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The top picture is Revlon Copper Penny. The bottom picture is Chanel Delight, taken from Google Images. (sorry, there was no photo credit on the Google image one).

I am adding this to my CHANEL dupe page as it is a dead on dupe.

This is the same polish, the same day as the first picture but as you can see it changes with the light. In this picture it is definitely a rose gold, but in the other pictures it is more gold. After wearing this for a day, I think it is pretty and seems more rose gold than gold. It looks great with my MK rose gold watch.

As this makes number 8, of my gold nail polish I am officially not buying any more gold polish! I actually have 7 bottles because I sent The gorgeous Diane a bottle of Revlon Gold Coin. I wound up with 2 bottles of Copper Penny. I bought this at my Albertson’s store. They have a large selection of Revlon polish and are the cheapest place in town to buy ($4.29). When I got home I had 2 bottles in my sack but I only paid for 1, so I called to tell them I would be bringing back a bottle. Marni, the front end manager said she put that in my bag because they are discontinuing carrying that color and she wanted to get rid of it. I didn’t have the heart to tell her 1 bottle is P-L-E-N-T-Y! But, thank you Marni. 🙂

Copper Penny on the left, CHANEL Delight is on the right.

Here’s another one I just found!
CHANEL Orange Fizz

Gorgeous orange color, kind of appropriate for the year of the tangerine, according to Pantone.

This is Revlon’s Marmalade


I am adding this to my dupe page.
Thanks for stopping by.

I have been looking for this dupe of CHANEL’s Vamp since my first You Tube video showing the different Revlon dupes I’d found, about 6 weeks ago. My YT friend Gina asked me for a dupe for the CHANEL Vamp. A couple of days ago the beautiful Lori had on a Revlon polish called Plum Seduction. I had it mixed up with Plum Attraction (which i thoughtwas being worn by April at the same time). April was actually wearing Plum Night. The beautiful Lori had made the comment that she thought Plum Attraction was a Vamp dupe. This put Vamp back on my radar. Since beginning to look for this dupe I’d heard conflicting reports. I’d heard Vixen, Devilish, Plum Attraction and even Black with Envy as being dupes for Vamp. When I went online to research I saw that clearly this is a color that everyone has an opinion about.
Remember the movie “Pulp Fiction”? the character played by Uma Thurman, Mia?. In the movie Mia wore CHANEL’S Vamp. That was 1994. All this time later and people are still talking about Vamp.

Revlon’s Vixen, just as gorgeous but at $20 a bottle less, I think it’s effing gorgeous!/em>;;

This is going on my dupe page because now, finally, I can say Revlon Vixen is a dead on dupe for CHANEL Vamp.

**update** According to Wikipdedia, along with the Revlon dupe, Essie also duplicated this color with Dark Chocolate Truffle. The other thing noted on Wikipedia is this polish was created to look like dried blood. Ewww!

I found a dupe for CHANEL’s Holiday from the Summer 2012 collection.


Revlon’s Red Bikini is a dead on dupe for Chanel’s Holiday.
Red Bikini is from Revlon’s summer 2012 collection. The collection from Revlon also includes a gold polish that is a dupe for Chanel’s Gold Fingers. Revlon also released an eyeshadow palette and some lip glosses. The lip glosses look very much like CHANEL lip glosses, but since I don’t any of those I can’t say for sure. Everything released in the Revlon collection is designated as limited edition.

This is another Revlon dupe I’ve found for a CHANEL polish. This is for the Les Jeans collection. I found a dead on dupe for Coco Blue. Revlon Dreamer is a dupe for Coco Blue.



<a href

This is a dupe I came across from Revlon for the Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance. It is Revlon’s Facets of Fuschia. Pretty close from the picture. I don’t own a DL polish and I also don’t have the Revlon Facets of Fuschia so I’m going off what I saw and read. (just a little disclaimer, there!)

I saw a ton of blog posts and pictures showing this comparison but I believe this picture is from the blog “beauty in budget”.

Hi Everyone,
This is Revlon Wild Strawberry, from their Colorstay collection. It is a real bright, pink duo-chrome with highlights of purple, so pretty!


While I was at Nordstrom the other day, I looked at CHANEL’s Tentation. It too is a real bright, pink duo-chrome with highlights of purple.

Although I did not buy the CHANEL Tentation ($26) and I cannot do a comparison on a wheel or my nails, I think the Revlon Wild Strawberry is a perfect dupe for the CHANEL. Pretty darn close, and for the $21 difference in price, if there is a slight difference, I don’t care. I love the color and I’m so glad to spend $4.99 to get it as opposed to $26. I’m just sayin’. Anyone who knows me, knows I love CHANEL. I love their handbags, clothes, Karl, make-up, mascara and especially their polishes. The polish was always a piece of CHANEL I could afford and own. When they were priced at $18 I could justify, even when they creeped up to $23, I could still qualify purchasing. But now that they have gone to $26 and $28 for limited editions, I cannot justify spending that on a nail polish. As much as I love me some CHANEL. So, I will continue to haunt the CHANEL website for new colors and do my best to find dupes.

BTW, what do you think of my new layout? Like, or not so much? I’m still trying to find the perfect layout. I have so many posts I want to do but I want the layout to be perfect. I’m still trying to figure out how to have a blog roll on my page so you can see the blogs I follow, maybe there is one you will like as well! Anyway, let me know what you think. And, what does a sister have to do to get some love?

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