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I don’t exactly have a holiday posting put together but I thought you might like to see some of my favorites for 2014.
(Please note: Some if these May have been sent as a PR sample but not all. Either way, all opinions are my own.


CHANEL May will always be my first pick and of course Black Pearl runs a close second.



Raisin Rage has always been a favorite, this color may seem like a plain maroon but it has so much more going for it, an interesting color. It is an exact dupe to CHANEL June from their Spring line a couple of years ago.
Naughty is an old favorite for many years and for many of you. This was first released by Revlon as Perplexed but was re-promoted as Naughty. This is also an exact dupe for CHANEL Paradoxial.


Take the A Train from Deborah Lippmann’s new Fall 2014 the New York Marquee collection has a luxe chrome finish that is brilliant. I love a metallic finish on nail polish but most metallic polishes are like trying to paint gum onto your nails, but not with this new new collection from Deborah Lippmann. The formula is easy to apply, dries fast and smooth leaving you with stunning nails. Deborah Lippmann calls this the “luxe chrome” finish. A perfect name for it.


Artful Dodger is one of my favorite blue with a hint if green. So much fun to wear any time of year.

Primrose Picnic is another from Butter LONDON that I adore. It is a pretty pink,very bright and cheerful.


The Miracle Gel System. This works so easy, no light to mess with and the results are outstanding. My only complaint and this is just me, I live in such a small town I cannot get enough of these. I have around 400 bottles of polish and I would trade most of them to use only the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel System.. Please try this if you can find it. I feel very confident you would like this system.


Drew of course is my favorite Zoya. As is Drew my favorite son:

And also from Zoya, equally favorite is Ashley, my girl.

(Don’t you just love that smile of Ashley’s ?). I do, and I miss it so very badly, every single day.

A personal note: I have not been posting much lately due to some personal issues. As most of you know my Mom passed away about 18 months ago and recently my Dad passed away. It is an adjustment that gets easier every day. I want to thank all of you who sent cards and emails, they mean a lot during these times that we all have to go through.
One of my “internet friends” (we play scrabble and Words with Friends) has been such a help with her words of wisdom and to pull me out of my funk by making me realize I’m not the only one to lose loved ones. Silly as it sounds those words have made me pick myself up and stop feeling sorry for myself and ready to move forward. So enough of that! I’m back. Thank you for your support and I look forward to an awesome 2015, how about you?

I couldn’t complete a “favorites posting” without including my still all time favorite:

Of course this is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (CSM) in the color Commander in Chic. Yes, after all this time, I’m still in love with the Commander! πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

Butter LONDON Molly-coddled and Fruit Machine my current manicure, in my half and half I like to do. I think these colors go well together and it keeps me from getting bored so quickly with a manicure. But this collection of polish is not a new collection or anything you haven’t seen before, even on this blog. One of the reasons I made Butter London June Polish of the Month is because of this:

The Leaping Bunny Logo is on every bottle of butter LONDON products. The Leaping Logo is from the CCICC, which is international organization made up of several organizations. In part; the Doris Day Foundation for Animals, the US Humane Society, the Canada Humane Society and several more, all with one goal: to stop the Mis-use of animals for the testing of cosmetic or personal care items, including cleaning products..

I am just like the rest of you in that I do not want any animal, in any country, to be Mis-used for the purpose of testing a product, any product. I do not trust the pink bunny logo as I saw it on a product that was Made In China. And we all know what that means. I do not trust the PETA list, again because they have included companies such as Wet n Wild on their list of compliant companies. WnW is made in China. NYX products are made in Taiwan. Do you know where Taiwan is located? China.. Yet, of the few NYX products I own, they have a bunny logo. ???

Trying to find out which companies are cruelty free is like trying to swim in a pool of caramel. There is so much conflicting information out there, I myself have chosen to believe in the Leaping Bunny organization. Not only do they investigate the companies for animal testing but they also investigate their suppliers. EstΓ©e Lauder, Lancomme, and even my beloved CHANEL have all made statements that they do no animal testing, on their final products.. And I believe that, but I want to know about the suppliers of the ingredients and that is where the Leaping Bunny organization comes in. I will look for the Leaping Bunny logo on all the products before I purchase. That doesn’t mean I may purchase a product without the logo.

The more research I do, the thicker the caramel gets. I know this is a hot button for a lot of people and many of you may disagree with me, and that’s okay, after all we live in America, not China. Thankfully. So, please let me know your thoughts on this subject.

FYI: so far I have founding the Leaping Bunny logo on butter London, Nubar and Orly nail polish. As I find more with the Leaping Bunny, I will let you know.

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by.

** UPDate**. I forgot to mention that in the 70’s I lived in Seattle. One of my closest friends to this day was studying at the University of Washington as a Researcher. She looks for cures for cancers and other terrible diseases. They do use mice in a lot of their testing. I can tell you those mice are treated very well, she worked 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to care for those mice. I asked her about the rumor of nail polish companies painting the eyeballs of bunnies with polish and she that was completely false. She also said when she uses animals, like mice and bunnies, she tests their tissue. It would be like us having a biopsy to test our tissue for a disease.
I have not asked her permission to use her name, but she did tell me there are Mis-treatment of animals for testing of all kinds of products from cosmetics, cleaning to all kinds of personal care items, but she said she has not seen it at the University of Washington. And she does not believe it happens in our country. She would tell me if it was happening, she is an awesome doctor, dedicated to making cancer a thing of the past. That’s all, I just wanted to add this.

This week for me has been about finding a J-O-B. that got me thinking about appropriate nail polish choices for jobs.

A job interview for me would be an ultra professional setting, and for those types of interviews I would go with one of my old stand bys: butter LONDON Yummy Mummy. This a great nude on me and gives the mannequin hand look. It also makes my nails look to be well groomed.

Another great choice for a professional setting would be Jana from Zoya. I think Jana is very close to SH CinC and is one of those gray/beige colors that certainly would not be offensive or even distracting during an interview.

Depending on what you were wearing CHANEL Skyline could be a great nude. I think the focus of an interview for a professional job would be the fact that you are put together from your wardrobe, make up and nail color choices.

Now, I’m going on a limb here, but I can see an exquisite black, fitted suit, great toned down make up, and with just a pop of color on your nails tells the interviewers that you have confidence. If you are just starting out in the business world I would not suggest this red but if you are an established professional I think this CHANEL Dragon conveys the message of confidence like nothing else can. Of course, I would never wear this in an initial interview. I would break out Dragon on the 2nd or 3rd interview. And happily so!

Again, depending on what you are wearing and the position you are interviewing for, I likeZoya Drew as a conservative, rosy colored polish with a bit of shimmer but not enough to take away from your entire look.

A few of the things I take into consideration before choosing my polish for an interview is: What I will be wearing.. A dark suit can be perfect with the nude Yummy Mummy and that would my first choice. Especially if this a first interview.
#2 to consider is the type of work you are applying for. For me that is an accounting position, usually with larger companies. Again, the dark, fitted perfectly suit with Yummy Mummy is perfect but then when called for the 2nd interview, which is very common for my “job types” I would probably wear a linen suit, again fitted perfectly and with this linen suit I might choose CHANEL Skyline, Zoya Drew, or even Jana from Zoya.. This 2nd interview might also be the time to break out the CHANEL Dragon red. It just depends.
#3 item to consider on all interviews is to know your audience. I applied for a job as an office manager for our county fair board. I was interviewed by the county fair board of 12 people, mostly farmers and people in the agriculture community. I was entirely over-dressed for that interview. The girl who went in behind me was dressed in jeans, she got the job.
#4 don’t be afraid to be yourself. I would never go to a job interview with no nail polish. I’m going to wear my nail polish so I don’t want them to have expectations that I wouldn’t. Does that make sense?
#5 I always cut my nails down to ‘nubs’ before a serious interview. A serious interview, and for a job I really want.

Naked from Deborahh Lippmann is another great choice for a nude “interview type polish”. Naked and Yummy Mummy are my go to interview polishes.

There are lots of choices for nude nail polish but for me ultimately it is butter LONDON Yummy Mummy.

Wish me luck in my hunt for a job. It is going to take some time and be full of rejections. I realize at my age and experience level I have “priced myself out of the market” but I think I have a plan to overcome those issues. I will, of course, keep you posted in my hunt and how it ends up. With a great J-O-B!! I hope I have helped someone in their choice of polish for a job interview, and I hope anyone out there looking for a job nothing but great success !

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by.

Some of you may have noticed the Blogger’s Secret Santa icon on my blog page. I signed up to be a part of this years Secret Santa. It was for bloggers only and the idea was to send something nice to your chosen person for around Β£10 or $16. It was cheap and cheerful, just like me and I enjoyed being a part of. The Secret Santa was hosted by Erin at 365 make up, a big Thank You to Erin.

πŸš‘ When my mailman first showed up today, the only thing she brought was a jury summons. Every January for the past 6 years I get picked? I have a theory about that, but I won’t go into here. A few minutes later she came back with a package. It had a customs form on it. I’ve been expecting a package from my friend Diana, who lives in London. But to my surprise, it was from my Secret Santa.


I am so excited by the presents my Secret Santa sent! She sent me a bottle of butter London Brummie, vibrant purple. Looks similar to Play Date from Essie, but richer, deeper purple. I don’t have anything like this color!


Gosh!. I love this brand, I have a couple of bottles, but nothing like these colors. They are gorgeous colors and I can’t wait to wear. I don’t know which one I’ll try first. I may have to do one of my half & half manis for these. On the left is the color Drizzle and on the right, Fossil Grey. I don’t have anything like these. Drizzle is a muted green, OPI Thanks a Windmillion, from their Holland collection is similar. The Gosh polish has a bit of a darker vein running through it. I hope you can see in the photo.

I just painted my nails with EstΓ©e Lauder Black Sapphire, but I’m going to paint them with one, or both of the Gosh.

She also sent a nice size tube of spa H2O hand and nail cream. I put some on and it smells great. The formula sinks right in and left my hands feeling soft. I have been shaking and squeezing in my tube of Barrielle hand and nail cream, so this was perfect timing!

πŸ‘Ό I want to give a big Thank You to Shayna at ThePolishJinx for sending my Secret Santa presents. You did good! πŸ’… 😍 πŸ’“ πŸŽ„ β›„
I don’t know if I’m allowed to reveal who my person I sent presents for, so I will hold off until further notice. It wasn’t Shayna, I know she’s waiting for her package. It will be fun to see everyone’s posts about this years Blogger’s Secret Santa!

Did you participate in a Secret Santa this year? I think they are always F-U-N!!

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by.

I forgot to mention these nail prints in a pretty, festive gold foil. These will be great for New Year’s Eve. I will have fun playing with these, because I’ve never tried these before. And they are pretty! πŸ™‚

This #3 of 5 Holiday Manicures


Orly Buried Treasure with butter London Scallywag accent
I love this combination of gold with the blue sparkle of butter London Scallywag as an accent. I think this would be really pretty with a white frosty nail also.

Scallywag and China Glaze Water You Waiting For are very similar. BL is more sparkle -y and seems to be a lot brighter than WYWF. WYWF is in a dark blue base with blue, turquoise and purple micro glitter. The BL is a lighter base with blue, turquoise, purple and clear micro glitter. I do prefer the butter London Scallywag because it is so much brighter. (Scallywag was sent to me by a PR firm for my review).

Scallywag is on the left, WYWF is on the right, one coat of each. I hope the picture shows the difference in the bases used and the difference in the micro glitter. The China Glaze WYWF is a gorgeous blue micro glitter from their Cirque du Soleil collection just released. Scallywag from butter London is part of their Holiday 2012 collection. Butter London glitter polish seem to go on like regular polish, whereas the CG polish, I needed to ‘dab’ the glitter in place. Another reason I prefer the BL over the CG. Both are gorgeous blue micro glitter and who doesn’t love a bit of bright blue sparkle? Holiday time or not?

πŸŽ„As always, thanks for stopping by. #4 Holiday Manicure coming soon!

What are wearing for your celebration this year?
Tell me in the comments below.


I often get asked what is the best brand of nail polish. Because of that, I have been working all summer on comparing different brands of nail polish. I compared over 3⃣0⃣brands of nail polish, all available in the US. Meaning this comparison of brands does not include any Barry M or other brands only available in the UK. I scored the different brands using these 5 items of criteria: brush/bottle, formula, price, dry time, and wear. These are the items that are important to me in a nail polish. When I was finished there were 3 brands that had all 5/5 stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
This is the complete list of polish I compared in this “study”. These are in alphabetical order

#9Butter London. 4/5. $35.00/oz
CND. 3/5. 31.40/ oz
CHANEL. 3/5. 65.00oz
China Glaze. 3.5/5. 16.00/oz
Ciate. 3/5. 19.86/oz
Color Club. 3/5. 11.66/oz
#10D Lippmann. 4/5. 36.00/oz
EstΓ©e Lauder. 3/5. 41.85/oz
Essence. 3/5. 7.40/oz
Essie. 3/5. 17.39/oz
Illamasqua. 3/5. 32.00/oz
Julep. 2/5. 51.85/oz
#5-L’Oreal. 4/5. 15.38/oz
MAC. 3/5. 36.00/oz
Maybelline. 3/5. 26.08/oz
Megan Miller. 3/5. 28.00/oz
Nails, Inc. 3/5. 21.53/oz
Nars. 3/5. 32.00/oz
Nubar. 3/5. 14.00/oz
#8-OPI. 4/5. 18.00/oz
Orly. 3/5. 16.00/oz
#4-Revlon. 4/5. 13.98/oz
#2SH CSM. 5/5. 14.98/oz
SH Extreme. 3/5. 7.50/oz
SH Lustre Shine. 3/5. 21.18/oz
SH Nail Prism. 3/5. 23.30/oz
SH Magnetic. 3/5. 30.00/oz
Sinful Colors. 2/5. 4.00/oz
The New Black. 3/5. 44.00/oz
#3- Venique 5/5. 14.00/oz
WnW Fast Dry. 2/5. 3.33/oz
WnW Mega Last .5/5. 6.66/oz
#7-WnW Wild Shine 3/5 2.32/oz
#6 Zoya. 4/5. 16.00/oz

πŸ’…3⃣4⃣TOTAL BRANDS TESTED over a 5 month period from May thru September.

πŸ’…US Brands NOT tested: Dior, Rimmell, NyC, Julie G, YSL, LE Mer Beaute, Elf, Pure Ice, Barielle, Nailtique, Sephora by OPI, Nicole by OPI , the Balm, Milani, Lancomme, Laura Mercier, Guerlain, Piggy Polish,

The PR firm for butter London was kind enough to send me some samples of the upcoming A/W2012 collection. This first photo is of Tea with the Queen. They also sent along a Lippy that matches. You know how I love to match my lips to my tips, πŸ’—I was so happy to have the Lippy included. This is a cream colored, cream finish dream. The formula is perfect, goes on smooth, no streaks, drys relatively fast and looks great this time of year and going forward into fall. What? Mannequin hands? Not with this color. This would be the perfect color to wear every day to work, if your work had a dress code about that sort of thing. This would be a perfect polish to wear to a job interview, weddings, funerals, teacher’s meetings, those types of events. Pardon the pun, but with this polish, you would be very polished in your appearance.πŸ‘

This next polish is called Trustafarian. The above picture is with one coat.

As you can see with two coats, the coverage is opaque, no VNL in sight. I would consider this a mint green with very fine micro silver sparkles. This is not a glitter polish, yet when the sun hits it, it sparkles. Very pretty. Be careful while driving because this is a polish you have a hard time taking your eyes off. It looks almost as if there is a layer of fine, sparkle-y sand encased on your nail. I don’t know how else to describe it. For those of you who own All Hail the Queen from butter London, it is that same effect. It has the effect of a glitter polish, but without the glitter. Just gorgeous.

I tried to capture the sparkle-y quality but you all know my only camera is my iPad so I got the best I could. I think this is another one of those neutral colors that are great for this time of year and moving forward into the fall. πŸ‘

β˜€this is my favorite from the collection, this is called Queen Vic. It is a deep, rich burgundy, leaning a little towards the eggplant side, with a cream finish. A very rich, warm color. Again a great color for now and for moving forward into fall. Released with this collection is a gorgeous glitter called Lovely Jubbly. This is a clear base polish with very fine micro glitters of pink, gold, silver, blue, turquoise, a few black, and some copper. The result is a stunning glitter to look at. This would be awesome as an accent to Queen Vic, across the top of the tips, on the bottom, say in a half moon on one or all of your fingers. It would also look great with just one nail painted with Lovely Jubbly.



Again, so hard to capture with my camera, or non-camera I should say, but it is another one you need to be careful while driving because you can’t take yur eyes off your nails with Lovely Jubbly painted on them!
Queen Vic also has a Lippy, for when you’re in the mood to match your lips to your tips.
This is Queen Vic Lippy swatched. It matches with the polish perfectly. πŸ’‹

Trend Alert~ In the last couple of weeks it seems like everyone has fall on their minds. I know I do, just for some relief to this heat, but most of you have little ones going back to school, some of you are starting school, fall is a busy time of year. One thing I’ve noticed, as far as nail polish is concerned, is there will be a lot of nude, cream colors coming out along with deep, vibrant colors. I think butter London is spot on with this collection. I think there is a good balance of neutrals with Tea With the Quuen & Trustafarian and they have certainly hit the nail on the head with this beautiful rich Queen Vic and of course the Lovely Jubbly will works as an accent or can be worn as a full on manicure.
My Two cents worth: I know there has been a lot of talk about colors to wear for fall, but my feeling is, if you like the color and you want to wear it, then wear it. It doesn’t matter the time of year, if it makes you happy, then I say go for it. That will be 2cents please! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

πŸ‚In Case You were wondering…. I was very fortunate to have these items sent me by a PR firm. I am very grateful for them thinking of and including me in their samples to review program. I have not been paid to write this blog post about butter London, I was not instructed to give a glowing review. The box literally contains the product and nothing else. But, as always, if you do have any questions, please feel free to ask. You know I always will give you an honest answer.πŸ‚πŸƒ

Without further adieu, I give butterLondon 🌟🌟🌟🌟 out of 5. I love the formula, it is smooth doesn’t pool or streak, coverage is great, usually opaque with one coat but sometimes two, the packaging is cute, the names are cute. The only downside for me is availability and price. They are a little spendy at $14 a bottle and the Lippys are $18. Where I live I have to either order on-line, which I don’t anymore or travel out of town. Those things aside, it is a great polish and I am so pleased to add these to my collection. If you have any questions, please let me know.

πŸ’…Thanks so much for stopping by. See you tomorrow. πŸ’—


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