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How I Take Care of My Nails & Cuticles ~ By Request

Posted on: August 9, 2013

Time and again I am asked what I do to keep my nails looking nice. I take this as a great compliment because it wasn’t that long ago they looked horrible, and I’m not exaggerating one bit. They were awful.
I started by keeping them painted with nail polish, this is what kept me from chewing them, yes I was a nail biter. That is why for 15 plus years I would go to the nail salon every 2 weeks for a fill at $40 a pop, you do the math, I can’t think about how much money I spent on my nails. But, you have to remember I was also a professional and neat groomed nails were a important factor for my success.
When I quit having the acrylic nails applied my poor nails were a mess. I found this small tin of nail cream at Nordstrom from a company called Mavala, every night before bed I would use this cream and before long I had great nails. I used this product for years and then one day I went to buy Mavala at Nordstrom’s and they quit selling it. Eek!
But I did find a brand called Barelle. I knew this brand from years of grooming race horses, we used Barielle cream on the horses hooves so I started using that and again my nails were great. Also, my niece Jami who is a hairdresser had told me about Nail Eny from OPI . Between the combination of the Nail Envy and the Barielle my nails were finally coming back to life. I would not be without either product.

After I remove my polish, using 100% acetone, I thoroughly wash my hands. The acetone can be very drying to your nails and cuticles.
If you are having problems with chips and peeling nails, it could very well be from not washing your hands after removing your polish. Also, I’ve heard from so many of you that after using Gelous for an extended period you developed peeling nails, again this is because it is so drying to your nails and your cuticles.
After thoroughly washing and drying my hands I apply a coat of Nail Envy, once this is dry I paint my nails like normal. When my nails are dry I apply an oil on my cuticles. I often use just plain old olive oil. I will use a cuticle oil that comes in one of the subscription boxes but for the most part olive oil works great. It is important to keep your cuticles oiled and moisturizer, I do it like its my job. Several times a day I will add the oil, rub it in with a little massage, while pushing the cuticle back gently and then I use a hand cream. Any hand cream you like is fine. During the day I use one with sunscreen but at night I slather on what ever I have on hand.
Another great product from Mavala is a small bottle called Scientifique for harder nails. This works beautifully and I will not be without this either. You can purchase it on Amazon.com, it is not cheap. But it works amazing! I have a friend who lives in Paris and she sent this to me along with the cuticle cream, I have been using every night for most of the summer.

Be sure to follow the directions on the Scientifique you only need to use it a couple times a week and you only use it on your tips.
If you all remember I cut my nails down to nubbins about 20 or say days ago and they look great already. I attribute this to these products. Another great product I found at TJ Maxx is called Hoofer’s Choice. Any thing with horses in the title I think will work great on your nails because I know all those years grooming race horses we all had great, strong nails.
My nails 21 days ago:

My nails today


I hope this helps and answers all your questions. If not, please leave them in the comments below.

💅 As always, thanks for stopping by!

25 Responses to "How I Take Care of My Nails & Cuticles ~ By Request"

I have been trying to grow my nails for almost a year now with all differents products including taking biotin 5000mcg. My nails are soft, brittle, and split. They will grow a little then split on the sides or just break. I use oil eveyday day twice a day and have been using Nailtuiques Formula two plus. Use everyday for 7 days then remove and start over. I have not been able to polish my nails for a year now, I would love to polish them but using the nail hardener you can’t I have Julep polishes all over and can”t use them. I would really appreciate it if you could help me out. Thanks. Can’t wait to have great nails.


I have heard nothing but bad things about the Nailtique. I’m not sure what it is but I don’t think it works like its supposed to. Once your nails are peeling the only thing you can do is cut them backand start over. I swear by Nail Envy from OPI. Check TJ Maxxx or Riss for a cuticle cream with a hirse’s picture or horse something in the name. Remove everything from your nails, wash your hands, apply Nail Envy then paint your nails a pretty color. Usually darker colors look better on shorter nails. Once the polish is dry moisturizer the cuticles with oil and use a good hand cream. Again T J Maxx or Ross usually have a hand AND NAIL cream.
Just because your nails are short doesn’t mean you can’t wear your polish. I have no doubt this will help your nails to grow. Good luck and keep me posted!
— Judi


Thanks you your great reply. I tried the Nail Envy and didn’t have very good luck. I’m licensed so I can get just about everything, What about Nail Magic with horsetail? I just picked this up at Sally’s, They also have the hand lotion with the horse hoof. Should I give this a try?


Hi Judi,you have the best nails.I trust your advice.Do you think taking vitamins helps?Linda xo


Have you ever heard of A-D Perfect Formula Gel Coat from QVC? I just ordered this to give it a try. But listening to you about the horses I thing I will go with the hardener with horsetail first with the oil and lotion. Thanks for all your great help and can’t wait until my nails are looking great like yours. I will start this tomorrow and keep you informed about how I am doing. Thanks.


Yes, I received one in one of my boxes and I gave it to a friend. She said it did nothing to help her nails. She now has perfect nails be ause she finally listened to me. You know how best friends can be sometimes! Please keep me posted, I. Sure your nails are going to love you!

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I just started taking Centrum for Women over 50. I’d just bought my mom a new bottle, we thought she was coming home, but I thought I might as well take them. I’ll let you know what I think when I’m done with the bottle. The only other vitamin I take is a Vitamin D.

Thanks for the question,it will be interesting to see if they make a difference. I’m pretty I tune with my nails so I will def notice a difference.

Xoxo Sent from my iPad


I don’t know what Nail Magic is? But I think anything connected with the care of horses would be good. Every one is different but you’re the first person tell me they didn’t see results with Nail Envy. I know a lot of people don’t try it because it is spendy but I can buy it from CosmoProf so it’s not so bad there. I’ll have to look at the Nail Magic, it’s at Sally’s? I really think the main thing is keep your cuticles oiled and moisturize your hands, oh and a Washing your hands after using acetone. It’s the acetone that is so drying. Anyway keep me posted.

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Thanks for that update I will just return it. In the OPI line there are 5 different products. Which one do you use? Right now I put the nail magic with horsetail on my nails. I’ll give this a try until I find the OPI one. Just let me know about the OPI so I get the right one. Thank you Karen


I use the biotin. Others I know use the prenatal vitamins and they sware by it.


I also buy from CosmoProf. I just need to know what botttle you are using. They have 5 different kinds maybe I wasn’t using the right one. So if you could check your bottle and let me know I will pick that one up this week. As for the the nail magic you can get this at Sally’s and they always have deals on this. Buy one get a free cuticle oil. Can’t wait til I have great looking nails. Thanks Karen


I usually buy a bottle of Nail Envy Original and Nail Envy Matte. I’ve used the Maintenance one but saw no difference and it was more $$$ money than the original. Sometimes i will use the matte if I want more of a matte finish to my nails but usually I just use the Original one. Hope this helps. I haven’t made it to Sally’s yet but I’ll try to go tomorrow to see what the Nail Magic is about. Thanks for keeping me posted, I can’t wait to hear your nails look great! Xoxo

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I don’t think Biotin hurts nor the pre-natal either. Like I said I just started with the Centrum for Women over 50 so maybe ill see a big difference? I will let you know, for sure.

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So you are using the original for a base coat then polish then another coat over top? When do you use the matte? How many times do you use the original during the week? For the first week do I not polish and just use the original? Then how many coats after that? Please tell me how you use this. I really appreciate all your help. Thanks Karen xoxo


I just ordered 3 polishes from the American Beauty to see how they are. I watched some videos and some said that it takes some time for drying. Do you have that problem? I use the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat this is my favorite. It dries within 2 minutes and lasts.I paid $7 for the 3. I will ge getting them on Fri. If I like them I will purchase the set of 15, Thanks for the tip. Karen


This is exactly what I do: After I remove my polish I ALWAYS WASH MY HANDS. The Acetone can cause peeling and drying out your cuticles. I then put on a coat of Nail Eny when my nails are good and dry, let that dry. I use an alchohol wipe to wipe each nail, but you don’t need to. I do only because my ex was an ER Director at a hospital and I have thousands of wipes, literally. Depending on what polish I’m wearing, I may or may not use a base coat. If I’m using a bright red, or dark blue I will use a base coat. also for glitter , which I hardly ever wear I use a base. Let the base coat dry. Most of them are tacky feeling. Then I paint my nails, if I am using Seche -Vite I will apply while nails still wet. Any other quick dry top coat I let my nails dry a few minutes.

Then at bedtime, I use oil on all my cuticles and massage them a bit and gently push back the cuticle. I use a cuticle cream, anyone will do. Use the Mavala brand right now, but I’ve used Burt. ‘S Bees and Hoofer’ s Choice. i mssage this into mu cuticles again ouahing them back gently, i never cut my cuticles, I also add a thick coat of a hand and nail cream. Any one will work fine. Also in the morning I will oil my cuticles. I use hand lotion every time after I wash my hands.

I think you should paint your nails with all your pretty polish, this will keep you from biting but also it will show you if you have any problems such as peeling or chips, etc…

I hope I didn’t leave anything out but I don’t think I did. I do use the Scientifique from France 2 times a week on my tips only. Good luck and please let me know how it goes. I bet this time next month you will be very happy with your nails. Oh, sometimes I go to bed with just Nail Envy and paint my nails in the morning, but sometimes not. But I always have at least 1 coat of nail envy before I do anything and I think that is what is so great at helping my nails stay strong.

Once again, good luck and keep me posted. Sent from my iPad


My problem with Julep is a long and harried story of dis-respect and downright rudeness for their customer service department. Once they get you as a customer they will do whatever to keep you from cancelling. But I’m not going to go there, it makes me too upset. I hope ou are happy with them and they give you excellent service, as all cup usi era deserve.

Your friend Judi

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Good Morning Judy the only thing you left out was how many times after you use that first coat do I put another coat of nail envy on?
I am so sorry you had all those problems with Julep. My experience with them has been excellent. But we won’t go there I know how up set you are. I have been waiting to find a person like yourself around my age. All the tips I get are from people a lot younger. Don’t get me wrong I love all there help but yours will be different. Thanks for all your help. Karen xoxo


I put on coat of Nail Envy every time I take my polish off. My nails are never without a coat of nail,envy.

NIl envy does work through painted nails so you can paint a coat on every night. It’s I to you I’m glad I can answer your questions.

. Sent from my iPad


Well I’m not having very good luck with my nails. So I jut cut them all back and am starting all over again. One coat of Nail Envy, base coat then polish then the Seche. Then at bedtime the oil and hoofers cream on the cuticles and hand lotion. This time I am going to apply 1 coat of the nail envy everyday for a week then removed everything and start over, I think the second week I will put on the nail envy every other day, Lets see how that goes. If you think of anything else or a different approach just let me know. My nails are so very short now I think I will use a light polish for a while, I very disappointed. Hope this works this time. Thanks Judi


I would be sure I had Nail Envy on my nails at all times. Yu can use the nail envynovermthe top of your nail polish as well. When I first started and my nails were so bad, I used nail envy every night over my polish, then once that was dry I would use the cuticle cream and moisturizers. The other thing I do different than what you’ve laid out is I don’t use a base coat. I guess I figure the nail envy is the base coat and I change my polish so often, so the only time I use abase coat is for a dark blue or dark reds. Anyway, good luck, be patient, you’ll get there. Thanks for the update and keep me posted.


how many times a week do you change your polish? From now on I will put a coat on everyday. Thanks for the update. Would you be interested in doing a swap? Just let me know.
Your Friend Karen


I used to do my nails every day but now I do them about 3-4 times a week. I like to take my polish off at night and put in nail envy then paint them in the mornings, so a couple times a week my nails are naked overnight. Email me at Judi.Tierney@yahoo.com and we’ll talk about a swap.


My personal opinion: I think I found my problem. I stopped taking my biotin 5000mg. Then my nails started looking horrible. I figured this out after cutting all my nails to the tips of my finger because they were all breaking. It didn’t dawn on me until I saw my bottle and thought about it. I had stopped taking them about a week ago. Now I am back on the biotin once a day and following your routine. In just the last couple of days my nails are just starting growing back again. This is what I do but it may not be for everyone. Thanks my friend Karen


I hope it works for you! 🙂

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