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Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Eyeshadow & L’Oreal Magic Nude

Posted on: August 3, 2013

I know I seldom do reviews for make up items but today I am going to review not 1 but 2 great finds of make up. First up is the Wet n Wild Pop Art Collection Eyeshadows in I’m Seeing Triples.

I’m Seeing Triples is on the right, along with swatches on paper. The colors have such a great payoff and they blend so nice, and to top it off I experienced no fall out. I think these are amazing eyeshadows especially at $2.99 for the set of 3 colors.

This photo was from yesterday with the I’m Seeing Triples used on my eyes. I used them exactly as laid out in the palette. The pink one went all over the eyelid, the blue in my crease and the bright green on my brow bone. I blended, and then blended some more and I think they looked awesome!
Here is today’s look with Hard Being the It Girl:


Again the color payoff is amazing, they blend so well and no fall out. Love, love, love these Limited Edition palettes. Next week my Rite-Aid store is expecting their display on Friday morning early. I’m hoping to pick up Your 15 Minutes Aren’t Up, To Muse and Carouse and A Regular at the Factory. Fingers crossed for me!

This is what my eyes look like at 6:30 PM, after wearing all day. I think they still look presentable. What do you think?
I know I will not always wear these as presented in this post, but I know I will use the pink with my Burberry Rose Gold, I love that combination. I know I will also use the blue and bright green for pops of color. The eyelid color in Hard Being an It Girl is a very wearable beige, it will make a great base for many eye looks.
Now on to some Make-Up:

L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder in Natural Buff. This is supposed to be a dupe for Armani’s foundation released earlier this spring that everyone went nuts over. My friend Indie did a great review on this foundation, that is what made me pick it up. And the fact I’m all but out of foundation had something to with picking it up as well. My first impression was not so much. The directions say to shake the bottle well and apply with your fingers. I felt like it took forever to cover my “pie face” (what my brothers call me). Once applied I did like the feel of it, it felt as if I had on zero foundation yet I had a medium coverage. It is buildable as I used it to go back over a couple of age spots.

The first day I wore the L’Oreal Magic Liquid Foundation as instructed. The second day my friends were here and rarin’ to go so I put some in my hand and used my foundation brush from Tarte to apply. It applied fine, and again I did go back over the age spots. I do like this foundation, surprisingly. The reason I didn’t think I would like it is I usually stay away, far away, from any type of powder. Powder plus wrinkles equals disaster for me. But this did not settle into my wrinkles, and lord knows there’s plenty of them to settle into.

Me in the morning, full face ready for the day!

Me after a full day. I went yard sailing with my friends until about 1. We had lunch, I stopped to see how my friend is coming on the re-model of his rental house, then I went to TJ Maxx and Ross. (didn’t buy anything at either store), I went to the grocery store and bought groceries for the week. Just bringing them in from the car and putting everything away I was kinda sweaty. But even after all that I think this foundation held up pretty good. What do you think? If anything, I could probably do with a touch up of blush. I found the L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation at walgreen’s for $12.99, BUT the sales associates at the cosmetic counter ALWAYS HAVE COUPONS, you just have to ask. She had a coupon for $1 off the L’Oreal product so I paid $11.99 for it. On the bottle it says “Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup. OCTINOXATE SUNSCREEN Broad Spectrum SPF 18. The active ingredient listed is OCTINOXATE 3% -Purpose=Sunscreen. I don’t know if this is actually a broad spectrum sunscreen and I would never rely on my foundation for protection from the sun. Please educate yourself about sunscreen.. I use a sunscreen that is SPF 50++ first thing in the morning, every morning, 365 days a year, even on cloudy days you are receiving rays from the sun. If the sun is up, you are receiving rays from the sun. The only time you do not get sun rays is when the sun sets for the night.. But, enough about sunscreen, if I get started on that subject I would be here all night. Just please, use sunscreen. And that’s all I’m going to say about that! I do like this foundation but my favorite is still the full coverage foundation from Tarte. That’s a special foundation in its own right and hard to beat. I like having 2 foundations that I rotate, that way my skin doesn’t seem to get as dull as it does when I use the same one over and over. Do you experience any dullness from your foundation usage?

Let me know what you think of my reviews of the Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Limited Editions and the L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder foundation. Of course tomorrow’s post will be Week 30 of the Nail Polish Lottery Club. . Even though we are on Week 30, it’s never too late to join in with us. Go to http://www.facebook.com/NailPolishLotteryClub for all the deets.

💅as always, thanks for stopping by!

9 Responses to "Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Eyeshadow & L’Oreal Magic Nude"

This is a great review.I’m loving your new hair style,too.I haven’t used foundation in months,I’ve been using tinted moisturizers.I wish I liked eyeshadow on myself,but to me it looks poorly applied no matter how hard I try.I’ve never been able to get the hang of eyeliner either.So I just wear mascara,tinted moisturizer,blush,cover up on dark circles and lipstick or gloss.Linda xo


I never could do eyeshadow either but my niece Barbie who works as an educator for Chanel make up artist said to just throw it on and then blend, blends blend. We said if you think you’re done blending, do it one more time and it works. You should see what m eyes look like before I blend. Do you have wet n wild in Canada? I just found out they have wet n wild ambassadors, wouldn’t I be a good one? I wrote to them so keep your toes and fingers crossed for me, that would be so awesome! Thanks Linda I always love your comments, Judi

Sent from my iPad


Yes we have Wet n Wild,and I even own eyeshadow by them!I think their products are really good,in general.You would be a great ambassador for them.I wish I was related to a Chanel make up artist!Linda xo


She is a sweet heart and I adore her, but she lives across the country from me. When she is here the last thing she wants to talk about is CHANEL and of course that’s all I want to hear about, but we manage to have a good time anyway. I’m just always missing her, but we play word with friends so every day I get a bit of a chat with her. Are you home from vacation?

Xoxo Sent from my iPad


I am at home.We have not been away this summer.I am a homebody.That foundation looks nice on you.I also stay away from anything that might settle into my lines,and I dislike any shimmer on my face.Linda xo


You look amazing!!!!. I was afraid to get the one with the bright green because I thought it was a tad to bright. I just may have to pick that one up now. BTW, you should do some makeup reviews as well. You’re so great at reviews and to be perfectly honest, you’re my favorite – HUGS


Thanks Stacey! What a nice thing to read first thing in the morning ( flips my hair back)! I’m so glad you like my reviews and I would like to do more of them, so stay tuned.
Hope you have an amazing day!
Your friend – Judi


Your make up looks lovely in these photos, love everything. About the sunscreen, USA has new laws about what can be claimed and cannot be claimed on product labels. They are very strict for SPF and you can bet that what you see is what you get. We don’t have this legislation in the EU so companies don’t have to list the active SPF ingredient and percentage, which would be very useful. Consider yourself lucky, for once USA is more strict than the EU 🙂 The only thing about SPF is that in order to be effective you have to apply a good quantity of it, something you will never do with a foundation.


You are so right, on the instruction they say to re-apply every 2 hours? No one would do that, no one I know anyway. That’s why I use my 50++ first thing every morning, even before my coffee and I put it on the back of my neck, ears and backs of my hands. That one says to re-apply every 6 hours and I usually don’t, unless I am out in the sun all day. I can’t wait for you to get your eyeshadows! :))

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