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My Top 5 ~ Revlon Gray Suede

Posted on: July 26, 2012

This is Gray Suede by Revlon. Yes, it is a dupe for CHANEL Frenzy, but that is not why I love this polish enough to add it to my Top 5 list. In my opinion this is a classic, timeless nail polish color that will be around for years. Just as Cherries in the Snow has survived, what 6 generations? I feel Gray Suede will be one of those always appropriate, classic polishes.
This polish is a dream to apply, goes on great with 2 thin coats. Does not puddle or bubble and the color is just nude enough to go with everything. There is an undertone of lilac to it and a slight lilac, pinkish shimmer going through the bottle. This does not translate onto the nail per se, but because it is in the formula it makes for an almost perfect polish. I will always have this polish in my collection. If my house was on fire, and my pets were safe, and of course the kids, I would go back in for this polish. Or maybe just go buy another new one the next day. You know what I mean.
Is this one of the colors I buy over and over? My answer would be no, even though I do have several polishes that are close to ‘Gray Suede’ they are different enough that I do not consider them dupes, maybe close cousins.

20120726-153431.jpgThis Dusty Rose from Gosh

20120726-153635.jpgthis is OPI Dulce de Leche and Gosh Dusty Rose

20120726-153745.jpgButter London Yummy Mummy and All Hail the Queen are similar but much darker

I know that Revlon has come under fire recently for using bloggers photos in their advertising campaigns. Specifically the Sinful Colors ad campaign where they published a pamphlet showing some great nail art that can be achieved, again supposedly with SC polish. The problem was apparent as one of the photos used showed the person holding a bottle of Color Club polish. SC polish was not even used. Then Revlon, in their continued wisdom used the nail art photo of a blogger and imposed that onto their model. Again, no SC polish used. Today I was in Walgreen’s coincidentally to purchase Revlon polish and found the pamphlet in question.

20120726-163035.jpgThe CEO of Revlon made a statement when this all came to light, the statement being of course it was not the fault of Revlon but their PR firm made the mistake. I am no CEO of a large company but doesn’t someone from the company, Revlon in this case, have to look over and sign off on what the PR people do? That would make sense to me. The CEO also said un-equivocally that all pamphlets had been pulled from the shelves, which this clearly was not true as I picked this one up today. I take this debacle with Revlon a little more personal than most bloggers because if you look at my blog as a whole, what company is most represented? That would be Revlon. In my quest for finding dupes for high end polishes I have come across so many Revlon dupes and I have always given them their due on this blog. I must say I was disappointed in the statement put out by Revlon. I’m one that believes if you make a mistake, you say “I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I will do my best to not let it happen again.”. I do not like the defense of the PR firm did it, because we all know the PR firm will say Revlon signed off on the pamphlet right here, and then we go round and round again. Again, what is wrong with “we are sorry for such an embarrassing moment in the history of Revlon and Sinful Colors, and it won’t happen again. “. Or how about, ” we, as a company love the nail blogging community and as an offer of gratitude to the thousands of bottles of polish you sell here is a PR kit for all the new colors, for each season to come!” now that would be awesome and more close to the truth than the PR firm did it. By the way my mailing address is PO Box 1630, Lewiston, ID 83501, if you wanted to mail me the new colors I would be happy to promote them. Which brings me to, have you seen the new Revlon colors at Walgreens? Awesome, I bought one today called Infamous. Photo below, who says I can’t wear orange?

I happen to love Revlon and I would be curious just how many bottles of polish I have sold for Revlon with my CHANEL dupes being Revlon polishes. Daily I get emails asking if I know of a dupe for CHANEL Paradoxal (Naughty), Superstition (Cherries in the Snow), and so on, all day long. So if Revlon wants to through a little love my way, I would be ecstatic!

This post has kinda started out In one place and made a road trip worthy of Route 66, but the bottom line is, Yes I love this polish and it has a permanent place in my Top 5 Polishes.

What are your top 5 polishes? I would love to know. Have you ever bought a Revlon polish because of my showing it is as a CHANEL dupe? I would love to know that answer! Please leave me a comment and let me know which polish you bought and for what dupe, or maybe you bought it because you liked the polish?

Thanks for stopping by! And remember to Keep Calm and Paint your Nails!



22 Responses to "My Top 5 ~ Revlon Gray Suede"

Grey(Can. sp) Suede is a nice colour. I just got home from buying 40.00 worth of polish and feel a little sick from it- LOL Probably didn’t help that I just had my pedi/fill/mani done. Have you tried Revlons Touch of Taupe? I had it on for a few days, is really nice.


I haven’t tried that one. Did you buy the gray suede? It really is one of my top 5. So pretty, so ladylike, just like me, and you. 🙂 Xoxo

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I bought Gray Suede and Elegant about 6 weeks ago and was happy with them.When you said Gray Suede was the Chanel dupe I was even happier!Timeless is also a beautiful colour,I bought that one more recently.You and I seem to like a lot of the same ones 🙂


I think Elegant or Timeless used to be called Winter Mist. I have a mini bottle of it. I love all those too but I’m really trying to make an effort to not buy the same colors and even those aren’t the same they are closeto a lot of my other polishes. I really like the orange one I bought today, Infamous from their new line. Love the formula. So how many Revlon polishes have you bought because of me, do yu think? Just curious, 🙂


I forgot to ask but how many Revlon polishes have you bought because of me, do yo think? Just curious, 🙂


I went and looked at Posh Pink and was tempted to buy it but held off then.I may still buy it,you never know!


I bought a new one tonight called infamous. I love it, it is coral, pretty. Did u see that one? Also walgreens had a bunch of new Revlon colors they were pretty awesome!

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Yes, I actually bought Gray Suede after reading about it on your blog. Dupe or not – if you show a polish that strikes my fancy, then I’ll most likely buy it.


Well said momma – you have such a good eye for color matches and promote only quality nail polish!


Hi Judi! What a long post indeed… I am a bit fuzzy on the details of the Revlon scandal, but I wanted to add a bit. It is not right for the CEO not to accept any blame, but he is partially right. In large companies like this, why should we blame the entire organization for something that 1 person did? The person who approved the ad is probably very low on the organization chart, same as the PR person who had the brilliant idea. Both of them are to blame, but to go and be angry at the overall company… Not so sure… You would be surprised in today’s professional (or better said “professional”) environment, how often things like this happen.


I know all too often these things happen. I just wish my beloved Revlon wouldn’t have pointed the finger every where but at themselves. 😦 This was particularly funny because they did not use the polish of the brand they were promoting but they also went to a lot of trouble to photoshop the watermark out. The watermark ran along the cuticle. I feel bad for the bloggers whose pictures were used. If Revlon contacted me to use one of my pictures I’d be beside myself and of course I’d say yes. But we all know that’s not going to happen with my pictures but these girls use real cameras and take great pics, they deserve at least credit as a source. I’m not angry at Revlon, I bought a new Revlon polish yesterday, actually 4 new ones, 3 are for Nicky. I’m not angry at anyone, I hope I didn’t come across as if I were, because I’m not.

Thanks for your comment Diana. As always I love hearing from you. Xoxox


Thanks Judy, I know you will love Gray Suede, it’s a classic!
Thanks for leaving a comment. Xoxo


Thank you Jilly. Coming from such a talented writer as you, means a lot. I love you! Xoxo


I would guess around 10 or more- LOL I did purchase the grey suede but have not tried it yet. It looks pretty on your hand. I found a Revlon polish I bought I am guessing 23 or more years ago and it is still good! The name has been rubbed off and there isn’t much left. I will bet I payed over 10 dollars for it back then too because it would have been purchased at Shoppers. Have a nice weekend.


Pooh, show your gray suede in a video. I bet it is classic on your hands too! Xoxo

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Also, have you found a Revlon polish that is close to CHANEL June? The apricot color? That is one I can’t find a dupe for. I thought idsaved a swatch before I mailed to you but can’t find it. Maybe you will run across it. Much love to my Canadian friend…

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Judi- I can send you a swatch sometime by the end of next week if you want no problem. I don’t have your eye for that stuff!


That would be great, if you don’t mind doing two coats, no top coat? Just when you get around to it. I would so appreciate it. Thanks! Xoxo

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Yes, I agree that they should have done more than not assume any responsability too… Hope they learned their lesson at least!


I actually came to this page looking for a colour accurate pic of Revlon’s Grey Suede but I felt annoyed after reading your blurb so I thought I would right my own.

I truly don’t believe in the “this is a Chanel/Dior (insert high end name here) dupe” because so often the higher end brand does have something the cheaper brands such as Revlon don’t have. For example, Dior polishes have the perfect brush imo (it’s all subjective of course) and although colours may look the same; application, texture, drying time, viscosity etc. will be different and are not dupes.

Generally speaking, I like Revlon nail polishes but I can honestly say I have never bought a bottle of polish on the recommendation of a blogger because it is a supposed dupe of a high end brand.

My personal polish collection is nearing 700 which isn’t massive but I don’t blog (no PR donations in my stash) and I bought each one of my babies. So I do have some idea about various nail polish and their differences.

You do come across as asking Revlon for compensation for all the business you have sent their way and asking your readers to confirm that they have bought Revlon polish only because you recommended it. I have no idea how much business that is but based on your comments, it must be a large income spinner for Revlon!

You can choose not to publish my comment (and that is what I expect) because I call you on what you are doing but honestly if you want bottles of Revlon nail polish that badly, I will pass the hat around and get donations.


Of course, I always approve comments unless they are just down right mean. You are stating your opinion and I respect that. I’m scratching my head wondering why you think I’ve ever asked Revlon ,for any compensation or even any PR samples. I haven’t asked for the few PR samples I do receive.

I own enough Revlon polish and I do not want nor, need any hats to be passed around. I have bought all the Revlon polish I own with my own money. I own more Revlon than I would care, but mostly I have bought It because someone would ask if I could find a dupe for a higher end polish. And for that I go to Revlon. And yes, sometimes I find dead on dupes, sometimes they are close but no cigar dupe and sometimes the color difference is enough to make up for .the price difference of the higher end polish.

I agree with you, Dior has the perfect brush. I’m sorry you felt I came across as being a beggar for compensation from Revlon, needing PR samples or that I “need’ more Revlon polish. I have plenty. Thank you. And if I do find myself wanting another Revlon polish, I will buy it with my own money, as most of my polishes are bought with my own money. Most of my readers are grateful that I did buy that certain Revlon polish to compare with a higher end brand, that I also purchased with my own money. Sounds like maybe you are the one needing a hat passed for?

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment


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