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This is week 3 for our Nail Polish Lottery Club. 27Jan2013 . This has been such a fun experience and I want to thank all of you who have joined with us. Each and every one of you is a valuable and integral part of this “club”.
For those of you new to my blog, first of all Welcome and secondly, the Nail Polish Lottery Club was the brilliant idea of my friend Diana. You can find her here and her great blog here. The basic idea is that we want to wear our polish we have in our collections. We don’t want to hoard it, we don’t want to ‘collect’ it, we want to wear it.. Initially, here on my blog I would do what I called Sunday Series where I would wear a polish from my collection that I’d never worn before. This series morphed into 50 Shades of Sunday, which was fun for last summer but as the book ran its course so did my series. This is when Diana came up with the idea of using random.org to chose a nail polish to wear. So we all got busy and made spread sheets of our collections, including a numbered spread sheet of un-trieds. Really, this sounds way more daunting than it actual was to do. Once we had the highest number of un-trieds, I believe that number is 194, and no it’s not my number, Diana used random.org, put in 1-194 to generate a random number.

For 27Jan2013, Week 3 of the Nail Polish Lottery Club, the number generated by random.org was 79. And yes I do have a 79 on my list.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Catherine H LE is my number 79. I bought this polish last fall when I went a bit mad buying nail polish as if it was suddenly going to become illegal. I was curious about this polish and was very happy to try it this week. I’ve had it on for a few days now and I must say I am a bit disappointed in this one from RBL. These polishes are of the highest quality, made in small batches and the colors are supposed to be unique. I do not find anything unique about this color, on the nail it is a med blue. In the bottle there is all sorts of pink shimmer but unfortunately that pink shimmer does not transfer to the nail.

The other thing disappointing was the tip wear. I’ve had this on about 24 hours.

The other hand is just as bad. For a polish whose company takes great pains to make them so unique and such high quality, I think this was a real fail. I’ve been reading some other blogs about this same polish today. RBL has a handful of a few select bloggers she will provide with free polish to review her collections. Of course, those reviews are beyond positive. . You’d think Moses himself came back to make these great and wonderful polishes. But the funny thing was, when I was reading other, well respected bloggers who have tried the polish their feelings of it were pretty much like mine, which is meh. I am glad I have these 2 polishes from RBL (I did a color comparison of RBL Insouciant v. Sally Hansen Greige™Gardens. You can find that review here.
I really do not want this to be a negative review but I have to be honest in my findings. I mean, you guys can see in the pictures the tip wear and the color.

I hope you can see the gorgeous pink shimmer in the bottle. I just wish you could see it on my nails.


I am happy to have these 2 as part of my collection but I will not be buying any more RBL polishes. They are expensive $18-20 for a .4 oz bottle , which you know me, I’ll buy a bottle of $28 CHANEL – at the drop of a credit card, it’s not the money so much as the quality, I just don’t see it, and as far as the uniqueness of their colors, again I just don’t t see it. I really don’t get the whole cult following, people calling themselves ReBeLs just to have all the different colors.? It’s obvious that even though a color such as Catherine H Limited Edition I featured today is supposed to be gone when it’s all sold out. But this polish has sold out , more than once. So even if there is a polish form RBL you are dying to have, just wait a few months, it will be available again. Catherine H LE can be found here and sells for $18.

Let me know if you have any RBL polish, do you like it, love it, have to have it? I’m curious what your experience has been with it. please let me know in the comments below.

💅 As always, thanks so much for stopping by.

Ashley last Christmas, gettin her pose on!

I love this picture!



Me and Ash. We were entering a contest for tee shirts at Style Mint. We both had on Style Mint tees. Jud, Ashley’s dad was taking the pics.

Jilly and Ashley, pre-boobage

Me and Ashley this last Thanksgiving. I was telling her good bye. She was on the phone with her mother, Dorothy.

This picture always makes me laugh. God,I love my girls. I’m a lucky woman to have 2 such smart beautiful women like these 2 in my life.

Ashley and Jilly, BFF’s

The “look” …. Love it!

Just look at that smile. I could go on forever about how much I love this person, but I’ll stop here with one of my favorite pictures of her.

I love you Ashley, with all my heart. ❤

💅 As always, thanks for stopping by.

Estée Lauder Purple Passion is a gorgeous cream finish polish that looks stunning, if you asked me. I love a good cream finish polish. I bought this polish as part of a 4 piece mini set offered by Estée Lauder during the holidays. I hope it is something they continue to do, with different colors of course, as I will continue to buy these little bottles.

Estée Lauder Smashed has been named polish of the year by several fashion magazines for 2012. Estée Lauder has come to the fore front of nail lacquer and 2012 was her year.

Estée Lauder Black Turquoise was another strong showing for this past year. This is one of my favorite polishes this year and I have worn it a lot. It looks darker on the nail than in the bottle but when the light catches it just right, magic happens. It is a gorgeous cream finish.


I love their packaging, they look like little ice cubes popped full of color. The bottles are ‘stable’ the brushes are perfect, all in all a great luxurious polish. Which when you pay $18-20 per bottle it’s exactly what you want. Estée Lauder delivers on all fronts. Even the little mini bottles look like small ice cubes. I got 4 colors, they came in this adorable side zipped bag for around $30? I really don’t remember how much they were, I just knew I wanted them! Look how great they are on my nails, wouldn’t you?


These are the minis I have in my collection, the purple passion I’m wearing, porcelain and pure red. In the larger sizes I have the Smashed and Black Turquoise mentioned above and Rosa Rosa Rosa, another red.

I’ve seen pictures of the spring 2013 line and they are stunning. I don’t believe my pocketbook will allow me any more purchases of Estée Lauder polish, but it is a beautiful product. I highly recommend it and if you can buy a bottle or two 😍 I know you won’t be disappointed.

The only problem I found with the mini bottles is the brush. The brush is fine as far a big enough to cover your nail okay, but the topper is very hard to hold onto. I had the hardest time not dropping the brush, and I did drop it several times. This manicure took forever because of that. I wish they would add some type of a ribbon, or something one could get a grip on. That is my only complaint, as you all know I do not like negative reviews or complaining, but I did want to point this defect out for you.


(The above 2 photos taken from the Estée Lauder website. Above are the new spring colors and a line f nudes soon to be released. You can find Estée Lauder nail polish here. I do not know the release date of the nudes but the spring colors are set to launch March 1st. So pretty! Let me know if you pick any of these new colors up. I promise I won’t be too jealousy,😍. You can also find a full range of Estée Lauder nail polish and make up at the happiest place on earth, Nordstrom
(this picture was taken from the Nordstrom website) you can still buy this set for $27.50, and right now Estée Lauder is offering a free gift with purchase. You can find this great little bag here.

💅 As always, thanks for stopping by.

The other day I was so pleasantly surprised to find a box on my porch from Sally Hansen. Sally Hansen has always been the epitome of nail care for me, ever since i was a kid. I would save my babysitting money to buy the nail hardener, or the french tip kit. I instantly felt like a 14 year old little girl, I was so, so happy.

Which one of us has not bought the Saly Hansen Nail Hardener in the little round bottle?

Which one of us has not bought the Sally Hansen French Manicure kit?

If you said no, I would wonder about your memory because I honestly think we all have been there, done that.

Sally Hansen at home gel system is so easy to use. I did my mom’s nails without reading the instructions

. The next day I did have to fix 2 nails but since then they have been fine. I used the system on myself tonight. I bought Commander in Chic gel polish, as you all know Commander in Chic from the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line is my favorite color of all time. The SH gel system includes the light for curing the gel, which is only about 30 seconds each time so it goes by fast.

The kit includes everything you need for a gel manicure at home. This one included a red polish which I used on my Mom. I bought Commander in Chic at Walgreen’s for around $12.99.

I think my nails look beautiful! And the best part? No down time. No waiting until I can look through my purse for car keys, no waiting until I can cut some cheese for Betty and me to have our nighttime snack. They are smooth, no rough edges and no pulling up around the edges. I am very happy with this system and I give it 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 out of 5! It really is that good. You can find this system wherever Saly Hansen products are sold. 💅 As a side note: If you shop at Walgreens be sure to ask them for a coupon on this item. They usually have coupons in their drawer, at the beauty counter check out..
How close is Commander in Chic gel polish to the C in C CSM?

Pretty close, the gel system color is a bit darker. Commander in Chic from the CSM is still my favorite color of all time!

One more note, I know this is a long post, but I want to get this in here to see what you think. I think I should be able to use the gel base coat and top coat with any polish. Have any of you tried that? I’m going to try that, soon. I’ll let you know if it works or not. But how great would that be if it did work for all polishes?

**Please note: even though this product was sent to me for my review, there were absolutely no instructions or requirements sent by Sally Hansen as to what my opinion should be for this item. All opinions are my own, honest opinions of this item. *** Please see my Disclosures page for a complete list of my policies in this regard.

I honestly want to thank Sally Hansen for sending this to me. I am very grateful for the opportunity to review this item and appreciate your trust in my opinion and honest review.
Betty says thank you too. She was so happy, because I was so happy, she is such a cutie pie. I was between the stages of laughing and crying and she didn’t know what to think!

To see my You Tube video showing the application , go here

💅As always, thanks so much for stopping by.


**Update: Day 2 Sally Hansen New Salon Gel Polish Manicure Starter Kit

This is my Mom’s beautiful hands with the red gel system on. I had to fix a couple of nails that had peeled off, total operator error on my part, but once fixed they are holding up great!
I did remove my gel nails this morning. After I made the video showing how to apply I was reading the instructions and they say to add 2 coats if needed. I added a second coat, although not needed, again total operator error on my part. I have had one of those days where I didn’t know what polish to wear. This is what I ended up with.

This is Estée Lauder Pure Color in Purple Passion. In the morning I am going to add the gel coat as a top coat. I am curious to see how that works. This may be a disaster in the making, but as always, I will keep you posted.

💅 💅 As always, thanks for stopping by.

thank you to Amy at Sugarmitten for nominating me for this award! I love Amy’s blog and I hope you check her out. Welcome back Amy!

Thank you also to Amanda at Mae’s Beauty Reportfor nominating me for this great title. I truly am honored.

Do you know a blog that deserves an award?

Do you have special blogs that you love to read?

Which blogs do you bookmark and follow?

Would you like to give them an award this year?

Then the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award is for you!

The ‘rules’ for this award are simple:

1 Select the blog(s) you think deserve the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award

2 Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen – there’s no minimum or maximum number of blogs required – and ‘present’ them with their award.

3 Please include a link back to this page ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award – http://thethoughtpalette.co.uk/our-awards/blog-of-the-year-2012-award/ and include these ‘rules’ in your post (please don’t alter the rules or the badges!)

4 Let the blog(s) you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the ‘rules’ with them

5 You can now also join our Facebook group – click ‘like’ on this page ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award Facebook group and then you can share your blog with an even wider audience

6 As a winner of the award – please add a link back to the blog that presented you with the award – and then proudly display the award on your blog and sidebar … and start collecting stars…


1) As most of you know I read a lot of blogs, so this will be hard to choose! Of course my number 1 pick is my friend Diana who writes a great blog at Dianasmakeupblog. Diana is a young woman living in London and she is so knowledgeable about skin care I was very impressed. That is what drew me to her blog and her You Tube videos but over the past few months I have come to know Diana as a very sweet genuine person with a big heart. She is very smart in a lot of fields, not just skin care besides the fact that she is very pretty and I like to watch her You Tube videos because she has an adorable accent. You can find her You Tube videos here.. Please go to her channel and subscribe, it would mean a lot to me and to her.

2). My second choice has to be Amy at sugarmitten. This is one of the first nail blogs I started to follow many months ago. Then Amy took some time off from blogging but I was still following through Twitter. I got to see all the places Amy traveled to, I believe Mom was visiting from back east? correct me if I’m wrong, Amy, but I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures Amy tweeted, even though there was no blog post I was still following. And then 1 great day, in my inbox was a new blog post from Sugarmitten. yay!

3). Latoya at Beauty-Obsessedis one of my favorite blogs. Toya is a young woman who lives on the opposite side of the Americas from me and we couldn’t be more opposite but yet I like her. She travels to far off places and writes about her adventures at the beauty counters. She does great reviews for both high end and drug store type make up. I like her pictures and she is great at showing swatches in different lights. You never know what Toya will talk about next, and I like that.

4) Amanda (Mae) at Mae’s Beautyis a very sweet girl who writes about different beauty items, not just nail polish but she will post an EOTD (Eye of the Day) or a FOTD which I enjoy. She does a very good job with make up and gives great instructions on how to achieve the look. I have followed her blog for a very long time, long before I started my little blog. I was beyond thrilled when I noticed she had my blog listed on her blog roll. My heart still goes a beat or two faster thinking about that. She also does great nail art. Let’s not forget about the nails altogether.

5) Teresa at BeautyOnABudgetdoes a great job at finding all the deals out there for drug store make up. I appreciate all the hard work it must take to keep up with all the sales.

6.) Taylor at My Lucite Dreamshas a beautiful blog with beautiful pictures. Not that I’m jealous of them or anything. Okay, yes, I am jealous of the pictures they are stunning. Taylor also showcases and reviews beautiful make up and other higher end items. Taylor, I was this close to purchasing a diptyque candle from your post the other day. Then I got out my handy dandy tape measure and when I realized I was about to drop $98 on a 2.5″ candle it was it time to walk away from the iPad, put my debit card away and think of something else, like what’s for dinner? I was close though. So close. To me that is a great writer, and with her beautiful blog she is pure pleasure to read.

Of course I love a bunch more, too many to list here, but these are my favorites right now and I think they totally deserve Blog of the Year Award!


💅As always, thanks for stopping by.

For those of you new to my blog, first of all Welcome and secondly, this is a series I do every Sunday where I use a polish from my collection I haven’t worn before. My friend Diana came up with the brilliant idea to pick the polish for the Sunday manicure of un-trieds by lottery. Every Monday Diana will go to random.org to generate a random number. This is the number all of us participating will use for that week. This weeks number was 187.

Catrice London’s Weather Forecast. This was number 16 on my list of un-tried polish. This weeks number was 187, since I don’t have 187 I added 1+8+7=16 and Catrice’s London’s Weather Forecast was the winner. I love this polish. I love the cream finish, completely opaque in 2 coats, no sign of the dreaded VNL (visible nail line). And I think the color is great. It goes well with my skin. It is most definetly gray but in some lights it can look blue.

Catrice is a German company and their polish is made in Hamburg, it is available in the UK, I believe it is a drug store polish priced at €5.99? I know it is more money than the Barry M polish but it is still an affordable nail polish. They have a great range of colors and they have some of the cutest names I’ve seen on polishes. I have several Catrice polish through the kindness of my friends who live in the UK and I am very grateful for all the ones I have. Thanks to Nicky and Diana I have this one, along with Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans, Dirty Berry, Welcome to Roosywood, How I Matt your Mother and the list goes on.
I have had this polish on for 3 days now. I used my normal base coat of Nail Envy by OPI, 2 coats of the polish and a top coat of butter LONDON Hardware. I do not even see any visible signs of tip wear. Which usually after a day or so that happens but not with this polish. If Catrice is a polish available in a store near you, you are a lucky duck, and I would highly recommend you picking up a bottle to try. I don’t think you would be disappointed.

If you would like to join in on the fun check out the guidelines for the Nail Polis Lottery Club here.
Diana also made a Facebook page that has had a lot of interest, it has been fun seeing everyone’s post in one place, please go there and like us, if you want! You can find our Facebook page here

This has been a lot of fun, I enjoy seeing what everyone’s results are and I also enjoy hearing about everyone’s numbers of un-trieds. I’ve heard everything from zero (really? Zero?) to I believe 193 is the highest we have in the club. if you would lie to participate, it is so simple, the first thing you need to Odis make a numbered list of your un- tried polish. The list can be organized however you want. I did mine by company, alphabetically, but like I said u can do your however you want. Some people do it by color, some by formal and some are just random. I promise there are no Nail Polish Lottery Club police out there so, make your list, let Diana know your final number and then on Monday when she draws a new number you will know which polish to wear.

The other thing I wanted to say is there is no required time you have to wear your polish. If its one you really don’t like, then change it, at least you got one of your un-trieds marked off the list and by changing it maybe yo will knock off 2! But dont sweat it if you don’t like it, change it.

💅 As always, thanks for stopping by.

Venique Heels d’Orsay and Kitten Heel Slide
I started doing what I call a half & half manicure a long time ago. It all started when I could not decides which polish I wanted to wear, so I wore them both. The half & half has evolved into a very simple, but fun manicure. When done properly, each finger has a different color. Meaning each of your pinky fingers will have a different color, each of your ring fingers, middle fingers will have a different color, you get the idea. So even though each finger is different, when looking at your hand you will have on 2 different colors, with the colors side by side.
I hope this is making sense. But let’s look at some classic half & halfs I’ve done over the past year.

Wet n Wild Candy-Licious and Through the Grapevine
Where I live in the great and beautiful Pacific Northwest we don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to colors for Wet n Wild, or any other brand for that matter. When these 2 colors were added to the line up, I was so happy I had to wear them both, at the same time.

butter LONDON All Hail the Queen and Yummy Mummy
I haven’t put these 2 together since this time. All Hail the Queen is s sparkly and Yummy Mummy is a beautiful cream, I just happen to like them on their own more.

Zoya Lo and LC
Who doesn’t love a bright red and a bright pink together? Not one of my favorite combos, but I do like it.

Barry M Capaccino and Grey
I came home from shopping and did this manicure. I’d seen a Revlon display where they were selling their duo sticks with these same colors. Luckily my brain was on that day so I didn’t buy the Revlon duo, because I already had these 2 colors. I do love this combination of beige and blue.

Sally Hansen CSM with Commander in Chic and Greige™Gardens
My all time favorite combination for a half and half. Love these 2 colors individually and together. Gorgeous!

Barry M Gelly finish in Watermelon and Blue Plum
This a Barry M duo that Nicky sent to me, with the Gelly finish. These 2 are different colors, in the pic they look the same but one is more green and the other more blue.

Sephora by OPI minis in Break a Leg Warmer ( gray) and Ms Behavin (maroon)
I wore this half and half manicure to a football game at Martin Stadium in Pullman, Washngton. Maroon and gray are WSU’s colors, so this was a fitting manicure. The only problem? It was freaking cold in the outdoor stadium, with metal seats, that I had gloves on all day so not too many people actually got to see my great manicure! 😦

Metal Flip ~ No names just numbers ~ loved this combination
Sometimes I just like the combination of 2 polishes, that was the case here. Strictly for fun.

Rescue Beauty Loung Insouciant and Sally Hansen CSM Greige™Gardens
These are just a few of the half and half manicures I’ve done this past year. Some are pretty subtle like the Rescue Beauty Lounge with Sally Hansen Greige™Gardens. I do those to show how close a drug store polish is to a high end polish. One week I wore a half and half with Revlon Midnight Affair and CHANEL Blue Satin.
Okay, so now on to my theory about men and the half and half manicure:

The other night I was invited by my ex-father in law to play cards with him at the Community Center and I went. I had on the manicure from my butter LONDON Sweet Shoppe post. It wasn’t quite a half and half because I had a couple of Fiver (mint green) thrown in as an accent nail.

There was not a whole lot of people there, I’d say 15-16, and a good mix of men and women. Across the board the women loved my nails. Across the board the men hated my nails. I have found this to be true no matter what combination I’m wearing or where I’m at. Men do not like my half and half manicure. Women do like it. Or at least they say they do.
My theory about men not liking the half and half is, I think men see things in black and white, most men, not all. I think men are very it’s this way or that way, no gray areas. It has been proven scientifically that it is easier for a man to stop smoking than a woman. A man will just decide not to smoke. End of story. A woman on the other hand will find all sorts of reasons why tomorrow she will stop smoking. It is easier for men to lose weight. A man will decide to go on a diet and he is on that diet. Women, again will find all sorts of ways to justify putting off being on a diet. That is because Women see the world in all colors, all shades of black and white. Women see all the possibilities whereas men see this way or that. Period. Think about it. Do you think men see things in all colors, all shades?
Anyway, that is my theory on why men do not like my half and half manicures. They think I should have just picked a color and stuck with it. Ha! Like that’s gonna happen.
I asked one of the guys playing cards why he didn’t like my nails, he said because its not my favorite color. I asked what was his favorite color, he said blue. Come Wednesday I see a blue manicure in my future.👼. I really liked playing cards at the Community Center and I hope I can keep playing. I felt bad because, Rick, my kids’ dad, had to sit out because the numbers weren’t right since I was there, but maybe this week it will be better. It was fun to play with my father in law again, we used to have a lot fun at our card parties. I hope my kids will continue in that tradition.

💅 As always, thanks for stopping by.

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