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5 Favorites for 2013

Posted on: January 22, 2014

The year 2013 brought 3 distinct trends for nail polish, at least in my opinion. We saw a lot of textured polish, Gel-like finishes without the gel and collections by everyone from Joan Rivers to Marc Jacobs. 2013 saw nail polish sales evening out a bit with drops in sales from the major companies. But to keep this in perspective you need to remember that 2012 was a record breaking year in sales, and in the number of new releases. So when ABC Nail Polish Company reports a 1.4% decrease in sales, that is a small decrease from a previous year that had over 700% increase. I know for me personally I bought less nail polish in 2013 but that is because I have a rather large collection and unless a polish was special I passed.

These were my Top 5 Favorite Polishes that were released in 2013. They may not be on my Top 5 All Time Favorite list. I had quite a few and was having a hard time picking 5. I lined them all up in a row to look at them and realized these are the ones I actually used the most. That made it easier to pick. So, in no particular order:

Mystic from Ruby Wing is a color changing polish that actually does change colors. This pic is outdoors and this is the darkest of the 2 colors. Indoors it is slightly lighter. I really like this color pinkish mauve and have worn this polish quite a bit. Also, my girlfriends like this one and it seems to be one that gets used a lot. I ordered this online from their website. I asked them where they sell their polish and they told me at Sally’s and a few Bed Bath and Beyond. I haven’t checked but I’m sure you could find this brand on AmazonRuby Wing is part of the Color Club polish family, they are completely CRUELTY FREE and are approved by the Leaping Bunny organization. This means that not only is Ruby Wing a CF company but so are all their suppliers. They are owned by the Forsythe Cosmetic Group.

Commander in Chic (CiC) from Sally Hansen CSM line. Of course this is my favorite polish and I still love it. This spring SH closed out their CSM line and re-launched with a new formula that has a gel like quality without the gel. The formula is an improvement from the old one and I do like it better. Sally Hansen polish can be found in most drug stores. The CSM line retails for $7.49.

Black Plum from Estée Lauder is a gorgeous, deep, rich plum color. It doesn’t look black, the plum color holds true. The same is true for EL Blackened Sapphire which is a dark, rich sapphire color. This polish is a pure joy to use, I love the bottles, they look like little ice cubes full of polish. I think the Estée Lauder line has been over looked in the blog-o-sphere of nail polish. I hardly ever hear anything about it, yet it is a great product. It’s not that expensive for a high end item. EL nail polish retails for $20 and is available at most high end department stores such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bloomindales, etc….
If you want to treat yourself, I would encourage you to try the Estée Lauder polish. They have a full range of colors and I think you will like it as much as I do.

Two Fingered Salute from butter LONDON is one of my most favorites from 2013. This was a Nordstrom exclusive but now it is available at Nordstrom and on the BL website. This color was a surprise to me, usually I’m not that keen on green polish. This green however is a blue based green and has a generous copper shimmer running through and this copper does transfer to the nail! Bonus! It’s kind of a funky polish but yet so wearable. I don’t believe I’d wear to a job interview (at least not for my line of work) but I would wear any where, any time. This has been another polish that is a joy to wear. I’m going to need another bottle soon as I’ve used more than half the bottle.

Azure from CHANEL. in 2013 I added Azure, Rouge Noir, Skyline and Infidele to my CHANEL collection. Again I had a hard time picking just 1 because I love them all. I ultimately picked Azure because my son bought this for me, which means so much to me. And I have worn quite a bit this summer. It’s a great summer polish but I think it’s a year round color. It’s one of those colors that make me smile. I believe this was $26, but CHANEL polishes go from $24 to $30 (Skyline) and are available at all the finer department stores. I also use CHANEL’s website. I will share a secret about their website with you. If you want a CHANEL product that is sold out, like Skyline was and the contouring powder they launched earlier this year. Go to the website, place your order and they will say “Sold Out” but they give you the option to continue with the purchase. Continue with the purchase and the next day you will more than likely receive a shipping notice. I’ve done this a few times and I always get the shipping notice the next day. My niece works for CHANEL and she told me to try this. And it works!

Polish I Was MOST DIAPPOINTED by: Illamsqua Raindrops. I reviewed this polish here. I know Raindrops was not released in 2013 but I just bought it this summer, so it was new to me.

Polish I Was MOST SURPRISED by: Marc Jacobs line. I thought, here we go, another designer hopping on the bandwagon. But, this polish is so, so nice to apply. The brush is great and for me this was such a joy to use. The bottle design is not the best, clearly not designed by a woman, but everything else about this brand is awesome. Marc Jacobs is available at Sephora and sells for $18 a bottle, but I’ve noticed it’s been on sale already. This is another polish that I hope you can try. I’m sure you will like it.

Award for MOST RE-PROMOTED COLORS (aka ” Makes my ass twitch award”): Revlon. Seems like in 2013 every time I turned around Revlon had a new display of not so new colors, just new names. I have 13 duplicate bottles of Revlon with different names but the exact same polish. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a good ad campaign, and as a former retail store owner I totally get the marketing behind it. I just wish they could put a little note that says Revlon Naughty -formerly called Perplexed. Would that be so hard to do? OPI was a close second in this category, but I’ve learned that if a store has an “exclusive line of colors from OPI, they aren’t really exclusive colors, they are re-promotes so that is easy to tell.

Best nail polish App: this goes to China Glaze. You can download their app onto your phone or iPad. The app is chock full of uses. If you want to “try on” a color the app allows you to match your skin tone, nail shape etc…. So you will get a better idea of what the polish will like on you. It also has a feature to match anything. If you want a polish that matches your shoes perfectly you use the app to take a photo and then it gives you a list of polishes that will match. If you have a print top it will list several matching polishes.
A close second in this category: is the Leaping Bunny app. This app tells you if a company is CRUELTY FREE or not. Also, it will let you know if its a CF company but not Leaping Bunny eligible. Remember to be Leaping Bunny eligible all the companies suppliers must also be CF. The Leaping bunny app also includes all types of products, not just nail polish.

What were your favorite nail polishes released in 2013? I’d love to hear your list!

I for one am glad 2013 is over, even though it ended not quite so good for me, it was a year with memories to treasure, especially my daughters wedding!

2 Responses to "5 Favorites for 2013"

I enjoyed seeing your selections for 2013 Judi.I was just thinking you must be glad to see the end of a difficult year.Hope 2014 sees your health improving and getting stronger day by day.Linda xo


Hi Judi, this was a wonderful post! You are so detailed, and full of information. Thank you.


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