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Now that summer is over and we are all looking forward to fall, I have been reflecting on my favorite Summer 2014 polishes. As you all know I decided blue would be my ‘signature’ color for the summer. For the most part, I wore a lot of blue.

Azure from CHANEL is one of my favorites because my handsome son bought this for me as a Mother’s Day -slash-Birthday present. (All you Mothers with middle of the month May birthdays know what I’m talking about. May is a great month for birthdays but we get short changed with the whole Mother’s Day thing at the same time. Really I’m not complaining.).

Resurrection from Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (CSM) has been another favorite this summer.

It became a staple used with Grey by Grey from Sally Hansen CSM in my half and half manicures you all know I like to wear. More times than not, I will have on a half and half manicure.





Whether it’s Barry M Blue Moon, or CHANEL Sky Line, and all the blues between its impossible to pick a favorite.
Maybe because of my fair skin which is definetly pink toned and my blue eyes I cannot pass up a great blue nail polish from any shade or any brand.

With all that said I think this fall my ‘signature’ look will be

Pink leaning toward red. That’s what mood I’m in for today anyway!
What color are you in the mood for?

πŸ’…As always, thanks for stopping by!

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Blueberry was the pick for week 16 of the Nail Polish Lottery Club. (for those of you who don’t know about the #NPLClub go to Facebook and search Nail Polish Lottery Club, all the details are there).

As you all know I seriously L-O-V-E Barry M, I think it is one of the best brands of nail polish I have tried. And I’ve tried a lot! I only wish it was available here. I wore this Blueberry Gelly for about 5 days, I know! A long time for me, but even when I removed it, it still looked freshly done. There was hardly any tip wear, certainly no chips and the shine was still shiny. The formula was smooth, easy to apply and I could have easily got by with 1 coat, but I did apply 2 coats along with SV top coat.

I can’t think of a Barry M polish that has disappointed me, and this Gelly Blueberry was no exception. I paint my nails usually out of boredom, or for a blog post, or just wanting to try something new, but if I was working and didn’t have so much free time, Barry M would be the polish I would wear more often. I definitely give this 5/5 stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I want to thank my friends in the UK, Nicky and Diana, who have sent me so much Barry M, I feel very lucky not only for the great polish but for the friendship of both these beauties. Speaking of beautiful women, Happy Birthday to the Beautiful Lori!! You make 40 look good! πŸ˜‰ I hope you have a great day!!!
As a side note, the Royal Mail has really cracked down on the mailing of nail polish from the UK. My friend had a package returned to her without the nail polish she had mailed and a letter warning of the dangers of mailing nail polish. I’ve read on some nail boards that people have ordered from Illamasqua and never received the polish but instead received a letter from the Royal Mail telling them the NP had been destroyed. Keeping all this in mind, you can order from the Barry M website and they will ship to the US. I ordered 6 nail polishes and the total, including shipping was $58. That is less than $10 a bottle, I received my package in 4 days, so I was very happy. The shipping is a flat rate of Β£20, so if you and a friend placed an order you could bring the priced per bottle down. You can also order Barry M from Ninja Polish. Their prices are from $6.50 to $10 per bottle. I did a “fake” order of 6 bottles and it was right around $50 so they aren’t that much cheaper than going through the Barry M site. The Ninja site also carries Model’s Own, A England and a lot of Indy brands so it is worth taking a look at if you are interested in polish from the UK.

Ashley just had her hair done and didn’t like it, I think she looks adorable, even with that puss of a face on!. Sorry Ash, you know I love you more than my luggage!

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

I love the Barry M nail polish! The only problem is, it’s only available in the UK. 😑

This is Bright Purple from Barry M. This color is right on for this fall’s trend of the dark maroon, gem colors. There is something about this polish, when you wear it, your nails “feel” like they are stronger, harder and more flexible, all at the same time.

This is Bright Pink from Barry M.

This is Turquoise.

My new favorite blue, Denim. This picture is with a topcoat, but it does dry matte and next time I wear it, I am not going to apply the topcoat because it is very cool with the matte finish.

This is Vivid Purple. This is a gorgeous purple, that wears like iron!

This is Grey.

This is Mushroom, and Grey. The Grey looks blue in some lighting.

These are all my Barry M polishes. These have been sent to me by my friends in the UK, Nicky and Diana. We will do ‘swaps’. A swap is where I will send them things from the US that they cannot get, and in turn they send me Barry M! And of course other items, my favorite blush is from the UK, and my favorite eyeshadow palettes are from the UK. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
I feel so fortunate for my friends across the pond, and I feel very fortunate to have these great polishes in my collection.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

I received the nicest package from my friend Nicky. Nicky is this beautiful young girl who lives in Ireland and loves nail polish almost as much as I do. I think this is our second or third swap package we have done together. I have had so many questions about swaps, how to do them, who to do them with, etc… I will answer those questions at the end of this post.
I want to show you what a great friend Nicky is, she knows just what I like

20120708-224610.jpgnail polish and lots of it!. She sent me 7 Catrice polishes in Dirty Berry, Aretha R-E-S-P-I-N-K, Bora Cara Ciao, London Weather Forecast, Pimp my Shrimp, Heavenly Metallic, Sold Out Forever. She sent me an Essence in Viva LE Green, 2 of the Barry M Chameleon in Chameleon Blue and Chameleon Pink, a bright neon purple from Pop Glam, 3 Gosh polishes in Flamingo, Lilac and Miss Mole. The most interesting things she sent were these duo ‘pens’ from Essence. They are small polishes one on each end. You can use them separately or they really come to life when you use one as a topcoat and they sparkle. Reminds me of the Max Factor Fantasy Fire.


20120708-225748.jpgSo very interesting.
I know Revlon is selling a duo, but they aren’t anything like these.


20120708-230027.jpgThese are the Revlon ‘duos’, they are basically 2 cream colors to create different French manicures with. When really, you probably already own a violet and lime green polish, or a tan and blue polish. The Essence Colour 3 are awesome and I can’t wait to play with them to see what I come up with.
The other thing Nicky sent me was a face contour compact from Sleek. You can see it in the first picture. It is a compact for contouring and highlighting. And I love it. I first saw this compact when Nicky had sent one to the beautiful Lori when they did a swap together. Thank you so much Nicky for getting this for me. I asked Nicky if she could get me a small purse or wallet. I wanted one that was decorated in the English flag or in honor of the Jubilee. I’d read on a blog that they were pretty much everywhere and not very much money. I think Nicky went above and beyond because she sent me the most beautiful little purses. They are too pretty to use.

20120708-231146.jpgThe top one is definitely too pretty to use./strong>. Even though the bottom one is so, so pretty I do want to use it. I will put my cash, debit card and other important papers in there and that will be my wallet so if I run into the grocery store I can grab that and go. It’s just so darn pretty, I really hate doing that, but because I love it I will use, and be very, very careful with it. πŸ€
Thank you so much Nicky! You are truly a beautiful girl, both on the inside and out! You are very, very sweet and I know this year will bring many blessings to you!

Yes, I can finally say I have a real bona-fide nail polish collection. I am so proud of myself. It has taken a lot of work, but the fun kind of work you like to do when organizing something you love. And I love my nail polishes. Okay, there I said it. I love my nail polishes. Not so much that I want to marry them, but I do love them. I love to look at them. I love to re-arrange them. I love to swatch them onto nail wheels, and then do it all over again but this time let’s do it by colors. As you all know, or should know, I recently found this odd little cabinet at a yard sale $2, and it was mine. This is what it looked like when I brought it home.

20120706-232700.jpgI knew with a minimum amount of work I could have it looking like this in no time.

20120706-232909.jpgI was right, wasn’t I? . It’s a thing of beauty! I see all these other nail polish storage units that people are buying on e-bay for $40-90 and I think my $2 cabinet beats theirs all to heck and back. (sorry to those of you that bought the pretty ones from e-bay, if you love it, that’s all that matters).
The other thing I’ve been doing and I haven’t told you about yet, is, I’ve been buying up old spice racks at yard sales and then spray painting them a cream color. So far I have 2 and they work so well for nail polish. Before I found my beautiful cabinet, the plan was to find enough spice racks, spray paint them and then hang them on the wall. I will continue to buy old spice racks because I think it’s a great idea and I may sell them with my polish, if I can ever get my on- line store up and running. I’m going to show a picture of what I mean

20120706-233705.jpgthis is in my bedroom where all my polish now lives. . No, your eyes aren’t bleeding,that is just the terrible color pink I have on my walls and have not got around to re-painting that room. All the other rooms have been re done but why is my bedroom always the last to get done? Anyway, as you can see, along with the cabinet I have the 2 spice racks, I’m sure I’ll add a few more here and there, but for the most part I am done organizing my polish and the best part is I have my dining room back! Remember what it looked like before?


20120706-234121.jpgthis is my dining room today. Not a nail polish in sight and I love it that way. I love having my corner china cupboard back for china and some of the chatchkees I found for Jilly but she hasn’t seen them yet. The other thing that is good about my polish collection being housed in my bedroom, is that is the room with the least amount of light, and we all know that light is not friends with your nail polish. Not for the long haul anyway.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember to keep calm and paint your nails. πŸ’…

Does it ever end? Soon, I promise. I am working through these as fast as I can. As I do each brand and make the video, then write about it, I then put it away in my new cabinet I found to keep my polish in. I’m excited because the cabinet is filling up and my dining room cupboard is becoming cleaner and looks more like a china cupboard than a nail polish store.
#7 does have some great polishes including my all time favorite CHANEL. CHANEL Black Pearl is probably my favorite number 1 polish of all time. I think it is so interesting the way it can look gray one minute, then green, then black. Awesome! 😍

Of course the next favorite of all time is CHANEL May. May is my birthday and May is pink. Doesn’t get any better than that, as far as I’m concerned.

20120619-101736.jpg May is one of those colors that while driving all I want to look at is my nails.πŸš— probably not a good idea.

For my long time readers, you will know that I ‘used’ to hate the color red for nails. Couldn’t stand it. What was I thinking? Take a look at these gorgeous nails and you will wonder the same thing.

20120619-102127.jpgthis Russian Red from MAC along with Rosa Rosa by EstΓ©e Lauder.

#7 is full of old favorites but also some new favorites, as well. Including this beautiful little number from Wet n Wild called Lavender Cream

#7 just may be my new lucky number.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and for hanging in there with me. As I said, we’re almost to the end! Ha! Always remember to Keep Calm and Paint your Nails.πŸ’…


Part 6 of my never-ending nail polish collection is mostly polish that has been sent to me by friends, either for my birthday, or in a swap. These are mostly found only in the UK, so I won’t talk about them too much.

My other favorite from this group is the Gosh Purple Heart. I love the way it changes colors with the light, but you all know that is always my favorite! Gosh, unfortunately is only available in the UK. I did hear a report that Walgreen’s is purchasing the UK chain called BOOTS and that some of the new super Walgreen stores will have Gosh polish. So if you are near one of the new super Walgreens, look for the Gosh polish, also Barry M, you won’t be disappointed.

This polish from Catrice called Browno Mars is also a favorite. I think as the summer goes on and I get more color, this will be even prettier. This was sent to me by my friend Nicky, who lives in Ireland. πŸ€
Most of these polishes are my favorite, not because they are my favorite brand, or color but because they were sent to me by friends. That means the most to me. Thanks to my friends who have sent me polish and thanks to my friends that will do swaps with me. I love getting the polish from other countries that we can’t get here. That is a lot of fun.

Thanks for stopping by. 😘

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