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Just what is the Nail Polish Lottery Club?
For more information on the Nail Polish Lottery Club please go to our Facebook page here.. We don’t have any rules but there are some guidelines, you will find those here.
If you still have questions, just let me know in the comments below or on the FB page. It’s a lot of fun and I enjoy seeing everyone’s manicures for the week. Everyone is welcome to join, even if you can only post once in a while, we still welcome you!
For Week 60 of the #NPLClub the number was 280. Now even I do not have 280 un-tried nail polishes in my collection, so I used #10 (2+8=10).

This week I went to my Ciate Advent Calendar. This was a gift to me from my friend DianaI love this set so much, I seldom use it. I love looking at it and often times I take all the polish out, just to look at and then put it back. I don’t know about you, but I tend to not use the things I love the most? I’ve decided I’m going to use the things I love and this week with #10 being drawn, it was a perfect time to try the Ciate minis. Behind door number 10 was:

Ladylike Luxe from Ciate #059 is a gold metallic polish, that is really on the yellow side. Now, we all know how I feel about orange and yellow on my nails and this was no exception. It honestly makes my hands look green. The days are gloomy here, so the pictures do not do the polish justice.

I applied Ladylike Luxe over the nude nail polishes I had on for my “Spring 2014 Trends” post I did a couple of days ago. This is only one coat, no top coat. It has been my experience that 1 coat works best for metallic polish anyway. I’ve worn this since then and the only sign of tip wear is a small amount on my pointer finger, which is to be expected as I have been typing quite a bit the last couple of days. I have been trying to catch up on my posts and emails. πŸ“₯ πŸ“€

The Ciate Advent Calendar came with 24 different nail polish, 4 bottles of the micro beads for a caviar manicure and a funnel. The bottles of polish are mini size, 5 ml. A regular size nail polish is 15 ml, so these are 1/3rd the normal size. Even with the mini size, the brush was full and easy to use. The formula, although metallic was also easy to use. Sometimes a metallic formula can get messy, kind of like trying to paint chewing gum onto your nails. Not so with Ladylike Luxe. Or maybe I’ve just learned not to work the metallic formula so much? Either way, the formula was fine.
Each bottle is tied with a black ribbon, which makes for very cute packaging. You all know I’m a sucker for cute packaging. 😘
I look forward to trying more of the Ciate from this adorable set. Thanks again to Dianafor sending this to me. It truly is one of the most thoughtful, nicest gifts I’ve ever received. You’re the best! 😘 😘 😘

As usual, I try to show a family picture with my Nail Polish Lottery Club posts, because we really are just one big happy family.. Scrolling through my pictures I came across this one from Drew’s birthday dinner last week. This is Drew and Jack. Jack adores Drew, and vice versa. Seeing Jack and Drew together reminds me how fast the little shits darlings grow up. Honestly seems like yesterday, Drew was the age Jack is now, 3 1/2. Some days I miss my babies so much and would give anything to have them back as babies and then I will spend time with them and realize my kids have grown into mature, funny, great responsible adults. They are my favorite people on the planet, I couldn’t be more proud of them all (of course, this includes Ashley)!

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!


Spring 2014 is all about the nudes on our nails, (or pastels with a pop of color, stay tuned for that!)
I’m happy about the trend for nude or beige nail polish this Spring. I think it’s a color that works for every one, the trick is finding the one, or five, that go with your skin tone. The five I have chosen go with my skin, which has a pink or blue undertone. If you have more yellow in your skin tone there are plenty of those, as well.

Starting with my thumb:
butter LONDON Yummy Mummy is a great nude that works for all occasions. This is the darkest of my picks, yet still light enough to be considered a nude or a beige. There is the smallest amount of sheen in the bottle which does not transfer to the nail. The finished product is a straight up cream finish, which is my favorite. Coverage and formula are great. I could have gotten by with one coat on this one, but all the nails are painted with two coats and a top coat of Seche-Vite. butter LONDON is one of my favorite brands of nail polish. So far, I have not been disappointed by a color or the formula. At $15 a bottle I expect as much. (BL often has great sales, right now they are selling discontinued colors for half price. Check their website and Nordstrom’s).
Pointer finger:
Nails, Inc. Porchester Square – Gel Effect Polish has a bit of gray to it, but I still consider this a nude, or neutral color. I would most definetly wear this to a job interview. Again, the coverage was great and I could have used only one coat. The formula is perfect, easy to work with. I did not notice a difference for the “gel effect polish”. On the cap it says: with Placticiser Technology, No UV needed. I am in the dark as to what Plasticiser Technology actually means and I’m not sure about the No UV needed. I know what UV indicates but I’ve yet to “need” a UV where any of my nail polish is concerned. Does this mean I “need” UV with my other Nails, Inc brand polish?
I found Nails, Inc on sale in the clearance section of QVC on-line. They had different sets on sale. Some were a set of 4 or 3. QVC also offered a set of 6 mini bottles. I don’t remember what I paid, but I can tell you it was a bargain. Nails, Inc. is also sold at Sephora.
Middle finger:
Essie Sand Tropez is, for me, the perfect nude/beige. I think everyone needs this color in their collection. Sand Tropez makes a great base for those bright, neon colors to pop, or to cover VNL with a more sheer polish. Most of you know I am no fan of Essie brand nail polish, the formula is so inconsistent you just never know. The formula for Sand Tropez is normal. Even with 2 coats there was still some streaking but the Seche-Vite took care of that.
Essie brand nail polish is $8 and available at most drug stores like Walgreen’s, K Mart or Amazon.com

Ring finger:
Deborah Lippmann Naked has more of a yellow or tan base to it than anyof the others but not so much that I can’t wear it. Naked is another one of those nail polishes I think everyone should have, for the same reasons as the Essie. Deborah Lippmann brand is more expensive, $18-20, but the quality is there. The formula, the brush and the bottle are all designed to make polishing your nails easy. To me, it is worth the extra money for such a nice polish. I only have a few bottles, but looking at them it is clear that they are a favorite as most of the bottles have been used at least by half. (I do have one DL un-tried, Mermaids Tears)
Deborah Lippmann can be found at Nordstrom. Once in a while Nordstrom will have DL on sale, buy 2, get 1.
Pinky finger:
EstΓ©e Lauder Porcelain is more of a creamy white polish than a nude or beige. It is also a good one to use as underwear to make colors pop. EstΓ©e Lauder nail polish is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I don’t own too many but the ones I do have are all very nice. One reason I like EstΓ©e Lauder so much is they come out with colors that are so different from what I already own. Porcelain needed every bit of the 2 coats, and probably needed a 3rd coat, and also needed extra dry time, which was key in getting it just right. For a full manicure of Porcelain I will do 3 thin coats, letting each coat dry completely and it will be beautiful.
EstΓ©e Lauder is available at Nordstrom and Macy’s retailing for $20. I have not seen EL nail polish offered on sale.

I wore this polish for almost 3 days. The only 2 that showed signs of tip wear? The Essie and Nails, Inc. Since I have been house bound 😧 and don’t really do anything, I was surprised by this. Especially the Nails, Inc, what with its gel effect and all. 😱
I consider all these polishes to be neutral enough to wear to a job interview, or any where you do not want to be self conscious of your nails.
What do you think of the nude/neutral nail trend for this Spring? Are you on board or skipping? Let me know!

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

🌸 🌸 Other trends for Spring 2014, and going forward into Fall are pastels or a pop of color. Next week I have some choices for you in that department. One thing I’ve noticed since Fashion Week(s) is the textured look seems to be waning. YAY! Not to say it is going away completely, but that is one look I could not get behind.

Electric Pink from Revlon numbered 210, is more orange than pink. It looks orange in the bottle and even more so on the nails. My skin tone and orange do not get along. I am sure this will be the last time I wear this one. I picked this week’s color by grabbing without looking. As I’ve said, I have so many Revlon nail polish, it makes it hard to decide. Most of them I consider a “classic” color, but a few are in the category of Electric Pink which means not for me.

Electric Pink had a thinner formula than usual which caused some cuticle flooding. The coverage is not that great either. As you can see, with 2 coats there is still the dreaded VNL (Visible Nail Line). Even though by the days end I’m sure I will have changed out my polish I am glad to have tried Electric Pink from Revlon. Hopefully next week will be a better choice!

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

So a couple of years back I became slightly obsessed with the subscription box services for make up samples. I was subscribed to 3 different companies and for one reason or another I cancelled all of them. I bought a subscription for Ashley (Birch Box) and would have kept it up, but even for a free box every month Ashley said no. (That should be an indication of just how bad Birch Box is).
My Glam was a subscription service started by Michele Phan, make up expert from You Tube. For $10 a month My Glam promised 5 deluxe size make up samples along with a different make up bag each month. Because I enjoyed Michele’s videos I was pre-disposed to thinking this would be an amazing thing to be a part of, which of course in the end I was disappointed. The My Glam version was nothing short of the free samples you get from Sephora or Nordstrom. About a year, year and half ago My Glam was changed to Ipsy. Because I’d cancelled all the other subscriptions I decided to “try” Ipsy, for $10 a month, I figured it was worth a shot. That was a year ago and I’m still receiving the Ipsy Bag and I am very satisfied with it.

Upon returning home after almost 3 weeks at my Dad’s house I found the Ipsy Bag on my dining room table. (I don’t know who picked it up for me, but Thank You to that person). This months bag contained a cream eyeshadow, lip gloss, blush, UberBliss Straight Effect hair oil and a full size Zoya nail Polish in Odette. All very useable items. The bag is a plain pink with a satin type lining of lipstick marks. Also useable and kewt.πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹

But of course, you know I love the nail polish included. I’ve received several nail polish samples, some small and some full size. I like the Zoya included this month called Odette. Zoya describes Odette as a sultry orchid maroon cream, giving full coverage and part of the Naturals Collection. I noticed Zoya raised their price to $9, but I’m sure you know they offer amazing sales at different times throughout the year. You can purchase Odette here.

Odette from Zoya is what I would call a “dusty” purple. Not quite purple-purple but definetly a purple nail polish. I agree with Zoya’s description of “sultry orchid”, but I do not see “maroon” as part of this color? What do you think?
The formula in this was a little bit thicker than a usual Zoya nail polish, but not in a bad way. I know this may sound crazy to some, but it was more luxurious and easy to work with.

Odette is a very wearable color and I’m so happy to have received it in my Ipsy Bag. Some of my favorite items have come from the Ipsy Bag, like the Alterna brand dry shampoo. I have used this in the past couple of months and it has been a lifesaver. I really like the cream eyeshadow included in this months bag and the UberBliss hair oil is fantastic. I will take this with me to Jeremy, my hairdresser, as I have been liking the flat iron look here lately. I have received some goofy items that I (or anyone else) will never use like the lip gloss/lipstick duo with a mirror attached that is useless, the Color WOW hair root cover up. It is labeled blonde but comes out red. For the most part, the Ipsy Bag has been well worth $10 a month. I have no plans to discontinue the service.
Are you subscribed to a make up service? Some of you may remember the ads in the back of comic books and some magazines that you could buy a box of make up samples for a couple of dollars? Some were samples, some were full size, some were subscription and some were a one time purchase. Also, you could collect points and get all the make up you wanted for free. I never did get the “free” make up but I would spend my baby sitting money on the boxes of make up. So, even when I was a little girl I had a “slight” obsession with make up! Ha!

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

After Party from Revlon is part of a Gucci Westman collection released sometime late 2012. Gucci Westman is a famous make up artist and now a cosmetic artist. She was hired by Revlon as Global Artistic Director and to collaborate on their make up lines. I must say that in the past couple of years I have noticed an increased interest in the make up offered from Revlon. Their eyeshadows, blushes and mascara seem to be more useable and fresh then they used to be. I have never been one to buy Revlon make up but this spring I did buy a cream blush that I completely used up. So I must have liked it, considering I have a dozen or so blushes in my make up drawer! Ha!
I’m curious, have you noticed Revlon make up has gotten better? Worse? Or the same?

After Party from Revlon is a blue green color that reminded me of the little blue spruce tree in my Dad’s front lawn. My brother Jim got this tree for them when they first moved back from Maui about 10 years ago. It hasn’t grown much and at times I thought it was a goner, but it’s still standing.

Sorry, I digress! Back to the polish. After Party has no number so we know that means its not part of Revlon’s regular line and probably has been re-promoted with a different name. I have looked in all the stores in my area to see if I could identify the one in their core line, but no luck.
I usually am not very fond of green nail polish, but this one has enough blue in it that it may be one of my new favorites. The formula, brush etc… was classic Revlon.

These pictures are all 2 coats with a coat of Seche-Vite. I could have easily got by with 1 coat, but out of habit I did 2. Within a day there was noticeable tip wear, (see pointer finger) but I think that was operator error and not the fault of the polish. Next time I will “wrap the tips” and that should take care of that problem.

UPDATE: I am still at my Dad’s house while he is in Hawaii. I will be home Friday, YAY!! I miss my home and my nail polish. Which I know sounds weird but some of you will “get” what I’m talking about. 😘

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

Dior Marilyn was released Christmas 2012 along with 2 other colors. The bottles are unique, the colors are not. The formula is nice and the bottles are super cute, but with the small bottles comes a very small brush that was hard for me to hold. I like the brush from Dior, it is a wider, flat brush but not as wide as some. I think people who don’t care for the wide flat brushes say on Sally Hansen’ Complete Salon Manicure line, will like the Dior brushes.

This was given to me at Christmas from my beautiful daughter Jilly. She also gave me a Chanel lipstick that I love. I always have a hard time picking out lipsticks but she did perfect!
I decided to wear this red today for Valentine’s Day, I really wanted to wear a matte black because I am that cynical, but decided on this color. To tell the truth, I probably will change before the day is out. I think red is great for a special occasion like Jilly’s wedding. (I wore Dragon from CHANEL , a classic red.) Since Betty is my only Valentine for today I think I will be okay to change to a more every day friendly polish.

This is my Mom and Dad dancing at a party. I love this picture because of my Mom’s smile. That is how she looked at my Dad for over 60 years. They were the cutest Valentine’s ever.

Happy Valentine’s Day. πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

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