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Julep, Julep, Julep … What Am I Gonna Do? ** big sigh **

Posted on: January 1, 2013

For me 2012 was and always will be the year of the subscription boxes. I don’t know what it is but if there is a subscription service for it, sign me up.
Julep was my first and so far my last sub box, I’m still subscribed to.
There was of course the ill-fated My Glam, Birch Box, and of course Sample Society, the Army Beauty Box, and the not so glossy Glossybox. But through them all I have stuck with Julep. As has my mom, daughter and various friends, all of whom still speak to me. (Which, btw, Julep did not recognize my referrals, ever. I should have received 3 boxes for free because of their referral program, but I received zero)

Brit from Julep Matte Suede Collection. This just came out in their Novemnber box. I received not one matte suede bottle, which to me would make sense, but I received 2 bottles of matte suede polish. I have on Brit, it is a very cool tone gray that I actually like. The other is called Amber and is a very warm, you guessed it amber color. I will never wear Amber. I don’t know about you but wouldn’t it make a little bit of sense to include just one bottle of the matte suede finish in the box. To me it is overkill to have 2 bottles of a definite trendy polish, a trend that has come and gone.

Speaking of trends, Julep’s biggest selling point for me was that they were part of the fashion community and would be right there with all the new colors and upcoming trends. I’m sorry to say this matte suede finish has been around awhile and is not an upcoming trend. Neither was the crackling topcoat that was featured in the December boxes. Yes, crackling topcoat. In either August or September the polish featured was magnetic.

You all know I adore a cream finish nail polish and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, No-one does a cream nail polish like Julep. I Wish they would go back to their roots and stick with the cream polish they do so well. I know they have grown and are branching out into other areas of the beauty business, and good for them. The problem is their mascara for me was a complete and utter failure. I did not care for it one bit. I tried it a few times to give it a fair chance but it found its home in my garbage can. Their January boxes were another miss, as far as I was concerned. They featured a nude and a neon. Wasn’t neon every where this past summer? I have all the neon I need. They included the nude so as to make the neon pop. Clever idea, but since it has been done, put a fork in it because it is over. What comes in February will be interesting.

So then this arrived in my inbox. Now you know there is no resisting a Mystery Box, of any kind. I’m including the copy of the email for a reason, we’ll get to that. So I ordered and paid for my mystery box. I received 4 nail polishes, a glitter polish, a foot soak and a mascara. The box advertised itself to be over $100 worth of product, which mine totaled to $96, even using their retail prices. The actual cost to purchase this box is about $40. Okay, not enough of a big deal to say anything. As you can see in their advertising they say each Mystery Bag will receive a brand new, never before released glitter. Which I did, but mine was not sealed and there was no name on it.

Because of this I emailed them asking for the name. I received back the oddest email I’ve ever received. I was told that gosh, aren’t I lucky enough to get a Mystery Box and on top of that I am double lucky because I received a rare find of an all new never before released glitter polish. And, this part I kid you not “I should be happy to have got my hands on a Mystery Box in the first place and I should just embrace the fact that not only did I have 1 rare find in the box itself but for the un-named, opened bottle of glitter with no name.”
Isn’t this where the saying, ” Don’t pee on my leg and then tell me it’s raining” come in? I guess now we should ’embrace’ the fact that a company actually did what they said they would do. . Well, almost did what they said they would do. My box was no where near $100 but it did include the “ADVERTISED” never before seen, all new glitter. Which is it really an all new glitter? I was told it wasn’t sealed because that is something they started doing a while back, that they didn’t always seal the bottles. I don’t have a problem with the not sealed part of it. I know germs can’t live in a bottle of polish. I do however have a problem with advertising a brand new never seen glitter and then sending an obviously old glitter. Ray Charles can see this was an old glitter, which is fine by me but don’t say it’s brand new, never before seen.

I have been a customer of Julep for many months, over a year. I’ve seen where some people get a nice little anniversary package or a nice card/em>;; but for some reason Julep and I are not on the same wave length. I always feel terrible after any interaction with them. They kind of make me feel like maybe I’m stupid for asking. Just by my asking the name of the glitter polish I received 3 different emails from them. They did tell me the name, but it doesn’t matter here. What matters, in my mind, is the fact that as a customer shouldn’t I be allowed to ask a question? Shouldn’t I be allowed to have an opinion as to the fact they are so obviously following trends and not setting them? Am I supposed to send a thank you because I ordered and paid for a mystery box that they offered for sale? Since when is a customer supposed to “embrace” the fact a company provided, (well almost) what they said they would?
Out of all the boxes I’ve received, and all the boxes my Mom’s received we have never received any base coat, top coat, nail therapy or cuticle oil. I find that odd especially since I heard more complaints about people getting doubles of those things. I would love to try one of them. I know their body creams I’ve received have been wonderful. I use them for my mom, she has terribly dry skin and their body butters are awesome.





I have done more blog posts about Julep than any other company. I have done more You Tube video reviews about Julep than any other company. You guys all know I am serious about my nail polish. I do a lot work researching, shopping, reading other blogs, etc…. I did ask Julep if I could be included on their list to receive sample products to review. I asked if I could receive a box to give away I was told NO. But isn’t it funny a YouTuber who, when first reviewed Julep, hated it. Hated the bottle, hated the brush, dry time was slower than molasses, was her words. The only nice thing she said was the color Anne was the prettiest color polish she’d seen from them. This person. Was then sent several boxes for review, 1 to give away and about 6 others, ( probably to sell on eBay). And now this YT’er loves her some Julep when it’s time for the freebies, she doesn’t ever wear Julep polish. She does write a blog. I found 2 postings on Julep, one posting saying she would pass because of the bottle alone. The next entry, yea, you guessed it, blah, blah, blah, she loved it. that is 1 person out of a dozen I found. I find it odd that not one of them wear the polish.

I know this is getting long but this has been bothering me for some time. For some reason Julep has chosen to ignore my efforts with my blog and my You Tube channel, and that’s okay. They have ignored my tweets, my NOTD postings. They have always replied to every one of my messages, I will give them that. I always feel like I probably shouldn’t have bothered them but sometimes I have a question only they can answer. I know at the time I asked to be a part of their program for review I had just started on You Tube, and had very few subbies. But here we are a short hear later with quite few ‘more’ subbies. this blog is older than my You Tube channel, this blog has 300% the readers my you tube channel has, Thank You Readers! and I am very proud of my little blog. I am happy and thrilled, let’s say it again, happy and thrilled with the companies that do believe in me and provide me with samples for review. I’m not asking Julep again. They can continue with the ‘gurus’ that don’t really like their product and I will continue to get my boxes, my mother’s boxes and I will continue actually wear their product and of course I will post my findings here.
You guys know me, and you know this is not the type of thing I like to do. If its not all roses I pretty much stay away from, but this has been bothering me. Now I know how,the little red-headed step child felt. πŸ˜– πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜– πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜– πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜–
You can find Julep here. This is a ‘referal link’ but they have changed things up a bit and like I said, according to Julep no one ever signed up under me, but if you don’t want to use the referral link just go to Julep. You can also find Julep on QVC and Amazon. Some Sephora stores are now selling Julep as well. So it’s easy to find. It is a great polish, please don’t take this post the wrong way. For some reason Julep and MiddleAgedBeautyQueen just never clicked. Which is too bad in my opinion. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
πŸ’… πŸ’“ πŸ’… πŸ’“ πŸ’…πŸ’“ πŸ’… πŸ’“ πŸ’… πŸ’“
I want to make a Julep January, where for the month of January I wear nothing but Julep. I thought that would be kind of fun. Heavens knows I have enough Julep polish to accomplish this little challenge. Will you join in with me? What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below.

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by.


11 Responses to "Julep, Julep, Julep … What Am I Gonna Do? ** big sigh **"

Julep does not appreciate you the way they should.If they knew or cared about how serious you are about polish, they might change their ways.A month of Julep would not be my first choice,I like assorted posts like you usually do.Julep is not a brand I ever wanted to get,and if this is how you feel when you deal with them,it does not even tempt me!Thanks for all you do Judi–we appreciate you!Linda


Ahh, you are so sweet Linda. Of course I will mix it up, I have some new and exciting things coming by way of this blog. Don’t think poorly of Julep, I just don’t think they think like business people, more like manicurist. Which is not a bad thing but as a business person for so many years, smtimes I just have to vent! You know what I mean.?i still think Julep has the best cream polish and you nOW that is my weakness. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. I appreciate you.
— Judi
PS – they will never see this post. Guaranteed!


Well, too bad for them that they haven’t taken notice of the work that you do researching, swatching, blogging and recording. I typically don’t subscribe to the hugely popular folks on YouTube (with 1 or 2 exceptions) because…well….I’ll just leave it at that! lol I was a Julep Maven for a total of 2 months. The polish chips on me pretty much hours within applying it (much like Chanel) and for me, it’s just not worth it.




Hi Judi – Julep was having a sale at the end of December. I have never tried any Julep polish and do not have a subscription with them. I ordered some polishes to try; however, after reading this post and seeing how little they value your business, I will not be purchasing anymore, no matter how much I like it. There are way too many other brands out there……..and you are just too sweet to keep your subscription. Judy


It’s funny you mention that, I’ve heard that from others as well. I haven’t had that problem, but then again I change my polish so often. This year I am going to try to keep from doing that. Julep priced out at just under CHANEL when you do the conversion of price per ounce. That was a real eye openerer for me, that’s part of why I cracked up at the matte suede finish for that price?
I like this one I have on, so we’ll see how long it lasts. thanks so much fr the comment Lu. I hope you have a great rest of your week.
Xoxox– Judi


Hi Judy, I didn’t want this to be a “bash” Julep post because I do like the polish. I just think the people behind the brand are a little different and maybe don’t use the best judgement when it comes to customer service. So, don’t not buy because of this post. If you like them then I hope you do continue to purchase. Just be prepared to “embrace yourself” when needing customer service. Ha!
Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
Love from one Judi to another Judy! πŸ™‚


I am sorry that they do not appreciate you, they never gave me my free boxes either, and in 3 boxes, I ended up with 2 different dupes, between my box and one of my mystery boxes. wasn’t the box for me at the time I may try it again later this year, who knows becuase I really do like the polish too. Hopefully they will see and appreciate you more this year too ❀


I didn’t mean for this post to be a ‘bash Julep’ post. But I am just being honest about my dealings with them as a customer. I’m sorry you had a hard time with them as well, but it’s nice to know I’m not the only one feeling not so great about being their customer. 😍 I’m surprised at their choices these past few months. I know you follow what’s going on in the nail polish world and they seem to be about 6 months behind everyone. If they come out with a caviar kit this month, I am canceling! That would be too funny! Thanks for the comment — Judi

Sent from my iPad


oh no I know you didn’t I still felt your pain :/ LOL right I noticed that when they did that with the Magnetic about a year late… haha


I loved everything about this post!!! It’s ok to love a polish and criticize a polish company. I have a love/hate relationship with Julep. I skipped January and then was enticed to buy a different box…which is ok. I just want polish that is pretty.


I would never buy from Julep again if this is how they treated me. In fact I personally won’t buy from them because of how they treated YOU!


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