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Number 5 All Time CHANEL color list favorites:

Azure by CHANEL was released as part of their Spring 2014 collection. Since my birthday and Mother’s Day are in the Springtime my wonderful son, Drew bought this bottle of Azure for me. This rates as a Number 5 All Time CHANEL color list favorites
not necessarily because I am so very fond of the color, but because my 28 year old son purchased this for me. It was a thoughtful gift from the heart, he thought about what I’d really like and he was right.

(Had to get a picture of my handsome son in here! This is Drew)
thank you Drew for a very nice present I will treasure always

Number 4 All Time CHANEL color list favorites:

Black Pearl from CHANEL will have a permanent Number 4 All Time CHANEL color list favorites for me because I adore this polish. The formula is not fussy, as we know some CHANEL formulas can be a bit fussy. But, Black Pearl is the same today as it was yesterday and as I imagine it will be tomorrow. I love the Black Pearl color that is some what a duo chrome that picks up black with green or black with blue, depending on the lighting and the surroundings.

Number 3 All Time CHANEL color list favorites:

Infidel from CHANEL is one of those classic “dusty rosΓ©” type colors. I love this color and for me it would be an every day wear color.

Number 2 All Time CHANEL color list favorites:

Skyline from CHANEL is a soft baby blue shimmer, reminds me of the olden days. Again, with my coloring you would think any baby blue polish would work for me, but not so. Skyline is one of this perfect blues. The formula is different than most CHANEL polishes in that with the amount of shimmer in the color you can achieve perfect coverage with one coat but watch out for cuticle filling or spillage.

FOR THE number 1 Spot in my list of All Time Favorite CHANEL colors:


May from CHANEL was released the Spring of 2011 along with April and June. May is another classic Barbie type pink that I adore. It has a touch of blue in it so it makes it perfect for me. Be warned: this polish will cause you to admire your nails at an inopportune times, such as conversation with boss, sun hits your nails while driving, etc… You will love this polish but it has another warning and that is about the formula. This is one of this fussy formulas. For best resulsts start with patience, then 3 thin coats. It is best to let the coats dry completely between. This is the where patience is crucial. But once applied properly it is so worth it! Your manicure will last about 10 days before needing a touch up.
All the CHANEL polishes mentioned can be found at www.nordstrom.com or on the www.chanel.com and cost $27-30.
I do have a page of dupes for Chanel’s for less expensive polish with the same look.

May has a dupe from Wet n Wild Mega Last called Candy-Liscious. This is not an exact dupe but pretty, pretty, pretty close.

I hope you enjoyed my personal list of my favorite Top 5 CHANEL nail polish colors. What are yours? I’d love to know!

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

Wet n Wild “Mega Last” Bite the Bullet. I think this is a great color for right now. Not too dark but not so much like “spring”. Really, this is an everyday color, a taupe-y, purple-y neutral. I don’t know if this is new to the Mega Last collection, but this is a new color for my collection. The stores in my town carry a limited selection of Mega Last colors so when I saw this a few months ago, I happily purchased.

Bite the Bullet has the same great formula from the Mega Last line. Goes on smooth, no visible nail line, dries pretty quickly, no muss, no fuss. This is one I’m sure I’ll be wearing a lot in the coming months.

CHANEL Black Pearl. For me, Black Pearl is an everyday, anytime of year color. I think it is especially great this time of year. It has a great formula, coverage with 2 coats and I like the green cast that shows up in some lighting. Although Black Pearl is well, black, it has enough sheen and a bit of shimmer to give it interest, which for me is refreshing after the winter of dark colors. I think Black Pearl should be in everyone’s collection.
But of course, if you don’t want to spend $26 for a bottle of polish Revlon’s Black With Envy is a dead on dupe.

Cherries in the Snow by Revlon is another great color for this time of year. It is the perfect pink-red and another “staple” to anyone’s collection. Revlon also makes a Cherries in the Snow lipstick, which of course matches the polish perfectly.

OPI Casino Royale from the Skyfall collection. This is a great color for right now, I think it is a pretty maroon, not too dark but not too light. OPI has a great formula, great coverage, no visible nail line and wears great too! Yes, I said wears great, which for me is about 4 days, 5 tops. I like this color so much I have worn it a couple of times and for 4-5 days because it was too pretty to remove.
OPI is launching the Euro collection, and I hate to say it, but is it just me? Or are all of OPI’s “collections” pretty much the same colors, maybe tweaked a bit and new names? Seems to me like the Holland, Germany, Skyfall and now the Euro collections are the same. Note to OPI, when you add my name to your shit list, it’s Judi, with an I.

CHANEL Skyline. This is a Limited Edition color and may be hard to find. I have not found any dupes for it. It is a baby blue frost, typical CHANEL formula, but I’m used to it by now and have come to expect patience and 3 thin coats when applying. I’m seeing more and more these kind of “frosty” looking polishes and to me they seem a bit old fashioned. Isn’t that a funny thing for a Middle Aged Beauty Queen to say? But, they do seem a little bit from the 60’s. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the frosted polishes but I know I love Skyline. It is absolutely gorgeous and worth the $30 I spent for it. Although I haven’t found a dupe for Skyline I did find one that is close. From Wet n Wild, the 99 cent Wild Shine Rain Check. It is a bit darker than Skyline but it has the same frosted effect the CHANEL polish has. I love the Wild Shine’s from WnW. They are cheap and cheerful, just like me.


Those are 5 colors I think are great for right now.. Not too bright and not too dark. Like everyone else, I am looking forward to spring and all the brighter colors but for now, I’m happy with these choices. What are your favorites you’re wearing right now?

πŸ’… As always, thanks for stopping by.

CHANEL Black Pearl has been one of my favorites since its release with the Spring 2011 collection. I think this polish is gorgeous in the way it can look gray one minute and green the next. Sometimes it looks black, sometimes it looks dark blue. It’s just another of many, put out by CHANEL that is like no other. Dupes for this polish? Yes, we’ll talk about that in a bit.

This picture is indoors, no artificial lighting. Black Pearl has a great formula, full coverage with 2 coats, no VNL, and no need for a topcoat as it dries very shiny. I did put a topcoat of Seche-Vite on as I’m not very patient about drying time, really I’m not very patient about much! The formula for Black Pearl is different from most CHANEL polishes as it doesn’t have to be babied quite so much. Like May, May needs to applied with thin coats, at least 3 and they need to dry fully between each coat. With Black Pearl there was no babying involved. I think it is a beautiful polish and it will always be in my Top 5.

This picture was outdoors.

There is a dupe for Black Pearl by Revlon called Black with Envy. When you look at the polishes side by side, they look to be exact.

When applied whether on your nails or on a nail wheel, they are exact.

As much as I love Black Pearl, and it will always be in my Top 5, I also have to include Revlon’s Black with Envy in that list as well. Either way, CHANEL Black Pearl or Revlon’s Black with Envy, this is a gorgeous polish and I love it!
This is one polish that gets 5 out of 5 stars from me! Alert the newspapers, this is a rare occasion but this polish very much deserves the 5 stars!
As always, thanks for stopping by!

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For me the Polish of the Month has to be CHANEL, with their new formula that I happen to love. I'm not thrilled with the color choices and I'd like to know where I'm supposed to get a new bottle of May , which will be empty soon? you can find CHANEL polish at www.chanel.com or my favorite place on earth: Nordstrom www Nordstrom.com

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