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MissJenFabulous aka The Nail Art Thief

Posted on: August 30, 2013

This is a well thought out, well written account of a notoriously fake nail “guru” who should be ashamed of herself. At the age of 29 she should know better, zenorah said it all and with complete honesty. Honesty and truth need to be introduced to MissJenFabulous. She wouldn’t know how to tell the truth. But read this blog post from Zenorah who is nothing but truthful. Also, read the link provided at the end. — Judi


Hi everyone, so this is going to be a very different blog entry – one can call it a rant and you’d be justified in doing so. Most nail polish gyals know of MissJenFabulous on Youtube due to her popularity of her nail art tutorials but that’s just it, they are NOT her nail art creations!! So this is where my rant begins but before I get into that I have to share with you the backdrop to this story….

About 5 years ago I discovered nail bloggers & it was an addiction of mine, I would check my email every day to see any and all of the nail polish / manicures / nail art designs they blogged about. I could sit and list all of them but it would take ages to do so because there are MANY of them, some of the more widely known ones are…

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6 Responses to "MissJenFabulous aka The Nail Art Thief"

The ironic part is that not one person would think less of Jen if she DID give credit where credit was due. She would be known as a gracious and giving person. That is why I admire the “YouTube made me buy it” tag. It was great to see Emily Noel and others give credit to other ladies. Thanks for sharing the post!


There is something called plagiarism (and it’s not only for school essay’s). If I use a picture I found off of google images, I will always put who I got the picture from. I borrowed the picture from the NLPC to put on my blog and I gave credit where credit was due. It’s only right. Thank you so much for reposting this. HUGS – Stacey


Your welcome and I glad you liked it. It’s hard enough with pictures being taken all the time, mine never are because they aren’t that good! Yet! But this miss Jen person has been doing this for at least 10 years and she will not admit she “borrowed’ the idea. As you know I don’t do nail art but if I did try one I’m cute polish, she has the cutest I would say where I saw it and here’s the link go watch she’s great. Not Jen. Anyway I felt this needed re-blogged and maybe if enough people ask her she will leather stupor say where she got the idea. She is a very talented nail artist and does a good job, it would not impact her subscribers one bit if she was honest. But I don’t Jen and the truth have ever met. Omg, can you tell this is a hot topic for me? I’m glad ou liked it and thanks for the comment!


You are exactly right. It would not I pact her subscribers or her readers one bit. That’s the odd thing about it. I wonder how she would like if I sta rted using her pictures she posts on her blog and put my name on them? She’d pitch a fit like no ones business. This is the same thing if ou ask me, Maybe if enough people get to her she will grow up and start being honest but I li,e I said to the last commenter, Jen and the truth haven’t met yet.

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Hmmm this is a very interesting read.
I show my novice attempts of nail art on my tiny fb page (for friends and family) and say only if the inspiration is mine or not.
I never thought to look up and mention the original blogger. This is something I decided to mend a couple of weeks ago and now I know how to do image search and will try to provide credit where it is due.
Thank you for sharing this.


Your welcome. I am so glad you liked it. I often times forget when something hs inspired me so I’ve started taking a screen shot if I come across a nail I’d like to try. But I’m no nail artist That’s for sure!

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