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(The butter LONDON Rescue 999 system was sent to me for review.)

butter LONDON Rescue 999 System. This is a 2 piece set with a base coat and a top coat. It is designed to brighten your nails and to rescue them after damage from using a gel system. I think with the popularity of the gel system, this will be a perfect set for anyone wanting to get back to their own nails.
I havent used the gels on my nails but I am sending this to a friend who will take photos along the way so that I can share with you the results. As with all butter LONDON products! I’m sure this too will be a winner.

Catrice Nail Polishes from my friend Carla who lives in Germany. Catrice Nail Polish is available here from Ninja website and sell for $10 a bottle.
Thank you Carla for these! I love adding to my Catrice collection.

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!>

For those who are new to my blog and don’t know what the Nail Polish Lottery Club (NPLC) is about! A quick refresher:
NPLC was the brain child of our friend Diana who had nail polish in her collection that she had not used. Her idea was to use random.org to pick a number each week. Using a numbered list of un-tried polishes in your collection, you then would use this random number each week.
Diana made a Facebook page so that we would have an outlet to showcase our un-tried polishes. Some people use their You Tube channel and some people use their blog, which ever works best. There are no rules for the club, only guidelines, you may find the complete list of guidelines here on our Facebook page.
It has been a lot if fun seeing everyone’s picks. I especially like it when our members post pictures of their collections, or other interests they may have. I have posted pictures of things that match my nail polish, which I think is kind of fun.
So, on to this weeks pick. I am still working on my spreadsheet but I found a really pretty pink polish I have not worn.

Posh Pink from Rimmell Lasting Finish Pro is a pretty medium pink cream. Right in my wheel house for a favorite nail polish. I’ve had this for at least a year and somehow it got lost in the wall o’polish! I bought this in a 4-pack from Ross which included a cherry red, a green sparkle-y, and a steel gray. I have not worn any of those either.

The formula on this is very nice, smooth, easy to apply. I am sure I could have achieved full coverage with 1 coat but I did 2 thin coats and I used a fast dry top coat. I am liking this brand a lot, and I especially like this color. This is supposed to be a “long lasting finish” and I will keep you posted on that.
Rimmell is a drug store brand and can be found at most drug stores, or in my case, a discount store. The prices start at 99 cents and goes up to $2.99 for a .5 oz bottle.
I’m very happy with my NPLC pick this week. How did you do with yours? I’ll meet you over at the Facebook page and we can compare notes there!


I had visitors today! This is my son Drew, his girlfriend Shawna and her little girl Nevaeh. Drew told Nevaeh about all my nail polish and she was like a kid in a candy store! Needless to say she went home with whatever polish she wanted. It was a good day made great by seeing my son’s smiling face. It’s great to be alive!

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Yes, April is L’Oreal Nail Polish of the Month and to celebrate πŸŽ‰ (I promise this the only bit of celebrating for POTM) I am showing my favorite colors from this line.

Notting Hill Blues and Club Prive from L’Oreal are 2 of my favorite colors from L’Oreal not only because I love blue and green together but the Notting Hill blues makes me think of my friend Diana, whom I miss very much. (Diana lives in England and before the ban of mailing nail polish abroad I dId send her a Notting Hill Blues bottle of polish. I hope she likes it as much as I do and I hope she thinks of me when she uses it, as I do of her.) . Did that make sense to anyone but me?
I love the half and half manicure, I like to think I invented this, and I especially like it with a blue/green combo.
The L’Oreal Notting Hill Blues and Club Prive are perfect for this look.

If you want to get artsy with your half and half manicure, it is easy enough to add spots with the contrasting color. I used a toothpick on a couple of nails to be able to show you. I think it would be kind of fun to add some more Club Prive (green) into the dots of the Notting Hill Blues dots.
What do you guys think?

The formula for L’Oreal nail polish is cinsistently good, not too thick, not too thin. I have several colors and have been nothing but pleased with this brand. You can purchase L’Oreal Nail Polish where most L’Oreal make up items are sold, which is in most drug stores. The retail price is around $5.99 but I always check the sale sections and have found some great deals that way, also, at my Walgreen’s if I ask the cosmetic counter cashier for coupons she usually always has one for L’Oreal. So keep this in mind.

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Steel Gray from Burberry is more of a khaki green color than a “steel gray”. The formula is rich, smooth and applies like a dream. I can describe Burberry’s nail polish using the same words I describe their eyeshadow: rich, smooth and buttery.


There is an evident golden sheen in the bottle but no matter how hard I tried I could not see the sheen on the nails. Not that I wanted the sheen but for a high end polish, it’s a bit disappointing.
I do like this color but after a long winter I am wanting more spring like colors. I wore this for at least 4 days, with no sign of wear, even on the tips.

The packaging is nice with the checkered metal (plastic) portion that lifts off to reveal a larger bottle. The brush is a nice full, slightly wider brush but not flat and wide.

I bought thiBurberry Nail Polish from
Nordstrom’s for $24.

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Morgan Taylor is quickly becoming one of the faster growing nail polish companies in the country.


Something to Blog About by Morgan Taylor is a purple to green to gold to pink duo-chrome. It is very similar to OPI’s Peace, Love and OPI but different enough to warrant the purchase of both.

Something to Blog About is a lighter version of most purple to green duo-chromes. I think it will look really nice with a base coat of a bright pink or lavender cream. I will try those bases and show you pics in here.
Morgan Taylor polish is a professional polish and can be found in most salons. I have seen it for sale at Amazon.com and also on Haute Look.
The formula is perfect, self levels, has great coverage and as I mentioned they have some very unique colors. Very much worth checking out, if you haven’t already.


I think duo-chrome maybe my favorite finish, after a cream finish, of course and I like Something to Blog About because it is a lighter color. After this long winter I have been yearning for the lighter colors in my collection.
Do you like the duo-chrome finish? I know it was my Mom’s favorite. She loved one from Catrice called Heavy Metallilac, it was very bright and went from a bright metallic purple to green. I think she liked it so much because she could see it well. (She had macular degeneration and glaucoma).

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter! πŸŽ€ 🐰

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!>

Week 66 of the NPLC was brought to you by the number 66! As I stated in an earlier post I’m still working on getting my spreadsheet back to accurate so this week I used a polish I recently bought.
The Nail Polish Lottery Club has been going for 66 weeks now and it is a lot of fun, if you’re like me and you have a lot of nail polish, some of it un-tried. To participate, make a numbered list of your un-tried nail polish. Each Monday at 1pm PST, I pick a new number using 1-365 at Random.org. The numbers can be manipulated however needed so that you then try a polish you own but have never worn.
I know everyone has their own way of making their sheets, using the numbers and defining un-tried nail polish. My definition of an un-tried, is a polish I may have swatched and photographed but never worn as a day to day manicure. We use numbers 1-365 so sometimes the number chosen will be more than the number of polish you have in your collection, that is when the manipulation of the numbers works. For instance, this week was #66, you could use #12 (6+6=12) or #3 (1+2=3).
It’s all very simple and lots of fun. For more information or to join along visit our Facebook page here. This is where you will also find a complete list of guidelines, which explain things way better than I can.

Candid Affair from Wet n Wild Mega Last. This is a new, Limited Edition from Wet n Wild Mega Last, which after months and months of the same color options at the drug store, it was so nice to see some new colors from this line.

I bought the 2 nail polishes circled in the photo and the eyeshadow pallete called “Flirting at the After Party”.

Wet n Wild is an incredibly nice eyeshadow, for a drug store brand. The colors are rich, stay true to the pan color and I find they stay on fairly well, again for a drug store brand.
These are all Limited Edition which can be a hard to find. You can tell the LE status from the white packaging.

WnW Mega Last came out number 1 in my list of nail polish by brand comparison I did last summer. One of the reasons was the pricing. I used price as a factor which moved a lot of the drug store brands up the list, but even so I compared the drug store brands equally to higher end polish using formula, dry time, colors, bottle and brush design and WnW Mega Last held its own.
WnW Mega Last nail polish has a nice workable formula. Not to thick, self levels, dry time is pretty fast. Any time there is a sheen or shimmer in the bottle, it almost always translates to the nails. The brush is a wide flat brush. My favorite kind! I know some don’t like this brush but if you wipe the brush on all sides you can use it as a normal size brush.
Candid Affair is a soft lilac color with a bit of a sheen. The photos are 3 thin coats with a fast dry top coat. This was needed to cover VNL, but if you don’t mind a bit of visible nail line, 2 coats work great.
If you can find this collection, I suggest you picking it up. . For less than $10 you would be set for Spring. What is better on nails during Spring then a soft lilac? Or a soft silver/gray? Both work and both are right on trend for this Spring.

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!>

(Some of the colors featured in today’s post have been sent to me for review. Some of them were purchased by my self when I was able to find them from my little town!)

Artful Dodger from butter LONDON is one of my very favorite nail polish colors. The fact that it is from butter London only makes me love it all the more. Yes, I have a thing for the brand. Not only is their formula, brushes, bottle design, dry time, and unique colors one of the best out there, but I love the fact that BL is a cruelty free company. Not only are they a cruelty free company but so are their suppliers. I do not think that fact is one that is talked about enough.
I could not pick just one color as a favorite from butter LONDON so I will show you the rest of my “Top 5 (or 8) Favorites”






FINAL THOUGHTS: on butter LONDON “My Top 5 Favorites”: I don’t own a whole lot of BL brand but the colors I do have are unique to my other brands/colors. I do own a lot of nail polish and for the most part, if there is a color I like from ABC nail polish company, I can usually find a close enough dupe from XYZ nail polish company. I appreciate their unique colors, and I admire their choice as a company to be cruelty free. The retail price is $15 per bottle, but I have seen sales, usually at Nordstrom.
Well worth the price, IMO.
Have you tried butter LONDON ? What do you think? Which is your favorite color?

(Some of the colors featured in today’s post have been sent to me for review. Some of them were purchased by my self when I was able to find them from my little town!)

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!>

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