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NOTD: Hard Candy pixie pink 659

Posted on: June 11, 2013

Hard Candy 659 pixie pink is a lovely milky lilac base glitter with small all round glitter in copper (rose gold), white/silver and dark green. The formula was fine, I had no issues with having to dig for glitter or to “place” glitter. These pics are 2 coats. I used my usual Nail Envy (don’t leave home without it), a coat of Nfu-Oh base coat and I am impressed with the coverage of this polish. It retails at Walmart for $4.99 for a .26 oz bottle. Again, smaller bottle, normal brush, I like it. I believe it is exclusive to Walmart I know you will let me know if I’m wrong about that — Lori! So of course I always take a star away for that purpose because as we all know I don’t care for Walmart, especially the one in my town, the whole snake story and all.


Pixie Pink reminded me of It’s a Trap-eze! from the China Glaze Worlds Away collection from this spring. But you can see they are completely different. The China Glaze IAT is in a clear milky base with multi colored, multi sized glitters. I do like the opacity factor of the Hard Candy pixie pink being opaque in 2 coats. A bit of nail line shows, but not bad. You know how I am about the VNL, but this one doesn’t bother me so much. And the CG It’s a Trap-eze! Is different enough to justify owning both. I have made it no secret on this blog, that I do not care for glitter polish, but I must say I really like this Hard Candy pixie pink 659. Shocker!
I think it is safe to say glitters are growing on me. I give pixie pink 4/5 stars. 🌟🌟🌟🌟. I am taking away a star because of the Walmart factor only.

I bought Betty a new “necklace” it is not a collar. It is pink with a silver dog bone shaped charm surrounded by pink crystals and of course her name and my phone number are engraved on the other side. I felt so bad leaving her for the week end but I think she likes her new “necklace”!

💅As always, thanks for stopping by.

3 Responses to "NOTD: Hard Candy pixie pink 659"

I like this polish on you.I am not a glitter or even sparklie person,but it looks nice.I hope Betty has forgiven you for leaving her,but I bet she got spoiled at your parents place.I think the new necklace makes her look even prettier.Linda xo


Ahh, thanks Linda! I think you’re right about my parents spoiling her. She loves her new necklace.


Oh I forgot to ask , did you get in on the Laura Lercier deal T HaiteLook.com? I think it’s still going on, I have a sidebar for it. I bought those 2
Olishes for $18. Yay!


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