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Loreal nail polish will be my August 2013 Nail Polish of the Month. I had a hard time choosing which polish I wanted this month. July was such a LOOONNGG month for me, and one of the saddest months of my life. I knew I wanted something bright and fun and I think L’Oreal was the perfect choice. As the month goes on, each Monday I will feature one of my favorite L’Oreal polishes and I think it will become clear why I ultimately chose this brand.


I hope you like my pick for August. I look forward to a much happier month and my theme for this month is F-U-N!

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I bought this set of 2 Rimmel Lasting Pro Finish nail polish in the color Posh Pink along with a Rimmel Base and Top Coat Pro a few months back. I have never used them until today. I wanted to wear something fun, because usually I blog about items I’ve promised or feel obligated but today was just for fun.

330 Posh Pink from Rimmel Lasting Pro Finish was a delight to apply. The formula is smooth, coverage was great. I could have easily got by with just 1 coat, but as always I do 2 coats. I did not use a quick dry top coat, I used the Rimmel top coat included in the set. I think the set of 2 was $2.99 and I purchased it at Rite-Aid Drug Store. This is the only Rimmel nail products I own. Rimmel nail polish is always on the bottom shelf and most times I don’t bend over to really get a look at it, but I will in the future. I usually look for any new colors because where I live each store carries the same 4 colors. I’m almost positive Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro comes in other colors besides, red, blue, stone and pink. The next time I am in a bigger town I will most definitely look for other colors from Rimmel. Now I know I’ve missed out, I liked this polish a lot.
If you look in the picture I’ve circled a spot on the corner of the polish where the glass has broke. It broke off into little pieces. It is no where near the actual polish itself, so no big deal but I wanted to point that out in case it’s a common occurrence with Rimmel Lasting Pro Nail Polish. The top coat/base coat bottle is fine.

Posh Pink is a great color for pink lovers. I like the brush in this line as well. It is a wider flatter brush, but not as wide as the Sally Hansen CSM line. It is just as flat but not so wide. The combination of the brush and the great formula made this polish a pleasure to apply. And that’s what polish should be, it should be a pleasure and for fun! Am I right? For those of you who do not like the wide brushes on the Sally Hansen or the Wet n Wild Mega Last, you might like this brush. I would encourage you to try it.
Posh Pink from Rimmel Long Lasting Pro is worthy of 5/5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. If you try this Rimmel polish I am confident you would agree.

My baby girl Ashley asleep on my couch. Ashley does not feel good, she has a sore throat. I hate that she doesnt feel good, but I LOVE she is here at my house and I can try to help her. She came over for some throat spray I have that worked great for me last week when I had a sore throat. I went to Walgreen’s to pick up her prescription and of course I had to check out the nail polish. I have some great surprises coming in the near future. I got a Revlon nail polish for 24 cents. It was marked down to $1.24 and the sales associate gave me a dollar off any Revlon product. Of course, the last thing I need is another Revlon nail polish but for 24 cents, it could not be passed by. I think you all will like the color. I also picked up the new L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder foundation. This is the one that is supposed to be a dupe for the Armani foundation released earlier this spring, and everyone raved over it. I bought it mostly out of curiosity, but also I am actually almost out of foundations. I do not buy foundations the way I do eyeshadows, nail polish, lipsticks, blush, etc…..
I will do a full review of this L’Oreal once I’ve had a chance for thoroughly using. For a great review of this product and so many more check out my friend Indy, she does some of the best reviews on all kinds of make up products. It’s because of her review I picked up the L’Oreal Magic Nude foundation.

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About a week ago I wore Deborah Lippmann’ Shoshanna from the Girls Collection andOPI You’re Such a Budapest at the same time. I painted every other nail a different polish. While I could see a difference, no one else could. You’re Such a Budapest is a teensy bit more blue.

At lunch with a couple of girl friends I asked which polish they liked better. Both thought I was a little nuts, or maybe having a stroke. They thought it was the same polish. The same thing happened at the grocery store. The checker said she liked my nails and asked what polish I had on. She wasn’t quite as rude as my friends when I asked her which nail because they were different polishes!

Because I can see a slight difference I am not calling this a dead on dupe but they are very close. Shoshanna is sold in the Girls Collection from Deborah Lippmann and retails for $48 for the set of 4. You’re Such a Budapest is from OPI’s Euro Collection and sells for $8-10. Looking at the individual price of the Girls Collection, it breaks down to $12 a bottle. But so far I don’t think you can buy Shoshanna on her own. So, if you love this lavender from Deborah Lippmann, the OPI is a great alternative.
(I’m working on a close dupe for Hannah from the same Girls Collection, so stay tuned for that!)

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This is another polish in my series “Meet My Family”. This one is from Julep. I received this polish in one of Julep’s Mystery Bags and I poured the full bottle of Julep into this little bottle to show just how little polish is actually in a Julep bottle of nail polish. The new, un-opened bottle of Cindy did not even fill this little bottle. That is why this nail polish Cindy from Julep is in a different bottle. Since my sister’s name is Cindy I could not through it away. Even though she and I are not close anymore, at one point, for a very big part of my life, she was my best friend. That being said lets talk about Cindy, the nail polish, shall we?

Cindy from Julep is a green based polish with a ton of green micro glitter with a smidgen of gold micro glitter. This is a bright green, and as green goes, it is a pretty polish. You all know I am no fan of glitter polish but I can see me wearing this one, with the right outfit and the right outing. I’m surprised how well this goes with my skin tone. Usually green and I get along about the same as orange and me, which is not so much.

Since this is such a small amount of polish, I did not want to use too much of it and this is 1 coat with no top coat. I am impressed with the coverage. Even though Julep is not my favorite nail polish company, I am very happy to have Cindy from Julep in my little collection of family polishes. Because I like the bright color, the coverage and despite this being a Julep polish I give Cindy from Julep 4/5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟
I do believe that is the most stars I’ve ever given a glitter polish! It really is pretty.

This is my shelf of family polishes.. These are all nail polish with the name of my family members. I am lacking quite a few but I ordered a Barbie for my niece, I still need a Jami, Charli, Heather, Mandy and Nichole. Those are just my nieces, and they all have kids along with my nephews, their kids, my brothers and their wives and kids, the list gets longer and longer! I’m hoping someday to have most of my family represented with nail polish. The fun is in the hunt, right?

This is a picture of my sister Cindy and I when we were little. My Mom is in the background. I don’t know for sure how old we were but I think I was maybe 3 or 4 so Cindy would have have been 4 or 5? No matter how old we were, I’m sure you all would agree we were too cute for words!!

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Sometime this spring it dawned on me that each OPI collection looks pretty much like the last OPI collection. Take the Holland collection released by OPI in the Spring of 2012. The Holland collection contained a dark, dark purple, a blue, a pink, a green, a glitter, a red, a brown with gold shimmer and a dusty pink. The Germany collection was released in the Summer of 2012. The Germany and Holland collection were so similar that I only bought 1 from the Germany collection because I already had the blue, a green, a pink, a dusty rose from the Holland collection.
When OPI came out with the Skyfall Collection for Fall 2012 I was happy to see something different from OPI. I bought Casino Royale first and then added more and more colors until now I have 7 from the Skyfall Collection and they are not like any other colors in my collection.


Casino Royale and Skyfall. I wasn’t going to buy Skyfall because I really love Casino Royale and they are similar but Skyfall was on sale for $2.12. It would have been criminal not to purchase! Ha!

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and The World is Not Enough. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is my favorite of these. It might even be my favorite of them all! The World is Not Enough is a pretty rosy gold sparkle-y polish, which I also like. A lot.

Live and Let Die and Goldeneye. Live and Let die is also one of my favorites. I bought Goldeneye because Holly likes it so much, I thought I would try it. I haven’t worn it, yet. And this was also on sale so naturally I had to buy it!

Moonraker is one of my very favorites from the Skyfall Collection from OPI . It can be a bit tricky to work with the formula but if you just do thin coats and be patient the result is amazing. It reminds me of Revlon Smoldering. I love that polish, but more often than not, I end up taking it off and wearing something else because I get frustrated with it. But back to Moonraker, it is a pretty metallic light grey color that changes with the light. I love an interesting color like Moonraker, don’t you?

This is the last post for My Favorite OPI’s,, I haven’t decided yet what will be the Polish of the Month for August. What brand would you like to see? Let me know by leaving me a comment below.

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to Roosywood by Catrice is a nice ‘dusty’ rose with a hint of brown color. I consider this color a neutral and really love it with my skin tone. I don’t know why I haven’t worn it before. This is my pick for Week 29 of the Nail Polish Lottery Club. The number drawn was 172, and since I don’t have 172 un-tried polishes I used 1+7+2=10 to get this Catrice polish. Catrice is a German made polish and not readily available in the States. I think eBay or Amazon would be your best bet to find Catrice nail polish.. If you do have an opportunity to buy it, do it!!. Itis a great polish with some unique colors and I love their names. The formula is not too thick and not too thin, the brush is a bit wider than most but not as wide as the Sally Hansen CSM or the Wet n Wild Mega Last.

This is after 2 days wear. I did 2 coats along with a quick dry top coat. I was careful to wrap my tips as I wanted this to last through work and it did just fine. There is a minuscule amount of tip wear on my right hand but not bad. I am happy to give Welcome to Roosywood . 5/5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

If you cannot find Catrice Welcome to Roosywod I found these in my collection that are very similar. The first one on the left is from L’Oreal Smell the Roses, one of my favorite neutrals. The middle swatch is from Wet n Wild called Undercover. These are both great alternatives to Welcome to Roosywood even though WtR is a bit more rosy and a little but darker.

For more information about The Nail Polish Lottery Club , please go to our Facebook page. There you can see all the postings and get a chance to meet our fabulous members. We have so much fun sharing our picks from the weeks number that is drawn every Monday at 1pm PST. Everyone is welcome to join, or just like our page,it would mean a lot to all of us. We do not expect everyone to participate every single week, although a large amount do, and even if you just wanted to share once in a while, that is fine as well. So go to Facebook. We look forward to seeing you there!

πŸ’…As always, thanks for stopping by!

Resurrection LE Designer Series from Sally Hansen CSM ~ Reformulated . In honor of the new Royal Baby BOY, I will be wearing this pretty cornflower blue nail polish. This is from the designer series, limited edition, released by Sally Hansen this past spring. This is also the new formula for the Complete Salon Manicure line. I happen to love this new formula. It is a perfect consistency, the brush is a wider flat brush, which fits my nails perfectly and it is so easy to apply. I had great coverage with 1 coat but, you know me, I applied 2 coats plus a quick dry top coat. I love this color. I think it looks great with my skin tone. I plan on wearing this the rest of this week. If it chips terribly, I will let you know. However, my experience so far with this new formulation is that it will not chip or crack.

The new formula of the CSM line is touted by Sally Hansen as being the most gel like polish, without the gel. And that is exactly what I have come to find out. Sally Hansen CSM Resurrection is a winning formula, a great color and so easy to wear. I am happy to give Resurrection 5/5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Although Sally Hansen reps have sent me some of the newly formulated CSM line for review, I purchased this one with my own money. As always, all opinions are my own.

This is not my photo. See the left hand corner of photo for credit and link to the page where I got it.
CONGRATULATIONS!!. Nothing brings more joy to your world, like a new baby!

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

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