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Allure magazine has to be one of my favorites. It’s a great magazine for women of all ages. Yesterday they ran an article showing how to look younger by using your make up different. I did a video on the tips they highlighted and how to make them work for you. They also showed the top 8 pedicure colors for this summer. Their list is as follows:

1. Lemon – they suggested L’oreal Tweet me or Revlon Lemon Meringue from scented line

2. Aqua – their number 1 suggestion was Butter London Slapper. I couldn’t agree more. Love that color. Another great aqua would be For Audrey by China Glaze, although lighter than Slapper, I still would call this aqua.

20120629-122210.jpgThis is For Audrey painted on my Mom!

3. Petal Pink – Allure magazine suggested Shelby from Zoya or Sally Hansen Bubblegum Pink.

20120629-122350.jpgGo Go Pink from China Glaze. This is also a real pretty petal pink. I think a lot of us have this color because it was marketed in a kit for Breast Cancer Research. You can buy this kit here under my page, Polish for Sale


4. Red-Orange Allure suggested L’oreal Caught Red Handed. One of my favorite red-orange is LC from Zoya.

20120629-122916.jpgThis LC and Lo from Zoya Mother’s Day Trio. LC is on the left.

5. Electric Purple Illamasquasca Stance and Butter London HRH were the 2 examples given. I haven’t seen those colors but my favorite electric purple is Anne from Julep.


6. Bronze -the magazine suggested OPI Brisbane Bronze and Maybelline Bold Gold. They both look a lot like Browno Mars from Catrice.


7. Orange Sherbert – I don’t have an orange Sherbert-y colors, as we all know, orange and I don’t get along very well. The magazine suggested China Glaze Orange You Hot and Essie Fear or Desire.

8. Barbie Pink – who doesn’t love a Barbie Pink pedicure? My favorite Barbie Pink of all time has to be CHANEL May.


20120629-124142.jpgThe top picture is May and the bottom picture is Zoya Lara. I also think Butter London Primrose Hill Picnic is a great “Barbie ” pink color.


What’s on my toes? That would be #4 Red-orange. This is from L’Oreal called Rajun Cajun.


What’s on your toes?

Shh..Quiet! Really? Really, that’s the name of this polish. I agree, I think it is a goofy name, but the polish is not goofy it is gorgeous!

20120627-152138.jpgToday was one of those days where I would put on a polish, take it off, put on another, take it off, over and over. Sounds like a stripper working on the day rent is due, but it’s just one of those days!

20120627-152445.jpgFor a while this morning I had on OPI Pompeii Purple. This is a beautiful, full on hot pink with purple duo-chrome, which we all know I’m crazy about that color. But, the problem was the dreaded VNL. Since I didn’t want to add more coats I put on this one.

20120627-152651.jpgAgain, a beautiful OPI called Skull and Glossbones. The problem with this one is it went on very streaky. So streaky in fact that even with Seche Vite top coat, the streaks still showed through. I always figure, when I’m having these kinds of days to go to the mattresses, so to speak.
Remember in You’ve Got Mail when she was asking him for advice, he said the answer is to always “go to the mattresses”. In honor of Nora Ephron, RIP, I went to the mattresses with one of my all time favorite colors.

20120627-153309.jpgThis is Wet n Wild Lavender Cream.. Pretty, isn’t it? Problem? When I put it on, and I did leave the house with this one on, I went too heavy. If I go too heavy on a polish I want to pick at it. It had to come off. Which leads us to Shh…Quiet! from Venique. Another one of my all time favorites from my all time favorite company Venique.

20120627-154134.jpgThis polish goes on like glass, and I love this color. It’s an odd color, maybe that’s why it’s got an odd name?
So, Shh…Quiet! is what I’ve landed on for the last time today. I think it is smooth enough, neutral enough that I will wear this for a few days! 😝 Ha! Famous last words!

Thanks so much for stopping by, don’t forget to check my page “Polish for Sale” I will update it right now, so it will be current. Thanks to everyone who has purchased from me, I really appreciate!
Remember to Keep Calm and Paint Your Nails πŸ’…


20120626-140630.jpgThis is Hot Date from Venique. I wish I had a hot date but for now I’ll wear it on my nails!

20120626-140833.jpgSuch a pretty color for the summer. I still have a couple bottles for sale, $7.50 FREE SHIPPING. Email me or leave a comment if you are interested!

Thanks so much for stopping by.


20120624-215537.jpgThis is Revlon Grey Suede

20120624-215617.jpgthis is CHANEL Frenzy from the Fall 2012 collection.
(Please Note: I got this photo from A Google search)
I have not seen the CHANEL Frenzy in person yet, so I will not add this to my list of CHANEL dupes but from the looks of things I think it’s pretty safe to say the Revlon Grey Suede is going to be a dead on dupe for CHANEL Frenzy.

I for one will be spending $5.49 for the Revlon Grey Suede and saving the difference of over $20. Now for CHANEL Vertigo, that’s another story. Just call me Mrs. Vertigo, because I will be marrying that one!

(Please Note: I got this image from a Google search)

20120624-220114.jpgCan you blame me? Gorgeousness in a bottle!
Maybe if I sell my blood πŸ’‰ I will make enough πŸ’° to buy my Mr. Vertigo. He will be mine πŸ’ even if I have to rob a bank πŸ”« ! Okay, now that’s just going too far, or is it? Bwahhhaahaaa

Thanks for stopping by! And remember to keep calm and paint our nails! πŸ’…

I know I just posted a video about how I remove my nail polish using 1 cotton ball and 1 capful of polish remover, but I just learned of a newer and better way to remove your nail polish. This happened the last time I posted a video showing how I remove my polish, and then someone told me about the 1 cotton ball, 1 capful way, so there ya go. Seems like once I’ve found what I think is the best way, another, better one comes along. Anyway I wanted to share this with you, as it really does work.

In a small bowl add a squirt of hair conditioner (maybe a quarter cup?), a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, and a couple tablespoons of lemon juice.

20120623-220956.jpgwith a whisk mix everything together until the conditioner is melted into the oil, just takes a minute or two.

20120623-221047.jpgFill the bowl with hot water, as hot as you can stand.


20120623-221321.jpgNow, soak your nails until the water is cooled down. Should be 15-20 minutes. When you are done your fingers will be pruny. This is one case where pruny is good! Now remove your nail polish like normal. I still use the 1 cotton ball, 1 capful of remover method, but the one thing I do different is to pull straight down with the cotton ball. Do not move it side to side. That just pushes the polish into the sides of your nails. Ever remove a dark polish and notice the dark polish “outlines” your nails. Going side to side is why that happens. So just put the piece of soaked cotton ball on your nail, wait a minute and pull it straight down. Your polish will come off in one stroke and you won’t have any residue in the corners.


The other benefit of removing polish this way is your nails, cuticles and hands feel very sowft. Obviously from the conditioner and the oil, but my nails look great and my hands are nice and soft, who could ask for more? Well, I know someone will ask for more, but you probably aren’t getting it! So there!
Thanks for stopping by! Mwaaah!
πŸ’… keep Calm and Paint your Nails!

20120623-183725.jpgThis month on my vanity? is blush, or as I like to call them blushers.
I have a question mark after vanity, because I don’t really have a vanity, I have a set of dresser drawers in my bathroom, 3 drawers. The top drawer is where I keep my make up and on top of the dresser is the stuff I use most often, a small jewelry chest, a radio, etc… The usual. Whenever I feel like I’m being overwhelmed with some one item I like to put it in my small basket and for the next month I concentrate on that item. This is a way I can weed out what I don’t like, use up what I do like.
I started this a couple of months ago, if you remember when I had too many mascaras to count, let alone to know which ones I liked. At the end of that month I knew I loved my old favorite L’oreal Voluminous, so no more trying different mascaras. Then I did the same thing with eyeshadow. At the end of the month I knew I did not care for the Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow but I love the Wet n Wild brand.
So this month was blush. I won a Mac blush in a giveaway from a blog called The Girlie Review, I also received a couple of different blushes from swaps I’d done with friends in the UK. Of course, I had my standby Avon blush, which by the way, is now in the garbage. It was not a good blush, no beuno.


20120623-184618.jpgSome of the other contenders were by Vincent Longo and Smashbox., Accessorize and Wet n Wild. After a month of concentrating and paying attention to what I was using, why I was using, I came up with these favorites.

20120623-184742.jpgThese are both Sleek brand and only available in the UK. They are drug store brands, very affordable and very good! They look scary in the pan, but can I tell you, they sheer out to the prettiest color. And isn’t that what we want our blush to do? Next to the Sleek, I really love Vincent Longo Misty Blossom. Vincent Longo is a make up artist who started his own line of make up, he is highly thought of by other make up artists and I agree. Misty Blossom has all these different colors in it that when swirled together, again makes the prettiest blush.

20120623-185754.jpgI also really like the Revlon cream blush. As I get older, I think a cream blush looks better on me, doesn’t seem to settle into those “fine” lines. Fine lines my ass, whoever came up with calling them “fine” never had any. Okay, I’m back. Sorry, but I’m just sayin….
I may have gone into this experiment thinking i would come out with only one blush but one thing I’ve learned is a girl needs more than one blusher. I need a peach toned blusher (Mac Immortal Flower & Sleek Life’s a Peach) for the days when I’m wearing maybe a rust colored top, or using more browns in my eye make up. I need a rose colored blush (Sleek Flamingo & Revlon Berry Flirtatious & Vincent Longo Misty Blossom) for most other days. My skin has pink undertones so I probably will reach for the rose/pink blush more often than the peach but I do need a peach now and then.
πŸ’„What’s next for What’s on My Vanity? If you guessed LIPSTICK, then you guessed right. I have more lipstick than I know what to do with. I could leave myself little love notes on the bathroom mirror every night for a month and a year, and still have lipstick left over! This may take longer than a month!
😍Thanks for stopping by!

20120623-015032.jpgI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is the best polish ever! Love it!
This polish just makes my nails feel stronger and they seem to grow faster, too. I think it’s because of the formula they use, which is a sil-tek formula that means the polish expands and contracts with your natural nails. I don’t know what it it, but I like it.

20120623-015527.jpgthis by far, one of my favorite colors. This is called Kitten Heel Slide.

20120623-015650.jpgthis ia favorite half and half I like to do with OPI Gooda Gooda Two Shoes and Hard to Sole. Great combination. Hard to Sole is a good neutral.

The reason I’m so excited about being able to offer this polish for sale to you guys, is this is available only at CosmoProf stores, you have to be a licensed cosmetologists to go in the store, and it’s available at salons. What I’ve found at the salons is when they get a case of it in, it is gone the next day. The stylists are buying it up as fast as it gets into the salon.

This is what I have for sale, and remember I will pay for the shipping to the states and to Canada.

20120623-021542.jpgI have 2 of these sets with the clear zippered bag. One set is called Denim Casual and the other is Khaki Casual. These are $15 each.

20120623-021701.jpgI have 2 of these mini sets. They are called Crown of Shoes.. Each set comes with a plastic fold over pouch with 4 mini bottles of Biker Couture, Whiskey Vamp, Angelica Step, and Cosmic Phenomenon. these are $14 each.

20120623-022243.jpgI only have 2 of the Minnie Mouse mini sets left. They are $13 each.

20120623-022405.jpgI have a few of the individual bottles left. They are $7.50 each.
I have Hot Date, Rolling Tides, 6 Inches of Seduction, Mary Jane Pump, Slouching Slipper, Tangled in Flamenco, Sky high Spike, and Brighten Your Day.
πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’… πŸ’— my email address is Judi.tierney@yahoo.com πŸ’— πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…
Send me an email with which one you are interested in, and I will let you know if still available. I do not take PayPal at this time. I’m working on it. PayPal does have a feature to pay by electronic check, you can use that feature with no problem. I will be more than happy to provide you with my bank info to enable that function. Actually, I believe PayPal does all the work on their end, so you don’t have to do anything different, than to tell PayPal you want to pay this, how much, and with an electronic check. They will take it from there.
As a side note, to clear up a few mis-conceptions :
Two of these polishes are described as being frost, the Slouching Slipper and Tangled in Flamenco. Rolling Tides and Anjelica Step are described as cream finish with macro-glitter. The rest are described as cream finish. My favorite polish, Kitten Heel Slide is described as cream finish with golden duo-chrome. You all know what a sucker I am for a duo- chrome!
These are all new polish. I bought these with my own money, these are not my polish that I’ve used and now I’m selling. These are all new polishes. Case in Point

20120623-024053.jpgOne of these is MY bottle of Kitten Heel Slide, the other is a brand new bottle of Kitten Heel Slide.

I hope this answers any questions you may have, and I hope you order your favorite bottle now! Right now! Or your favorite set. I love the set with the zippered bag. That’s how I got my first Venique and I use that little bag all the time. Thanks so much for stopping by and remember to keep calm and paint your nails! πŸ’…


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