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What’s on my vanity? Is really whats in my basket. Yes, it’s a nice Longaberger basket, remember when everyone was buying Longaberger baskets? Do they still? I haven’t heard of a Longaberger basket party for so many years, but I do love their baskets and have way more than anyone person should own. Not that I obsess much. For the past 6 weeks I’ve had lipstick 💄in my vanity/basket. For those of you new to my blog and you tube channel I keep items in a basket, on top of my vanity I’m somewhat overwhelmed with, as in I have too many, and I need to work through them to see which ones I like, which ones work for me and which ones I need to find a new home for.
My first basket was full of mascara. I’d found myself inundated with lots of different mascaras. At some point I put them all in the basket, kept it on top of my vanity so that I used each and every one. By the end of the month I knew what mascara worked for me and what ones did not. The next month I did eyeshadows, then blush. This system works very well for me and I’m quite pleased with myself for coming up with this idea, (pats self on the back). Finally this brings us to this months item: lipsticks.💄


20120731-145036.jpg These are my favorite lipsticks from my collection of Revlon. They are Mink, Teak Rose, Fire & Ice and Cherries in the Snow, going left to right. As you may or may not know CITS and F&I were released in 1953 along with nail polish to match your lips to tips. I love this trend and so happy it is coming back. I wrote about this back in November, which at that time Revlon was the only brand you could find matching lips to tips. Look just a few short months later and Butter London released the Lippy, soon to be followed by Mac and I’ve heard Estée Lauder is jumping on that band wagon. My all time favorite combination of lips to tips will always be CITS.

20120731-150344.jpg(This photo was from the first ad campaign for CITS & F&I, I did not take this photo myself)

This Mac Viva glam IV and Vincent Longo Eve Rose. Both such great lipsticks. I did a review of the Vincent Longo lipstick here. I promise I will do a post about the Mac viva Glam project. Every cent of the purchase price of your Viva Glam lipstick you buy goes to the Mac Aids foundation. They are doing such great things for those afflicted with aids and for the families of thos afflicted with this terrible disease. I like it that ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE PURCHASE PRICE GOES TO THE FOU DATION. I feel very strong about this and I promise when I have more facts I will post more about it.
Now, would you like to see my mini collection of lipsticks? Yea?

20120731-151144.jpg So cute my little minis. There’s my beloved Burberry in all it’s checkered glory, my mini Tarte lip surgence in the color moody (how apropos), my lil Gurelain, 2 adorable Jane Iredales and of course the king of the minis Dior, I think the color is Fire. 💋💋

20120731-152209.jpg. 💄This Tarte lip surgence in fever was a total surprise to me, I’m surprised at how much I like it. I have always been a girl to shy away from orange lipstick, orange nails, you get the picture. But this color works for me and I love it. I wear it quite often.

20120731-152419.jpg. 💄I wanted to show you these lip surgence screw up from the bottom and there is actually a lot of product there. I’m showing this because one of my girls thought the only product was what was shown when the cap comes off. Now you know. Also, my little mini one does the same and it screws up about another inch, not bad for a mini..

The lipsticks that didn’t work for me are being added to my blog sale, sanitized, of course. I’m adding a **gasping for breath** CHANEL😝, a couple of Lancomme, And NYX. So please stop by my blog sale and hopefully find something you can’t live without!👏
Thanks so much for stopping by! 💅

Not too much to say about this gorgeous color from OPI called Dutch Tulips. This is a blue based red, kind of a jelly finish but very opaque. This is 2 coats with a top coat of Seche Vite. I think this would have been opaque with only 1 coat. I love the formula and I love the color.

This is my daughter Jilly and the BF. this picture makes me happy and that is why I posted it. 💗

Thanks for stopping by. 💅

20120729-214351.jpg This is Golden Conduct by Sally Hansen Magnetic. This is I thin coat and to be honest with you, I think this is the prettiest this polish looks.
The bottle has a unique lid that comes off the top and has 2 little ” feet” for lack of a better term. The little feet help you hold the magnet part over the polish with out touching the polish. It works very well that way.

The directions say to add one thin coat on each ten nails, let dry and then one nail at a time use the magnet by placing a rather thick coat on the nail. Then using the little feet, hold the magnet as close to the nail as possible without actually touching the nail.

It only takes a few seconds for the ‘design’ to come out. The little feet work great in keeping the magnet off the nail. I wonder what it would look like with a bit of a swirl.


20120729-215236.jpg this was a heavy swirl action, it looks like it lightened up the polish quite a bit.

20120729-215401.jpg. This was using the magnet feet on the end of the nail.
I still think this polish look best with one thin coat, no magnet swirls.

This polish was a gift, sent to me by my friend Diane from @catwmagick, thank you so much Diane for sending me this polish. It has been interesting to experiment with the magnets, trying the different swirls and what not. My conclusion on the polish is I think it looks great with one thin coat. In that one coat the coverage is excellent, no VNL. I will wear this polish to death this fall, so pretty. So, my question to you is: do you like this polish with the swirl effect or plain?

Thanks so much for stopping by.💅

20120727-101128.jpg this is Infamous from Revlon. I love this polish, it went on like a dream and I think it looks great with my skin tone. Makes me think it must have a bit of a blue base to it. I have always had a hard time wearing orange, anything, but this polish is awesome, IMO.
This was in a display at Walgreens of new Revlon colors. I’m waiting for a BOGO sale and I will definitely be buying more of the new colors.

Stay tuned for more of the new colors from my beloved Revlon.

20120727-101945.jpg Regis Philben, me and Jilly. Did I ever tell you I “worship & adore” Regis Philben? I do. This picture was taken in Spokane, Washington in front of Bing Crosbys childhood home which is on the campus of Gonzaga University. Regis was playing at a casino and he mentioned on his morning show he wanted to visit the home of Bing Crosby. I got up so early, I don’t even remember, drove to pick Jilly up from college, then drove 2 hours to see Regis. I thought there would be a huge crowd of people but it was pretty much me and Jilly and the tour guides from Gonzaga. I was so happy to see Regis I could not speak, me? Not speaking? Really. Luckily Jilly had her voice and asked for a picture. I could not even tell my name, but my beautiful daughter was chatty and made Regis laugh. I was in a flop sweat and just glad to have the picture to remember it by. Thanks to Jilly.

This is Gray Suede by Revlon. Yes, it is a dupe for CHANEL Frenzy, but that is not why I love this polish enough to add it to my Top 5 list. In my opinion this is a classic, timeless nail polish color that will be around for years. Just as Cherries in the Snow has survived, what 6 generations? I feel Gray Suede will be one of those always appropriate, classic polishes.
This polish is a dream to apply, goes on great with 2 thin coats. Does not puddle or bubble and the color is just nude enough to go with everything. There is an undertone of lilac to it and a slight lilac, pinkish shimmer going through the bottle. This does not translate onto the nail per se, but because it is in the formula it makes for an almost perfect polish. I will always have this polish in my collection. If my house was on fire, and my pets were safe, and of course the kids, I would go back in for this polish. Or maybe just go buy another new one the next day. You know what I mean.
Is this one of the colors I buy over and over? My answer would be no, even though I do have several polishes that are close to ‘Gray Suede’ they are different enough that I do not consider them dupes, maybe close cousins.

20120726-153431.jpgThis Dusty Rose from Gosh

20120726-153635.jpgthis is OPI Dulce de Leche and Gosh Dusty Rose

20120726-153745.jpgButter London Yummy Mummy and All Hail the Queen are similar but much darker

I know that Revlon has come under fire recently for using bloggers photos in their advertising campaigns. Specifically the Sinful Colors ad campaign where they published a pamphlet showing some great nail art that can be achieved, again supposedly with SC polish. The problem was apparent as one of the photos used showed the person holding a bottle of Color Club polish. SC polish was not even used. Then Revlon, in their continued wisdom used the nail art photo of a blogger and imposed that onto their model. Again, no SC polish used. Today I was in Walgreen’s coincidentally to purchase Revlon polish and found the pamphlet in question.

20120726-163035.jpgThe CEO of Revlon made a statement when this all came to light, the statement being of course it was not the fault of Revlon but their PR firm made the mistake. I am no CEO of a large company but doesn’t someone from the company, Revlon in this case, have to look over and sign off on what the PR people do? That would make sense to me. The CEO also said un-equivocally that all pamphlets had been pulled from the shelves, which this clearly was not true as I picked this one up today. I take this debacle with Revlon a little more personal than most bloggers because if you look at my blog as a whole, what company is most represented? That would be Revlon. In my quest for finding dupes for high end polishes I have come across so many Revlon dupes and I have always given them their due on this blog. I must say I was disappointed in the statement put out by Revlon. I’m one that believes if you make a mistake, you say “I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I will do my best to not let it happen again.”. I do not like the defense of the PR firm did it, because we all know the PR firm will say Revlon signed off on the pamphlet right here, and then we go round and round again. Again, what is wrong with “we are sorry for such an embarrassing moment in the history of Revlon and Sinful Colors, and it won’t happen again. “. Or how about, ” we, as a company love the nail blogging community and as an offer of gratitude to the thousands of bottles of polish you sell here is a PR kit for all the new colors, for each season to come!” now that would be awesome and more close to the truth than the PR firm did it. By the way my mailing address is PO Box 1630, Lewiston, ID 83501, if you wanted to mail me the new colors I would be happy to promote them. Which brings me to, have you seen the new Revlon colors at Walgreens? Awesome, I bought one today called Infamous. Photo below, who says I can’t wear orange?

I happen to love Revlon and I would be curious just how many bottles of polish I have sold for Revlon with my CHANEL dupes being Revlon polishes. Daily I get emails asking if I know of a dupe for CHANEL Paradoxal (Naughty), Superstition (Cherries in the Snow), and so on, all day long. So if Revlon wants to through a little love my way, I would be ecstatic!

This post has kinda started out In one place and made a road trip worthy of Route 66, but the bottom line is, Yes I love this polish and it has a permanent place in my Top 5 Polishes.

What are your top 5 polishes? I would love to know. Have you ever bought a Revlon polish because of my showing it is as a CHANEL dupe? I would love to know that answer! Please leave me a comment and let me know which polish you bought and for what dupe, or maybe you bought it because you liked the polish?

Thanks for stopping by! And remember to Keep Calm and Paint your Nails!



Butter London is having a flash sale, today only. Get 3 for $30!

Now is the time to pickup those colors you’ve been lemming for. This sale will last for exactly 24 hours, so go toButter London pick out 3 gorgeous colors and use promo code CHAMPION at checkout.




I love Yummy Mummy, All Hail the Queen, Primrose Hill Picnic, Trout Pout, Teddy’s Girl. I need Snog, Dahling, and Slapper. . Which colors are you going to order?

Thanks for stopping by, now go to Butter London and get in on this great deal. Don’t forget CHAMPION is the promo code you will need. 💅

This is my first ever Vlog/Blog sale. I posted a You Tube video, I will link it below, showing briefly the products I’m selling. If you have any questions, please contact me at Judi.tierney@yahoo.com.
These items are for sale, they have been slightly used, and I will sanitize them according to Wayne Goss’ directions for sanitizing make-up. If you are interested in an item, please let me know, send me your Pay Pal address and I will invoice you. Payment must be received within 24 hours or item will go back up for sale. Shipping will be $3 for the first item and $2 for each additional. I will ship internationally if you are willing to bear the cost of shipping. No returns or refunds of any items. Some of these items are not from a pet free/smoke free home, so if that is important to you, please do not buy. Also, if you under the age of 18 please do not buy. If you really, really, really want something please ask your parents to contact me prior to purchasing.
👣Just a side note, if you purchase something off my “Polish for Sale” page. There isFREE SHIPPING offered there, so it would ALL be free shipping. 👏

20120724-131925.jpgLorac croc palette $15

20120724-131952.jpgShady Lady 1 from the Balm $12

20120724-132021.jpgMeet Matt(e) from the Balm $10

20120724-132053.jpgNude Tude E/S Palette from the Balm $14

20120724-132130.jpgBurberry eau de parfum, original 1.7 oz, $20

20120724-132213.jpgMUA E/S pallette Heaven & Earth $8

20120724-132509.jpgEstée Lauder duo $2

20120724-132648.jpgRevlon Cream E/s in Skinlights $3

20120724-132726.jpgMaybelline Color Tattoo e/s Too Cool, Audacious Asphalt or Bad to the Bronze $1 each, $3 for all.

20120724-132828.jpgSally Hansen nail polish, set of 3. True Love, I Do and Ruby Stilettos. $5

20120724-132937.jpgRevlon Fall Mood nail polish, only used for swatching, this is the same as Copper Penny, $2

20120724-133047.jpgSet of 2 OPI polish. One is Designer Series with the sparkle-y silver top in Reserve and the other is Paint My Mojitoes-toes Red. Both for $6

20120724-133227.jpgEstée Lauder quad e/s $3

20120724-133407.jpgPhilosophy Illuminating
face powder, shimmering face powder, lit from within cream blush, e/s duo. $1 each

20120724-133521.jpgEstée Lauder nail polish in Rosa Rosa. $10

20120724-133613.jpgAliza II 6- pan e/s, pastel colors $1

20120724-133708.jpgMaybelline blush in medium mauve and impeccable grays e/s trio. $3 each

20120724-133804.jpgSmashbox duo lights AM/PM $3

20120724-133904.jpgwet n Wild palette in Lust $2 and Sweet as Candy $1

20120724-134013.jpgSmashbox in Improv $4 and Estée Lauder in Rose Tea $8

20120724-134119.jpgLancomme Love It! $8

20120724-134210.jpgPurity Mineral Glow $5

20120724-134253.jpgBurberry #24 Romantic Rose soft satin lipstick $23

20120724-134341.jpgJulep lip gloss Camellia $5

20120724-134432.jpgDiamond Gloss up to 5 day wear nail polish in chocolate $1

20120724-134533.jpgset of 3 lip glosses, Too faced, Clinique and Bath & Body Works. $1 each. $3 for the set.

20120724-134659.jpgset of 2 Avon glosses, Glazewear in Cherry and perfect wear in plum. $1 each, $2 for the set.

20120724-134834.jpgRevlon Colorburst lip gloss in Hot Pink Rose. $4

20120724-135005.jpgSmashbox lip enhancing gloss in POP $4


20120729-161848.jpg Brand new, never used Brighton purse.. I bought this at a yard sale, $10



20120729-162148.jpg CHANEL blush in 55 In Love. I bought from a blog sale. $22


20120729-162357.jpg MAC blush in Immortal Flower. I won this in a giveaway, barely used a couple times, not my color. $23


20120729-162652.jpg Venique Top Thong. I thought I was buying a different Venique top coat, sigh I be blonde. $7.50

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