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CHANEL May and Mega Last Candy-Licious are about as close in color for a CHANEL May that I have found. These are not exact and I am not calling this a ‘dead on dupe’ but they are very close. The camera picks up the differences much better then when just looking at the half & half manicure I did with these 2 polishes in person. CHANEL May is by far my favorite CHANEL polish I own. The bottle is below the half full point. ๐Ÿ˜ May is one CHANEL I will re-purchase unless I can find a ‘dead on dupe’.

Candy-Licious from Mega Last line of Wet n Wild is painted on the pointer and middle finger. I hate the name Candy-Licious, doesn’t it sound like a stripper’s name? Even though the name isn’t my favorite the Mega Last line certainly is. Wet n Wild Mega Last was my number 1 nail polish from the Nail Polish by Brand comparison study I did last summer. It was a surprise to me, but I found out a lot of you have been fans of this line for a very long time. Who knew? The Mega Last polishes haven’t let me down.

May from CHANEL was released in the Spring collection of 2012. The collection included June and April as well. I have found a dupe for April Revlon Raisin Rage is a dupe for April, but that is the only one from that collection that i could call an actual dupe.
In this picture May is painted on my ring finger and pinky. I did use 3 thin coats for May to avoid the dreaded VNL, and for full disclosure I used 2 coats of Candy-Licious. No top coat was used.
Although Mega Last is a great polish for $2.99 and the color is so pretty, even though isn’t a dupe, it is so close I don’t think anyone would doubt you if you said it was May. But, honestly, in real life how often does anyone ask you what polish you are wearing? Not very often. I probably get asked more because I usually have at least 2 -3 different polishes on for testing purposes.
Using these 2 polishes side by side is a great way to test the quality of a polish. Of course the CHANEL can’t be beat by Mega Last quality wise. There is a reason people keep spending $27-30 for a bottle of CHANEL. The quality is awesome, a pure joy.
But if you are one of those people who refuse to spend that much but you like the look of May then the Mega Last in Candy-Licious is your girl.
SMACKDOWN Results: I have to say its a tie. If this was a SMACKDOWN for quality then, CHANEL hands down. If this was a SMACKDOWN for close enough to save $24-27 then MEGA LAST wins hands down.
What do you think? Who do you think should win the SMACKDOWN? Let me know in the comments below.

Don’t forget about my giveaway that closes soon! August 31st to be exact. Go to the giveaway post, you can search open giveaway, leave a comment, tell me your favorite brand of polish. I will organize all the names alphabetically and use random.org topics a winner. Good luck!

๐Ÿ’… As always, thanks for stopping by!

To say this is my favorite polish would be like picking a favorite child. But it is most definetly in My Top 5.

20120717-121051.jpgThis is indoors, morning light, day 1.

20120717-121120.jpgFull sun, day 1.
I must tell you I did “sandwich” this with CHANEL Frisson. I was catching a little bit of the glimmer when I had 1 coat May, 1 coat Frisson, 1 coat May. But, like most CHANEL polishes the dreaded VNL was showing so I did put a thin 3rd coat on, which unfortunately hides the Frisson. Frisson is a light pink, with a golden shimmer along with gold & silver micro glitter.
This is a pretty polish (Frisson) but way too shear for me to wear on its own. Thank you to the beautiful Lori, who sent Frisson to me in my birthday package. Love you baby doll.

But back the CHANEL May, this was from their Spring/Summer 2012 collection, which also included April and June. I’ve told you before on here, I had to buy May because it’s pink and May is my birthday month along with my gorgeous daughter Jilly’s.

20120717-122137.jpgThis picture of Jilly makes me happy, so I’m including it. ๐Ÿ’—
I’m going to give this polish the wear test, so I will keep you posted. I usually get bored with a color after about 2 days max, but this really is such a pretty color, I love it.

Thanks for stopping by. ๐Ÿ’…

๐Ÿ‘ฃUpdate: Day 2: still wearing the May, but I really want to paint my nails!

20120718-084600.jpgI did add a coat of Frisson as an accent on my ring finger. The wear is beautiful, as in none so far, no chips, looks great!

This is part 4 of my nail polish collection. I’m trying to get these all swatched and organized in the new cabinet I found at a yard sale last week end. I’m excited to have found this as it will fit perfectly on my dresser top in my bedroom. This is the room with the least sun, and as we all know, we want to store our polish in a cool, dry, dimly lit area. Plus, once they are all in the cabinet I will be able to see them, without pawing through my bowls I had them in before.

This is the cabinet, before doing any work to it. I will show you when it’s all finished. But now to my OPI and Wet n Wild polishes. I must say right off the bat I was somewhat of a snob when it came to WnW polish. They are so cheap, 99 cents up to $2.99, I didn’t think they could possibly be any good. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! WnW has great colors, and I love the wide fat brush in the Mega Last line.

Out of the colors on this wheel, my favorites are from WnW. I love the Lavender Creme for this summer. It is spot on trend, and look how pretty it looks on my nails. Dream Poppy and Heat Wave are also, both spot on trend for this summer.


My favorite half and half manicure for this spring has been the WnW Candylicious with Through the Grapevine. Candylicious is a very close dupe for CHANEL May. I wrote about it, with swatches here.
Although it seems like all the lovin is going to WnW on this particular wheel let’s not forget about one of my all time favorites, ever, Wooden Shoes Like to Know from OPI

This was released this spring from OPI’s Holland collection. I love this polish so much, I may want to have an affair with it. I’m not quite sure I want to marry it, but yea I’d have an affair with it. From that same collection I also love and adore I Don’t Giveaway Rotterdam

So pretty when the light hits this silver micro shimmers, gorgeous! ๐Ÿ’— Makes my heart go Pitter pat!


This is also a wheel I could live with. It’s not my absolute favorite wheel of gorgeousness, but I could live with it.
<emCheck back for Part 5 of my nail polish collection. I'm not sure what it will be, I still have Revlon, Julep, China Glaze, CHANEL, Orly, CND, MAC, Gosh, etc….
๐Ÿ’…Remember to Keep Calm and Paint Your Nails!


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