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Because Catrice is a nail polish brand not readily available in our country, I almost decided against making it the Polish of the Month. But, it is a great polish, an innovative brand, and I did find a reliable outlet to purchase Catrice.

Dulce & Havana from Catrice is a straight up brown, cream finish, no shimmer, no sparkle, no glitter. It is the color of a chocolate candy bar. The formula on this one was a bit thick and I most definetly should have stopped with 1 coat. Catrice will tell you in the bottle if more than 1 coat is needed, just one of the things I like about this brand.

The brushes are another thing I like about this brand. It is a flat wide brush. Not as wide as the Sally Hansen CSM or the Wet n Wild Mega Last brushes. I like a flatter, wider brush, the Sally Hansen CSM is my favorite brush. So this one was nice to use. The brush picks up just the right amount of polish for a smooth easy application.
I wore this color for a couple of days and no sign of tip wear, and certainly no chips showed up. Even with this dark of a color.

I have quite a few Catrice nail polishes by the kindness of my friends, one who lives in Germany and one who lives in Ireland. Catrice is a drugstore brand. They come in a full range of colors, all with cheeky names. I checked all my usual outlets to purchase and only Ninja.com have these available. I haven’t bought anything from this website but I know a few people who have and they have been very happy with the service. The price for Catrice is $10. Catrice have a bunch of new colors and they have a new formula called “shine booster technology”. I’m guessing it makes the polish more shiny?

FINAL THOUGHTS: Even though I haven’t tried the new formula or the website I have no doubt you will love this polish. It is very much worth the $10. I am looking forward to showing you more Catrice brand this month.

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

As most of you know my Mom is in the hospital, on a respirator, and we are taking each day as it comes. She is so little and frail but yet she is the strongest woman I’ve ever known. She has been through so many surgeries and health scares but she always pulls out of them, and hopefully this won’t be any different.
As she is mostly on my mind I thought I’d show you some of her favorite manicures I did on her. She has very poor eyesight so she really loved the brighter colors.

Catrice Heavy Metallilac. This is one of mom’s favorites because of the bright purple. She likes the way it shimmers and has a duo-chrome to it. Catrice is a polish made in Luxemburg so it is not readily available here. Deborah Lippmann’s Private Dancer is close to Heavy Metallilac but just not as bright.
My mom has really teeny, tiny nails but they grow so fast so I would give her a manicure about once every 10 days. This polish held up well on her for the 10 days. This is one of the few polishes she wanted back to back.

Heavy Metallilac from Catrice is a deep purple with a golden shimmer and a greenish duo-chrome. It’s a bright polish even with so much going on. I’ve had it on a couple of days and there is no sign of tip wear or chipping.
It has been so humid here that it has been hard to get my polish to dry without messing it up. So I won’t be changing the color so often.

This is a picture of a pretty deer. She looks like she has had her baby for the year, she was coming up from the river. In the background is the blue interstate bridge, between Washington and Idaho. She is on the Washington side.

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

Mint Me Up by Catrice
For Week 25 of the Nail Polish Lottery Club the random number drawn was 364. I used the number 13, an alternate number. That’s what gave me this Catrice: Mint Me Up. This was sent sent to me by a friend who lives in Germany. I’d been dying to try and there it was #13 on my list of un-trieds.
Mint Me Up is a very soft blue mint color with a golden shimmer/sheen. It seems to have copper pieces of glitter and also some silver pieces of micro glitter. For me Catrice polishes have always been a one coat polish and this one was no exception. They come in bottles of .33ounce, which I think is a perfect size, the brush is smaller a bit pudgier and flatter than most, but I like the brush a lot. I like this polish a lot and wore for a few days. Carla, my friend that sent this to me said in Germany this was supposed to be like butter London’s Two Fingered Salute, which it is nothing like. BL is more green and the copper shimmer is much larger, Mint Me Up is more of a blue green with copper and silver micro glitter.

Mint Me Up is a pretty color for this time of year. I got lots of nice compliments on it and enjoyed wearing it. I was so happy to see this on line 13 for Week 25 of the Nail Polish Lottery Club. I have a few Catrice polish as they are made in Luxembourg. I don’t know where they would be available here except maybe Amazon or Ninja polish. I’ve ordered from Amazon before with no problems but I’ve never ordered from Ninja Polish but I know a lot of people who have and recommend it.
If you have a chance to buy a Catrice polish, I would recommend you do. The few I have are great. The formula is smooth, generally covers with 1coat, dries fast and wears well. I give Mint Me Up 5/5 stars.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 and thanks again to my friend for sending to me.

On a personal note, my Dad’s birthday was June 25th. On June 23rd he had another heart attack, they added 4 more stints to his heart, he was in ICU for 2 days. He was released the 25th and my Mom was admitted with a blockage. The Doctor said he had to operate so they operated and then her lungs filled with fluid and she is on a respirator. My sister called me at 3AM to tell me this, the,day before I start my new job. She was in Washington, DC when they called her. So I went to the hospital and poor MoM, she only weighs about 80 pounds to begin with, she looked pretty frail. But we have been through this before and we will get through this one, it was touch and go, minute by minute all week but I think she is out of the woods now. I’m headed over there to read with her, she can’t talk but I know she likes having me there. I am off work today so it will be a good day. It has really warmed up here and Betty has parked herself in front of the fan, smart girl!
I hope you all have a great week!

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

For those of you new to my blog, first of all Welcome and secondly, this is a series I do every Sunday where I use a polish from my collection I haven’t worn before. My friend Diana came up with the brilliant idea to pick the polish for the Sunday manicure of un-trieds by lottery. Every Monday Diana will go to random.org to generate a random number. This is the number all of us participating will use for that week. This weeks number was 187.

Catrice London’s Weather Forecast. This was number 16 on my list of un-tried polish. This weeks number was 187, since I don’t have 187 I added 1+8+7=16 and Catrice’s London’s Weather Forecast was the winner. I love this polish. I love the cream finish, completely opaque in 2 coats, no sign of the dreaded VNL (visible nail line). And I think the color is great. It goes well with my skin. It is most definetly gray but in some lights it can look blue.

Catrice is a German company and their polish is made in Hamburg, it is available in the UK, I believe it is a drug store polish priced at €5.99? I know it is more money than the Barry M polish but it is still an affordable nail polish. They have a great range of colors and they have some of the cutest names I’ve seen on polishes. I have several Catrice polish through the kindness of my friends who live in the UK and I am very grateful for all the ones I have. Thanks to Nicky and Diana I have this one, along with Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans, Dirty Berry, Welcome to Roosywood, How I Matt your Mother and the list goes on.
I have had this polish on for 3 days now. I used my normal base coat of Nail Envy by OPI, 2 coats of the polish and a top coat of butter LONDON Hardware. I do not even see any visible signs of tip wear. Which usually after a day or so that happens but not with this polish. If Catrice is a polish available in a store near you, you are a lucky duck, and I would highly recommend you picking up a bottle to try. I don’t think you would be disappointed.

If you would like to join in on the fun check out the guidelines for the Nail Polis Lottery Club here.
Diana also made a Facebook page that has had a lot of interest, it has been fun seeing everyone’s post in one place, please go there and like us, if you want! You can find our Facebook page here

This has been a lot of fun, I enjoy seeing what everyone’s results are and I also enjoy hearing about everyone’s numbers of un-trieds. I’ve heard everything from zero (really? Zero?) to I believe 193 is the highest we have in the club. if you would lie to participate, it is so simple, the first thing you need to Odis make a numbered list of your un- tried polish. The list can be organized however you want. I did mine by company, alphabetically, but like I said u can do your however you want. Some people do it by color, some by formal and some are just random. I promise there are no Nail Polish Lottery Club police out there so, make your list, let Diana know your final number and then on Monday when she draws a new number you will know which polish to wear.

The other thing I wanted to say is there is no required time you have to wear your polish. If its one you really don’t like, then change it, at least you got one of your un-trieds marked off the list and by changing it maybe yo will knock off 2! But dont sweat it if you don’t like it, change it.

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by.

I received the nicest package from my friend Nicky. Nicky is this beautiful young girl who lives in Ireland and loves nail polish almost as much as I do. I think this is our second or third swap package we have done together. I have had so many questions about swaps, how to do them, who to do them with, etc… I will answer those questions at the end of this post.
I want to show you what a great friend Nicky is, she knows just what I like

20120708-224610.jpgnail polish and lots of it!. She sent me 7 Catrice polishes in Dirty Berry, Aretha R-E-S-P-I-N-K, Bora Cara Ciao, London Weather Forecast, Pimp my Shrimp, Heavenly Metallic, Sold Out Forever. She sent me an Essence in Viva LE Green, 2 of the Barry M Chameleon in Chameleon Blue and Chameleon Pink, a bright neon purple from Pop Glam, 3 Gosh polishes in Flamingo, Lilac and Miss Mole. The most interesting things she sent were these duo ‘pens’ from Essence. They are small polishes one on each end. You can use them separately or they really come to life when you use one as a topcoat and they sparkle. Reminds me of the Max Factor Fantasy Fire.


20120708-225748.jpgSo very interesting.
I know Revlon is selling a duo, but they aren’t anything like these.


20120708-230027.jpgThese are the Revlon ‘duos’, they are basically 2 cream colors to create different French manicures with. When really, you probably already own a violet and lime green polish, or a tan and blue polish. The Essence Colour 3 are awesome and I can’t wait to play with them to see what I come up with.
The other thing Nicky sent me was a face contour compact from Sleek. You can see it in the first picture. It is a compact for contouring and highlighting. And I love it. I first saw this compact when Nicky had sent one to the beautiful Lori when they did a swap together. Thank you so much Nicky for getting this for me. I asked Nicky if she could get me a small purse or wallet. I wanted one that was decorated in the English flag or in honor of the Jubilee. I’d read on a blog that they were pretty much everywhere and not very much money. I think Nicky went above and beyond because she sent me the most beautiful little purses. They are too pretty to use.

20120708-231146.jpgThe top one is definitely too pretty to use./strong>. Even though the bottom one is so, so pretty I do want to use it. I will put my cash, debit card and other important papers in there and that will be my wallet so if I run into the grocery store I can grab that and go. It’s just so darn pretty, I really hate doing that, but because I love it I will use, and be very, very careful with it. πŸ€
Thank you so much Nicky! You are truly a beautiful girl, both on the inside and out! You are very, very sweet and I know this year will bring many blessings to you!

Yes, I can finally say I have a real bona-fide nail polish collection. I am so proud of myself. It has taken a lot of work, but the fun kind of work you like to do when organizing something you love. And I love my nail polishes. Okay, there I said it. I love my nail polishes. Not so much that I want to marry them, but I do love them. I love to look at them. I love to re-arrange them. I love to swatch them onto nail wheels, and then do it all over again but this time let’s do it by colors. As you all know, or should know, I recently found this odd little cabinet at a yard sale $2, and it was mine. This is what it looked like when I brought it home.

20120706-232700.jpgI knew with a minimum amount of work I could have it looking like this in no time.

20120706-232909.jpgI was right, wasn’t I? . It’s a thing of beauty! I see all these other nail polish storage units that people are buying on e-bay for $40-90 and I think my $2 cabinet beats theirs all to heck and back. (sorry to those of you that bought the pretty ones from e-bay, if you love it, that’s all that matters).
The other thing I’ve been doing and I haven’t told you about yet, is, I’ve been buying up old spice racks at yard sales and then spray painting them a cream color. So far I have 2 and they work so well for nail polish. Before I found my beautiful cabinet, the plan was to find enough spice racks, spray paint them and then hang them on the wall. I will continue to buy old spice racks because I think it’s a great idea and I may sell them with my polish, if I can ever get my on- line store up and running. I’m going to show a picture of what I mean

20120706-233705.jpgthis is in my bedroom where all my polish now lives. . No, your eyes aren’t bleeding,that is just the terrible color pink I have on my walls and have not got around to re-painting that room. All the other rooms have been re done but why is my bedroom always the last to get done? Anyway, as you can see, along with the cabinet I have the 2 spice racks, I’m sure I’ll add a few more here and there, but for the most part I am done organizing my polish and the best part is I have my dining room back! Remember what it looked like before?


20120706-234121.jpgthis is my dining room today. Not a nail polish in sight and I love it that way. I love having my corner china cupboard back for china and some of the chatchkees I found for Jilly but she hasn’t seen them yet. The other thing that is good about my polish collection being housed in my bedroom, is that is the room with the least amount of light, and we all know that light is not friends with your nail polish. Not for the long haul anyway.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember to keep calm and paint your nails. πŸ’…


Part 6 of my never-ending nail polish collection is mostly polish that has been sent to me by friends, either for my birthday, or in a swap. These are mostly found only in the UK, so I won’t talk about them too much.

My other favorite from this group is the Gosh Purple Heart. I love the way it changes colors with the light, but you all know that is always my favorite! Gosh, unfortunately is only available in the UK. I did hear a report that Walgreen’s is purchasing the UK chain called BOOTS and that some of the new super Walgreen stores will have Gosh polish. So if you are near one of the new super Walgreens, look for the Gosh polish, also Barry M, you won’t be disappointed.

This polish from Catrice called Browno Mars is also a favorite. I think as the summer goes on and I get more color, this will be even prettier. This was sent to me by my friend Nicky, who lives in Ireland. πŸ€
Most of these polishes are my favorite, not because they are my favorite brand, or color but because they were sent to me by friends. That means the most to me. Thanks to my friends who have sent me polish and thanks to my friends that will do swaps with me. I love getting the polish from other countries that we can’t get here. That is a lot of fun.

Thanks for stopping by. 😘

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