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Morgan Taylor ~ Something to Blog About

Posted on: April 20, 2014

Morgan Taylor is quickly becoming one of the faster growing nail polish companies in the country.


Something to Blog About by Morgan Taylor is a purple to green to gold to pink duo-chrome. It is very similar to OPI’s Peace, Love and OPI but different enough to warrant the purchase of both.

Something to Blog About is a lighter version of most purple to green duo-chromes. I think it will look really nice with a base coat of a bright pink or lavender cream. I will try those bases and show you pics in here.
Morgan Taylor polish is a professional polish and can be found in most salons. I have seen it for sale at Amazon.com and also on Haute Look.
The formula is perfect, self levels, has great coverage and as I mentioned they have some very unique colors. Very much worth checking out, if you haven’t already.


I think duo-chrome maybe my favorite finish, after a cream finish, of course and I like Something to Blog About because it is a lighter color. After this long winter I have been yearning for the lighter colors in my collection.
Do you like the duo-chrome finish? I know it was my Mom’s favorite. She loved one from Catrice called Heavy Metallilac, it was very bright and went from a bright metallic purple to green. I think she liked it so much because she could see it well. (She had macular degeneration and glaucoma).

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter! 🎀 🐰

💅 As always, thanks for stopping by!>

1 Response to "Morgan Taylor ~ Something to Blog About"

Happy Easter Judi.I love duo chromes and this one is no exception.What type of brush does Morgan Taylor have?Linda xo


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