I hope you love the Nubar polish and the crackle.
Erica’s YouTube channel
Be sure to watch and subscribe to Erica’s channel.

Thank You so much Erica!

I’m so far behind on keeping this page of my blog up to date. This and Meet My Family needs serious work. Maybe I should put one of my books down and work on it.

Right now I am reading 3 books. One book book, My Life in Parisby Julia Child, The Partner by John Grisham, this is on my iPad and 50 Shades of Grayby E L James. This is an audiobook.

I love the book book when I’m outside in the mornings, having my coffee and croissant!. Ha! Of course it has to be a croissant when reading about my beloved Julia Child. This book was written by Julia and her nephew Alex Prud’homme. This book was before the Julia and Julie hype a few years ago. Which, don’t get me wrong, I loved the Julia and Julie blog/book/movie. Anything to do with my beloved Julia, I’m there. My Life in France is more about her life and what lead her to cooking school, the French way of cooking and her school she helped start. This book also goes more into her life before cooking, and what a life it was.

About three years ago Sarah Palin came out with her book Going Rogue Do you remember? The only reason I bring this up, is Palin’s book was released in the dead of winter. Palin is from my neck of the woods and she did a lot of book signings in my area. Palin was scheduled for a book signing lets say on a Monday. People started lining up on Saturday before. They lined up and slept in zero degree weather, on the sidewalk, waiting for a chance to have Sarah Palin sign their book. I could not imagine the love and admiration they must have felt for Palin to sit and sleep on a cold sidewalk for days, just to have her sign their book. Of course the question became “Who would you sit on a freezing sidewalk for a week end for?. After much deliberation and discussion my answer had to be Julia. Julia Child is the only person I could come up with that I would do that for. Maybe Regis Philben, but definetly Julia.


The book is scattered with pictures, mostly taken by her husband Paul. Julia did everything in her life with a certain amount of joy and spirit. This book is no exception.


I love purple and lime green together.

I went into Walgreen’s the other day looking for a lime green polish and found this one from Sally Hansen for $2. Love the price. I also saw this display from Revlon.

These were $9 for 2 colors. The color combinations were great, lime green and purple being one of them. The other combination I loved was a blue and beige. I might try that later this week with an Orly polish April sent me.

Today, at Rite-Aid Revlon is on sale for 40% off. I might have to make a stop at Rite-Aid today. Will you?

Indie at Girlie Review blog is having another great giveaway. She does the best reviews of anyone. She covers all the bases when reviewing cosmetics. I always check her blog before actually purchasing a cosmetic because she is so thorough.

Girlie Review Giveaway

Indie also has a You Tube channel, the same name, and does awesome videos. On Mothers Day she did a video where her daughter Emma, who I think is about 5 (?) did her mommie’s make-up. It is the most adorable video ever.

But back to the current giveaway, this picture was taken from Girlie Review’s blog and shows the cute bottles of polish she is giving away.

How cute are those? I hate to tell anyone about it because I would love to win this particular giveaway! But I can only be selfish for a moment, so please go to her blog and enter this giveaway. And while your are there follow her blog. You won’t be sorry.

Okay, so here we go again. The Gorgeous Grape from Sunday didn’t last the day. I don’t know what it is about that polish, I can’t seem to wear it for 24 hours. It’s a pretty color, and right up my alley as far as the dirty, muddy kind of colors go. But I did remove it. Then I had a hard time deciding what I wanted until I came across this one.

So pretty and so bright. I am going to keep this on until it chips and I will include the results for my brand comparison ‘study’ I am working on.

This is Betty. She is sleeping and snoring with her head on her teddy bear. Sorry this is blurry, it was across the dining room and foyer into the living room. If I’d moved to get closer, she would have woke up. I wish I could add video of her snoring, it’s somewhat soothing. Maybe I should turn on the TV or a radio!

—I also want to thank all of you for your support in my recent decision to close my You Tube channel. I will not be returning in the capacity of making videos but I am still watching all my favorite people. Your kindness and friendship means so much to me. :)——

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