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Allure magazine has to be one of my favorites. It’s a great magazine for women of all ages. Yesterday they ran an article showing how to look younger by using your make up different. I did a video on the tips they highlighted and how to make them work for you. They also showed the top 8 pedicure colors for this summer. Their list is as follows:

1. Lemon – they suggested L’oreal Tweet me or Revlon Lemon Meringue from scented line

2. Aqua – their number 1 suggestion was Butter London Slapper. I couldn’t agree more. Love that color. Another great aqua would be For Audrey by China Glaze, although lighter than Slapper, I still would call this aqua.

20120629-122210.jpgThis is For Audrey painted on my Mom!

3. Petal Pink – Allure magazine suggested Shelby from Zoya or Sally Hansen Bubblegum Pink.

20120629-122350.jpgGo Go Pink from China Glaze. This is also a real pretty petal pink. I think a lot of us have this color because it was marketed in a kit for Breast Cancer Research. You can buy this kit here under my page, Polish for Sale


4. Red-Orange Allure suggested L’oreal Caught Red Handed. One of my favorite red-orange is LC from Zoya.

20120629-122916.jpgThis LC and Lo from Zoya Mother’s Day Trio. LC is on the left.

5. Electric Purple Illamasquasca Stance and Butter London HRH were the 2 examples given. I haven’t seen those colors but my favorite electric purple is Anne from Julep.


6. Bronze -the magazine suggested OPI Brisbane Bronze and Maybelline Bold Gold. They both look a lot like Browno Mars from Catrice.


7. Orange Sherbert – I don’t have an orange Sherbert-y colors, as we all know, orange and I don’t get along very well. The magazine suggested China Glaze Orange You Hot and Essie Fear or Desire.

8. Barbie Pink – who doesn’t love a Barbie Pink pedicure? My favorite Barbie Pink of all time has to be CHANEL May.


20120629-124142.jpgThe top picture is May and the bottom picture is Zoya Lara. I also think Butter London Primrose Hill Picnic is a great “Barbie ” pink color.


What’s on my toes? That would be #4 Red-orange. This is from L’Oreal called Rajun Cajun.


What’s on your toes?


If there is a cosmetics company out there that does nail polish colors better than CHANEL, I haven’t found them, yet. CHANEL always gets the color of the season just right. Maybe that is because CHANEL is the one setting the trends. If you looked at the recent fashion shows held in New York, London and Paris you will see that trending for the summer and fall is a lot of blue, gray, and blue-grays. CHANEL showed their latest haute couture collection set in an airplane. The runway was the center aisle of the plane. When asked after the show, why all the clothes were blue, Karl Lagerfeld responded with no reason, but added “I don’t have the blues”.

This the end of the show when all the models come out. Gorgeous!
Dior also showed a lot of bluish-gray. Probably more on the gray side than the blue side. His polish of choice looked to be an eggplant purpley color. CHANEL’s clear choice for polish is a pretty frosty blue. Right now on the CHANEL website, there is a limited edition color “Coco Blue” which is a light frosty blue. The other limited edition colors are Gold Fingers, part of the Las Vegas de CHANEL collection. This is a sheer gold, and the only review I saw on it was not a positive one. The reviewer said it pulled too much yellow, making her hand look sallow. From the Spring 2012 Collection June is the only color of the 3 released for this collection to be a limited edition.

These are the 3 colors released for the spring collection. From left to right, April, May and June. I bought May for myself as my birthday is in May (16th) and I love pink :), I bought April for a friend of mine who has a birthday in April, and I bought June as a prize in an upcoming giveaway on my You Tube channel.
These polishes ultimately give a great payoff in color and wear. If you haven’t used them before, they can be frustrating. Pretty much across the board, CHANEL polishes must go on in thin, thin layers. You need to let the first coat dry before applying the second coat, and don’t be surprised if you need a third. I have 3 coats of May in the picture, with a topcoat. The other thing about these polishes is the uniqueness (is that a word?) 🙂 of the colors. I know May is a spring/summer pink and you think it would be easy to duplicate, but not so. This is a warm pink, as opposed to a cool pink which is part of why it is so different. Even with CHANEL’s Black Pearl, which is a gray shimmer with blue undertones, you think it would be easy to duplicate but not really. You can come close. Revlon’s Black with Envy comes ‘close’ to Black Pearl but I think it is too dark to be a dupe. Black Pearl is part of CHANEL’s permanent line, and has been a top seller for many years. Revlon’s Naughty, which used to be called Perplexed is touted as being a dupe for CHANEL’s Paradoxical. I have heard from a reliable source that this is an exact dupe. I must say Naughty is also in my top 5 polish list.
CHANEL has raised the price of their polish. I paid $25 for Black Pearl and May. June was $28 and April was $26. McKenzie at Nordstrom told me June was higher because it is LE. Are they worth the price? For me and the 2 polishes I own, yes. I love both Black Pearl and May, they are in my top 5 colors of all time. Will I add to my collection of CHANEL polish? Probably not. For me the $8 polish that is ‘close’ to a CHANEL color is just fine. I will save the difference and buy more lipstick!

This is another picture that makes me happy, so I just had to add it.
My You Tube channel
Click on the link above for my You Tube channel. I will be announcing a giveaway in the next week, one of the prizes will be CHANEL’s nail polish in the Limited Edition June!. This color has been described as the perfect apricot color! And I agree, it is so pretty and bright. This spring/summer it is all about this apricot, peachy, tangerine-ee color. It is every where. Which of the 3 spring shades is your favorite?


20120304-223751.jpgThis is Black Pearl

There is a nail polish company from the northwest called Julep. I am liking this program more and more. What it is, is a monthly subscription service for nail polish! Remember Book of the Month, or Columbia House records? Like that only nail polish. Go to http://www.julep.com/?r=18436663. If you go to this site from this link I do get a referral point. With 2 referrals I will get a free month. 🙂
So go two times! Not really, just kidding!

At the website you will fill out a style quiz, from that they determine which kind of ‘maven’ you are. You can be an American Beauty (me), BoHo Glam, Bombshell (Jilly), Classic with a Twist (mom), or It Girl (Ashley). Then based upon that you get a box with 2 polishes, a hand cream and a couple of samples. All for $5, use the code INTRO. If you continue in the program it is $19.99 per month.
These polishes are what they call “4Free” meaning they are free of 4 of the worst chemicals used in polishes. I don’t know what they are, but some polishes say they are “3Free” ( Butter London, Gosh, Barry M, and Debra Lippmann). This company also donates $1 from each maven box to a charity based in helping women’s causes. So they are a good company and they are from Seattle! Love that!




Each month they will send you an email showing you what colors you will be getting. You can change to another box with different colors, skip a month, send to someone else or cancel. They are very easy to work with. If you do nothing then you will get a box with your maven type for that month. The It Girl maven is always just polish and you get 3 bottles of polish. Each month there is another item besides the 2 polishes. The first box has a hand cream, the 2nd box I got had a cuticle oil. Some boxes got a hair finish spray. They have body scrubs, this month they are giving a bottle of Argan oil.
Julep Nail Polish
I have received 2 colors I did not like, one was pale yellow and the other a rusty red, but I think they will be great on my toes! If you are interested check the web for codes because they have offered it recently for one penny. I just google coupon codes, there are several sites that you can get the code for. Let me know what you think! Thanks so much.

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For me the Polish of the Month has to be CHANEL, with their new formula that I happen to love. I'm not thrilled with the color choices and I'd like to know where I'm supposed to get a new bottle of May , which will be empty soon? you can find CHANEL polish at www.chanel.com or my favorite place on earth: Nordstrom www Nordstrom.com

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