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I often get asked what is the best brand of nail polish. Because of that, I have been working all summer on comparing different brands of nail polish. I compared over 28 brands of nail polish, all available in the US. Meaning this comparison of brands does not include any Barry M or other brands only available in the UK. I scored the different brands using these 5 items of criteria: brush/bottle, formula, price, dry time, and wear. These are the items that are important to me in a nail polish. When I was finished there were 3 brands that had all 5/5 stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

#6 on my list is Zoya. This is my favorite Zoya polish, Lotus. Lotus is a purple cream with a little silver shimmer and tons of copper micro-glitter. I love this polish. It is stunning in the daylight!

Ashley by Zoya. This maroon cream is beautiful yet mysterious, just like my girl Ashley. There is a charcoal stripe running through the maroon cream that translate onto the nail perfectly.

Drew by Zoya. Of course Drew is my favorite son of all time so this polish by Zoya is also a favorite. It’s a pretty rose-y mauve with a silver shimmer. I thinks it’s very pretty.

Lara by Zoya is just a pretty cream pink. So pretty. I wore this one a lot throughout spring and summer.

Toni, this is a new polish from their A/W 2012 collection. I love this deep maroon color. This is just one coat, no top coat. I’m sure I will wear this so much this coming winter!

Evvie. This is also new from the A/W 2012 collection. The first time I saw this in promos I fell in love with the deep dark green, with a gray cast to it. I think it is stunning! One of the things I like about Zoya and shopping with them on-line is they categorize their polish not only by color ranges but tones. Like me, I need a cool tone polish to go with my skin. A warm tone polish just doesn’t cut it, I never like a warm tone polish and usually end up giving them away. But at Zoya you don’t have to guess because they lay it all out for you. They designate the opacity as well. Zoya also allows you to shop by collection or color. If you are looking for a red polish, they have you covered. If you know you want something from the Gossip collection, you’re set. It really is easy to shop with them online.

LC and Lo from the Gossip collection. LC is on the left. Zoya has a program called “Share the Love” which allows you to collect points. You can keep your points as long as you want and then use them for promotions, or you can use them any time. Right now the only promotion they have when you redeem your points is for free shipping with 75 points. When you create an account they give you 100 points. If you haven’t created an account yet, go to Zoya here to get the points added to your account. This is a “Share the Love” link. I really do like the way Zoya has made shopping with them online very easy. I have not purchased a polish from Zoya that when I got it home I did not like. Very unusual for me! Ha! πŸ’…

This is my little Zoya collection. Not a lot but a lot of variety. My Zoya nail polish makes me happy!
Zoya got 4/5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟 in my comparison study and lost out on a price star only. Every other aspect of this brand was perfect! Zoya priced out at $16 an ounce. ($15 was the cut off for a star)

πŸ’… this is the bottom 5 of my top 10 list. Stay tuned for the top 5 coming up. Any surprises? Let me know what you think of my ratings so far. I cannot wait to get to #1, I think you will be surprised! I know I was!. Hee Hee! πŸ’…

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Once again Zoya is offering a promotion through their Share the Love program. Sorry, I didn’t give more notice because by midnight tonight you need to have your account set up through the Share the Love link. If you do not have an account already, and I stress the IF, click on the Share the Love link, you will go to their website where you basically set up a log in. That’s all there is to it. You get points for signing up, I believe it’s enough points for a free bottle of polish, but I’m not sure if they still do that.
According to Zoya’s Facebook page they will add points to everyone who has an account set up for a special promotion. They also indicated there will be free shipping, so double YaY!πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ‘

You guys all know it took me forever to get on board with this Share the Love program, but once I was on board I have got some amaZing deals!

This little haul cost me $16 ~ along with some of my points, but what a great deal! I was able to send some Zoya to Nicky in Ireland, she was happy about that. Anyway, it’s a great program, if you aren’t signed up, click on one of the links above and get signed up. You need to click on one of the links above to be a part of the Share the Love Program. I can’t wait to see what their new promo will be.

I just happen to be wearing Audrina from Zoya today. This is from their Gossip collection which included LC, Lo, Elodie, Heidi and Whitney. I have Lo and LC from this collection as well.

LC is on the left pinky/ring fingers and Lo is on the others.

I love the formula of Zoya polish. It is consistently good, not too goopy, not too water-y, not streaky, it is just right. I like shopping their website because they break it down by collections, colors, seasons, or cool or warm tones. So if you want to only look for green polish you click shop by green. If you want to shop for only cool tone polish, you have that option. I need a cool tone polish, warm tone just doesn’t look good on me. I really appreciate the opportunity to shop for my polish that way.

Enough about how much I Love Zoya!. Go, sign up, and then you can tell me what colors you bought and how much you love Zoya!

πŸ’…As always, thanks for stopping by! πŸ˜„

Let’s start with my nails today. This is Lara from ZoyA

20120620-165044.jpgpretty, huh? This is me in a nail polish bottle. Love it!
Zoya had a busy couple of weeks. They were running a promotion with Pinterest where you pinned your 3 favorites from the Summer 2012 Beach and Surf collection. I pinned the shit out of Reagan, Wednesday, and Kimber. The only one I wanted that got in the trio was Kimber, yea, πŸŽ‰
So, after, I don’t know how many days of people pinning their favorites, the votes were tallied and the top 3 pinned were Kimber, Zuza and Myrt.

20120620-165357.jpgTomake this an even more awesome promo, Zoya gave away, for free, a set of the Pinterest Trio to the first 2000 to go on their website and use the code ZPin3. I was lucky and received mine for free, plus shipping, so not really free. But, I live in Idaho, I’m used to paying for shipping. But wait, there’s more, because only 2000 lucky ducks πŸŽ‰ got the trio free Zoya added 1 point to everyone’s account. This point allowed you to pick any 3 of the Beach and Surf collection for $15 FREE SHIPPING. Now that’s a deal I can get behind, so of course I did. I ordered Lara, Reagan and Carly. I don’t know why I didn’t order me a Wednesday?

Is this the end of the bargains? No!. There’s more. I had enough points in my account that I could order 3 and get 3. So, of course I took full advantage and ordered Jo, Neeka, Fergie, Kelly, Charisma, and Audrina. I am in the process of swapping with my friend Nicky from Ireland. She cannot get Zoya polishes over there. She asked me for Jo, Neeka , Charisma and Fergie.

I want to say Thank You to Zoya for having such a fun promo. It was fun to participate in the pinning and it was fun to be one of the lucky 2000 to get the trio for free. Now I have some little minis to send to my friend Nic.

20120620-170333.jpgThat’sa lot of Zoya, for not very much money. The total amount of money I shelled out, works out to just over $4 per bottle. Usually I pay $8 for Zoya, so yes this was one promo worth partaking in!
I’ve posted on here before about the “Share the Love” program from Zoya. It really is worth it to be a part of it. It is because I have an account already in place with Zoya that I was able to take advantage of these deals. Zoya still has the “Share the Love” promo going. If you do not have an account with Zoya click here and make an account. All they ask for is your name and email and you put in a password. That’s it. No address, no bank info.
The best part, is they will instantly add to your newly made account a coupon for 1 bottle of polish FREE. That’s right, just by signing up, you will get a free bottle of polish. Of course now there is a shipping issue, BUT if you add 3 more bottles to your order, it will ship for free.
The last couple days, at my house has been all about the Zoya. It is a good polish and I love the colors I got. You all know I have Drew, the polish & my son and I have an Ashley. Now if Zoya would only make a Jilly or a Betty, I would be a happy camper!πŸ’—

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