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😍ᎤᏩ I love this polish!

How pretty is this? Forget-Me-Not is from the Garden Party collection released by Dior in the Spring of 2011. It is scented, when it is dry it does have a faint scent of some kind of floral. Maybe lily? I’m not good with describing scents. The scent doesn’t last very long and only when you actually smell your nails is it noticeable. And let’s be honest, how often does one smell their nails?

The caps removable, like CHANEL polishes, and has CD engraved on the top.
I was especially happy to get this polish because I have the adorable “clutch” palette that was released with the same collection.

And I really like the brush in this polish. It is a wide, flat brush which fits the bed of my nails perfectly. I know some people don’t like these kinds of brushes, but they are my favorite.

This is a pretty purple color but not unique by any means. The first polish that comes to mind is Summer Plum from Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line.

Also, Charlotte from Julep is very close to Forget Me Not.

Even though it’s not the most unique color, I still love this polish. It went on smooth, no VNL, and I think it looks beautiful. What do you think?


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OPI recently announced its collaboration with Mariah Carey for a collection of nail polish. I think you will be surprised by this collection. I was thinking it would be all glitz and glitter doused everywhere, but “surprisingly” it’s a well thought out, very wearable collection.
The Mariah Carey collection includes a total of 8 new shades. Four of the new shades are matte sparklers. This is a new formula for OPI. It’s a matte polish, yet with sparkle. Hmmm, I like a little sparkle, and I like me some matte polish. I’m excited to try these out!

Anti Bleak this is a creamy plum

A Butterfly Moment a frosty nude

Sprung a shimmery copper

Pink Yet Lavender super glitzy pink and lavender glitter. Mariah Carey in a bottle

Can’t Let Go purple matte sparkler

Stay the Night matte black with scarlet shimmer

Get Your Number a blue base matte with multi colored shimmer ( my favorite)

The Impossible fuschia base with star confetti

All the pictures were provided by OPI.

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This is an update to the post I published earlier about selling sample sizes of high end polish. I also did a You Tube video on this subject, I will post the link below for that.

After hearing about the Netflix for Nails and the negative reaction to It, I got to wondering if people would want to purchase high end polish in small quantities. This way they can try the polish, if it’s one they love, then they will feel more comfortable in spending the big bucks for it. I always buy high end nail polish either from Nordstrom or CHANEL.com because I know if once I try it and I don’t care for it, there is no problem in returning. As I have said before I have a tendency for things to pull orange on me, orange is not one of my colors so I have to be careful of that. Just this past week I returned a bottle of CHANEL Quartz because when I got it home and used it, I did not like the way it looked on me.
So that is a good reason for purchasing a sample size of high end polish.

Right now I own 4 CHANEL nail polish, with 2 on the way. I ordered Skyline and Rose Inattendu. I currently have Malice, Black Pearl, May and Suspicious. If you would like to sample one of these the cost is $10 plus shipping. Postage within the US would not be more than $2-3, international would be more of course.

At the moment I own 3 Deborah Lippmann, Private Dancer, Modern Love, My Old Flame. I have ordered On the Beach and Mermaids Dream. I also ordered a very rare DL called Sweet Dreams, these will all, be $9 for a sample size that is approx one-third the size of the full bottle, plus shipping.
I have Nars, Estée Lauder, butter London, OPI, Essie, Zoya, Barry M, Catrice, too many to mention. If you would like to sample any of the ones from my collection I would be happy to accommodate. The price will be vary according ing to the polish you want to try. I think this is more than fair, and I’m afraid if you think it is too much for a sample, well then this program obviously isn’t for you.

Each of the little bottles comes with its own funnel. This is to insure the integrity of the polish, both the sample size and the full size bottle. A minimum amount of air is exposed to the polish and no dust or pet hair can get in the bottles this way. I just need to remember to remove the little mixing bb’s first! Ha!
If you would like to see my You Tube video, you can find it here

To read the Terms of Service for Lacquerous go to their website at http://www.lacquerous.com, also be sure to read their privacy policy as well. It is my understanding that they have changed some of their terms as far as number of days for them to determine inappropriate usage, so they may have changed more than that. Which would be a good thing.

If you have any questions or would like to order a sample size polish, please leave a comment below.

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When Lacquerous launched it got me to thinking, why not sell small sample sizes of high end polish? I found a site to purchase small nail polish bottles that include the brush and a bb for mixing.

These are the “high end” polish I currently own.



If anyone would like a “sample” of one of these please let me know. I haven’t worked out the pricing just yet, but the most expensive, CHANEL, would be $10 and the less expensive of course would be less.

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think, good or bad. I appreciate your feedback.

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For those who are new to my blog, every Sunday I wear a polish from my collection that I have never worn before. I don’t have an enormous amount of polish, but I do have quite a few that haven’t been worn. I do not want to hoard nail polish, I do not want to collect nail polish, I want to wear my polish, and this helps me to do that.

Eggplant Frost from Wet n Wild Wild Shine. This is one of those 99 cent polishes from Wet n Wild, that I think are great. I say they are 99 cents because that is the price marked on the box they are displayed in, but to tell the truth I’ve never spent more than 48 cents for one of the Wild Shine polishes. They are on a perpetual half off sale. Every drug store has these but you have to look down to find them. They are always on the bottom shelf. They are great little polishes with some great colors. They are opaque in 2 coats, sometimes 1, and seem to wear well. I think this eggplant color is pretty and I’m glad I dug it out from behind all my Wild Shines to wear it today.

This summer I wore this brand quite often. One of my all time favorites is Lavender Cream:

I also wore Lady Luck a lot, and I used Lady Luck for my Mom too:

Another favorite, for any time of year is Metallica:

My grocery store carries Wet n Wild make up and they have these little polishes in a blister wrap, hanging from a hook, so maybe your grocery store will have these. Don’t let the cheaper than cheap price fool you, or scare you away from these! This is a great polish and I highly recommend them. Every time I go to the drug store I always check the display for the Wild Shine for new colors. It’s funny though because for months, and I mean months, since the end of July the display has had 2 colors black and turquoise green. Every store I’ve checked, even in Moscow and Spokane, black and green. It’s almost as if they won’t bring in a new display until those are sold. They were marked 3 for a dollar and now I noticed they are 4 for a dollar so hopefully they will sell soon!

These are some of my Wild Shines. I have some at my Mom’s house because she really likes this polish too.

Jilly and I shopping on Saturday at the happiest place on earth, Nordstrom beauty counters! It was a great day! I love spending time with my favorite daughter.

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On my nails I’m wearing a new polish, new to me anyway, it is called Quo by Orly. This polish was sent to be my my gorgeous friend Diane who lives in Canada. She’d asked me about the brand and I’d never heard of it. Being the doll she is She sent me 3 bottles of Quo by Orly. I am wearing Coffee & Cream and Wine & Dine, that’s the pretty red one. I’m still wearing an accent nail on each hand. I like this look almost as much as I like my half & half manis. I haven’t done one of those in a while, might be time to do a half & half again. But I digress, back to the gorgeous, talented Diane. Thank You Diane for sending these to me. I really appreciate it and I appreciate your friendship and support you’ve given me. Both on my You Tube channel and on this blog.

This is her picture, I screen shot from one of her You Tube videos and no I did not get her permission prior to posting this because, and only because she would have said no, Am I right, Diane? Friends like Diane are just one of the many things I am thankful for today. You can find her You Tube channell here (Catwmagick)

These are the 3 bottle of Quo by Orly she sent me. The lighter brown one is called Roasting Chestnuts. I haven’t tried that one yet but it looks like a great neutral ala Modern Love by Deborah Lippmann or Sand Tropez by Essie. I know I will get a lot of wear from all these colors. I have been wearing this polish for over 24 hours and it still looks beautiful. No sign of tip wear, the color is vibrant, no VNL and certainly no chips. I think this is a very good quality polish. From what I read about it, Orly formulated Quo as a high end polish available at SuperDrug Stores in Canada only. I most definetly agree, this is a high end, very good quality nail polish. If you go on- line you can see the range of colors available, and I must say there are some stunning colors in this line.

If you are in Canada and there is a SuperDrug near you I would highly recommend you picking up one of these to try. They are not the cheapest polish out there price wise. They compare to OPI $$$ wise, but I think I like the formula and wear of Quo better than OPI. I spent a considerable amount of time looking for a place to buy these on the Internet, and sadly, 😰 I came up empty handed. You will have to rely on the kindness of our Canadian neighbors to help find this great polish.

Jilly and Grandpa Dick. Jilly did all the cooking today. She did a great job for her first turkey dinner. Everything was delish!

Jilly and her Dad.

The 2 Dads. Jud and Rick.

Me saying goodbye to Ashley. She was on the phone with her mother. Rick is in the background.

💅As always, thanks for stopping by. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving filled with love and lots of good food! 🍰

I almost forgot, me and Drew. The next one is my favorite picture of the day, Drew and Danielle.


Zoya Carly

Zoya Kelly

Zoya Ashley
Now through the 26th Zoya is offering their Dream box for $20, free shipping on the dream boxes and anything else you order will have free shipping.
The dream box contains 3 bottles of Zoya polish. The polish can be your choice or your can pick one of their pre-made boxes. I ordered the Winter Wonderland pre-made box.
If you click on this Share the Love link
You will have points added to your account. I’m not sure how many points but it used to be enough points for a free bottle of polish. They also offer free shipping, free remover, $10 with some orders. Once you are at their site you can have all your ???? Answered under the Share the Love tab. If you have a list of Zoya polish you want, now is a good time to order.
Also, the boxes are nice and would make a beautiful gift for the nail polish addict in your life.

💅as always Thanks for stopping by.

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