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May from CHANEL is definetly one of my Top 5 Favorites of all time.
This was a Limited Edition collection released for Spring/Summer of 2012. Along with May, CHANEL also released April and June as part of the S/S line for that year.

May has been an all time favorite for me since it’s release and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I think it is the perfect pink, for me.
I don’t have a dead on dupe for May, but I do have a very close one:

Candy-Licious from Wet n Wild Mega Last is very close to May. I can tell the slightest of difference so I don’t call it a dead on dupe but nevertheless it is very close to being a dupe for May.


If I had to give up all my polish but one, I honestly believe May is the one polish I would keep. I love it that much.

Have you tried May? If so, please let me know what you think.

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

Day 2 of wearing Marc Jacobs Enamored in Evelyn and not a chip in site, not even any sign of tip wear.

The Marc Jacobs Evelyn is a very good quality polish and the formula is exactly the formula I would use,if I could make a nail polish line. I removed Evelyn from my pointer finger and painted 2 coats of OPI Nein, Nein, Nein, Ok Fine! and they are very close. I would not call them dead on dupes but they are close. If you like the color of Evelyn but not the $18 price tag then go with OPI’s Nein, Nein, Nein, OK Fine! for around $9.

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

CHANEL May and Mega Last Candy-Licious are about as close in color for a CHANEL May that I have found. These are not exact and I am not calling this a ‘dead on dupe’ but they are very close. The camera picks up the differences much better then when just looking at the half & half manicure I did with these 2 polishes in person. CHANEL May is by far my favorite CHANEL polish I own. The bottle is below the half full point. 😁 May is one CHANEL I will re-purchase unless I can find a ‘dead on dupe’.

Candy-Licious from Mega Last line of Wet n Wild is painted on the pointer and middle finger. I hate the name Candy-Licious, doesn’t it sound like a stripper’s name? Even though the name isn’t my favorite the Mega Last line certainly is. Wet n Wild Mega Last was my number 1 nail polish from the Nail Polish by Brand comparison study I did last summer. It was a surprise to me, but I found out a lot of you have been fans of this line for a very long time. Who knew? The Mega Last polishes haven’t let me down.

May from CHANEL was released in the Spring collection of 2012. The collection included June and April as well. I have found a dupe for April Revlon Raisin Rage is a dupe for April, but that is the only one from that collection that i could call an actual dupe.
In this picture May is painted on my ring finger and pinky. I did use 3 thin coats for May to avoid the dreaded VNL, and for full disclosure I used 2 coats of Candy-Licious. No top coat was used.
Although Mega Last is a great polish for $2.99 and the color is so pretty, even though isn’t a dupe, it is so close I don’t think anyone would doubt you if you said it was May. But, honestly, in real life how often does anyone ask you what polish you are wearing? Not very often. I probably get asked more because I usually have at least 2 -3 different polishes on for testing purposes.
Using these 2 polishes side by side is a great way to test the quality of a polish. Of course the CHANEL can’t be beat by Mega Last quality wise. There is a reason people keep spending $27-30 for a bottle of CHANEL. The quality is awesome, a pure joy.
But if you are one of those people who refuse to spend that much but you like the look of May then the Mega Last in Candy-Licious is your girl.
SMACKDOWN Results: I have to say its a tie. If this was a SMACKDOWN for quality then, CHANEL hands down. If this was a SMACKDOWN for close enough to save $24-27 then MEGA LAST wins hands down.
What do you think? Who do you think should win the SMACKDOWN? Let me know in the comments below.

Don’t forget about my giveaway that closes soon! August 31st to be exact. Go to the giveaway post, you can search open giveaway, leave a comment, tell me your favorite brand of polish. I will organize all the names alphabetically and use random.org topics a winner. Good luck!

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Earlier I posted this NOTD: Catrice Will You Berry Me? The problem is Catrice nail polish is not available in the States. I had several requests for dupes for close enough dupes for this color. It is a very pretty color. This is what I came up with, just from my own collection.

Starting on the left: Catrice: Will You Berry Me?, the next closest in color, IMO is from OPI: Dim Sum Plum, then Wet n Wild Mega Last Through the Grapevine and lastly Sally Hansen CSM in Ruby Do (Maybe). I will explain the maybe later.

In my opinion I think the OPI Dim Sum Plum is closest to Catrice Will You Berry Me. Also Wet n Wild Mega Last Through the Grapevine is also very, very close. Just as an FYI, the study I did last summer comparing nail polish by brand, my number 1 pick was the Mega Last from Wet n Wild. OPI was number 8, and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure was number 2.

Will You Berry Me from Catrice
Ruby Do (?) from Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

My ring finger and pinky are painted with Wet n Wild Mega Last Through the Grapevine

On the left is Trouble Maker, in the middle is Ruby Do, on the end is Ruby Do. I still don’t know which is the real Ruby Do. Would the real Ruby Do please step forward. I’ve seen both colors marked Ruby Do in the stores, and I’ve had no luck with the PR firm that has been so kind to send me samples for review. So that is what the maybe is all about? It’s a conundrum.

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

I wanted to show you in pictures how close CHANEL Azure and Revlon Chroma Aquamarine are to each other.

This is Revlon Chroma Aquamarine

This is CHANEL Azure

I do not think Revlon’s Aquamarine is a dupe for CHANEL’s Azure, but they are pretty close. If you like the look of the Azure but not the price tag, the Revlon one would be a nice compromise.

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by.

I have been asked to compare Zoya Lo with Zoya Micky. Lo came out a couple of seasons ago with the Gossip Collection which includedAudrina, LC, Heidi, etc.. The girls from “The Hills”. Micky was just released this summer as part of the Stunning Collection. They are both a pink/coral cream finish.
While Micky is classified as Cool and Warm, Lo is classified as just Warm by Zoya.

I painted these in my “half and half” manicure where each pointer finger has a different color, each thumb is different, ect….

As you can see from the light box, there is virtually no difference in the color. When I look at these colors with my own eyeballs I can see no difference in the color, but maybe, just a bit Micky is a tiny bit more pink. Its barely a difference. But the difference is there.

As you can see from the pics, these are basically the same polish. If you already own Lo, I would not buy Micky. The only reason I bought Micky is because that is my dad’s name, even though he is Mickey, like the mouse. And Micky is a tad bit pinker than Lo. So, if Lo was too coral for you and having the rating as a warm coral maybe you didn’t buy Lo, but Micky does have the rating of Cool/Warm which you don’t see too often with Zoya polishes. Which by the way, that is one of their features I like on their website: the labeling of their polish as warm or cool.
Also, as I mentioned in my You Tube video showing the difference, or should I say non-difference of these 2 polishes, Dream Poppy from Wet n Wild/Wild Shine is also very close to both of these colors. AndDream Poppy retails for 99 cents. That’s a hard price to beat. If you are looking for that perfect summer corally-pink I would pick Micky over Lo because it is a tad bit pinker. And I like pink better than coral. But, if I wanted to save the price of Zoya ($8 plus $6.95 shipping) I would look for Dream Poppy wherever Wet n Wild is sold. And remember, the 99 cent polishes are always in the bottom shelf.

I can already guess that this summer I will reach for Dream Poppy, then Micky and then Lo. I will probably use up Dream Poppy faster than the other two. It is a gorgeous, perfect coral/pink for the summer.

I hope this answered all your questions on these 2 Zoya polishes. If not please let me know, you know I’m always willing to do the research necessary to find the answers to your questions.

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by. On a personal note Thank You, Thank You to every one who sent cards and well wishes for my birthday. You guys are the best, you made me cry and you made me laugh! You made this a very special birthday for me. Even though it’s the last one I will ever have! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚ or should I say, the last one I will ever admit to having? 😊

Deborah Lippmann Girls set of 4 is a nice set of 4 on trend colors, named after the characters in the HBO show “Girls”. I was instantly drawn to this set because of the cream finish. If there had been one glitter in this set, I would have passed on it. I’m so happy there is not one glitter, or duo-chrome amongst the “Girls”.

The packaging was perfect for this set. I like the box it came in with little sayings from the show here and there. Each bottle has the Deborah Lippmann logo as per usual, but on one side of the bottle is a diamond shape with GIRLS in the middle of the diamond and each girls name makes up the 4 sides. Of course each girl has her own personality represented in the polish itself but also with the names of the polish.

First in the line up for me is Hannah, Hapless Hunter Green I like this polish so much. It is a true hunter green but it does have a bit if a blue under tone, which I like and I think it looks great with my skin tone. This was a very wearable color and since it is DL after all, it wore very well.

Next we have Marnie, Prim and Proper Pink This polish is the perfect pink to wear to a job interview, it would be a great pink for a bride, or just as an everyday great pink polish. I had full coverage with 2 coats. I would call this a shell pink color. I do not have anything remotely close to this polish in my collection. 😊

This is Jessa, Bohemiam Burgundy When I first looked at the bottle I thought this was like so many other red polish I own and then I swatched it and realized it is nothing like any other red I own. The first coat goes on almost raspberry in color, then with the second coat it became, almost as if by magic, a gorgeous burgundy. This will definetly be one my favorites.

This is Shoshanna, Virtuous Vivid Violet. This is again, going to be a favorite of mine for the Spring/Summer 2013. The color is a pretty lavender, again with a blue undertone, and it has a slight silver shimmer to it. So slight it is hard to miss. I noticed it when I was looking through my loupe to see about getting a macro shot. Alas, the macro shot did not work out, yet, but it gives some interest to this great spring color.
For a review of the polish itself, It’s Deborah Lippmann. For those of you familiar with her polish you will know that, for the cream formulas anyway, the formula is consistently smooth, applies like a dream because the brush picks up just the right amount of polish, I did have a bit of streaking with the 2 lighter colors but nothing a 2nd coat didn’t handle. Dry time on these is great and they wear very well. I had on Hannah for 4 days with very slight tip wear only.
I ordered my set from Nordstrom’s, for $48, which works out to $12 per full size bottle. Also, Nodstrom’s never has a shipping fee when you order or when have to return an item. Which is not too bad because each of these colors are ones I will wear over and over. Buying nail polish sets can be tricky, my rule I go by: if there is one color I do not care for I do not buy the set. In this case they are all great colors and all have a cream finish which, as you all know by now, is my favorite.
πŸ‘― Any dupes? I didnt so much find dead on dupes but I found several in my collection that are very, very close, and with the price point difference these may be a better option for some. Or let’s say you only like the color Hannah, and you don’t want to splurge on the whole set for one color.
Hannah is very similar to Zoya Evvie. (you can find Evvie here)

For Jessa I found Zoya Ashley (πŸ‘Έ) and a Barry M in Raspberry to be very close in color and formulation. ( you can Find Zoya Ashley here

Shoshanna is very close with OPI You’re such a Budapest from their new Euro collection. You can find OPI You’re Such A Budapest where ever OPI products are sold including this blog sells OPI, China Glaze & Venique😊

And as I stated earlier, I do not have anything like Marnie in my collection even though I have several soft pinks, none were even remotely close to Marnie. You may have something similar in your own collection, just not in mine.
I hope you found this review helpful, and if you have any questions, please let me know.

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by.

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