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I often get asked what is the best brand of nail polish. Because of that, I have been working all summer on comparing different brands of nail polish. I compared over 3⃣0⃣brands of nail polish, all available in the US. Meaning this comparison of brands does not include any Barry M or other brands only available in the UK. I scored the different brands using these 5 items of criteria: brush/bottle, formula, price, dry time, and wear. These are the items that are important to me in a nail polish. When I was finished there were 3 brands that had all 5/5 stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
This is the complete list of polish I compared in this “study”. These are in alphabetical order

#9Butter London. 4/5. $35.00/oz
CND. 3/5. 31.40/ oz
CHANEL. 3/5. 65.00oz
China Glaze. 3.5/5. 16.00/oz
Ciate. 3/5. 19.86/oz
Color Club. 3/5. 11.66/oz
#10D Lippmann. 4/5. 36.00/oz
Estée Lauder. 3/5. 41.85/oz
Essence. 3/5. 7.40/oz
Essie. 3/5. 17.39/oz
Illamasqua. 3/5. 32.00/oz
Julep. 2/5. 51.85/oz
#5-L’Oreal. 4/5. 15.38/oz
MAC. 3/5. 36.00/oz
Maybelline. 3/5. 26.08/oz
Megan Miller. 3/5. 28.00/oz
Nails, Inc. 3/5. 21.53/oz
Nars. 3/5. 32.00/oz
Nubar. 3/5. 14.00/oz
#8-OPI. 4/5. 18.00/oz
Orly. 3/5. 16.00/oz
#4-Revlon. 4/5. 13.98/oz
#2SH CSM. 5/5. 14.98/oz
SH Extreme. 3/5. 7.50/oz
SH Lustre Shine. 3/5. 21.18/oz
SH Nail Prism. 3/5. 23.30/oz
SH Magnetic. 3/5. 30.00/oz
Sinful Colors. 2/5. 4.00/oz
The New Black. 3/5. 44.00/oz
#3- Venique 5/5. 14.00/oz
WnW Fast Dry. 2/5. 3.33/oz
WnW Mega Last .5/5. 6.66/oz
#7-WnW Wild Shine 3/5 2.32/oz
#6 Zoya. 4/5. 16.00/oz

💅3⃣4⃣TOTAL BRANDS TESTED over a 5 month period from May thru September.

💅US Brands NOT tested: Dior, Rimmell, NyC, Julie G, YSL, LE Mer Beaute, Elf, Pure Ice, Barielle, Nailtique, Sephora by OPI, Nicole by OPI , the Balm, Milani, Lancomme, Laura Mercier, Guerlain, Piggy Polish,

For those of you new to my blog, welcome! This is a series I do every Sunday. It’s where I use a polish from my collection that I have never worn, for whatever reason. It’s a way for me to use my polish, not just look at it, but wear it. I hope this inspires you to take a look at your collection and maybe wear one you haven’t. You’d be surprised at the gem you might find!

Today I have on demure vix by Essie. I bought this polish months ago at Ross. It was $1.99, a price not to be passed on. I also bought some other Essie that day including sand tropez, nice is nice and coat azure. These were all from the Spring 2011 Essie collection.
I really like this color and I think it is on trend for this fall. Seems like this fall it is all about the nudes and deep maroon colors. This color is also very reminiscent of a new polish from Deborah Lippmann called Modern Love. The photo below is Modern Love.

demure vix is more purple but it has as much depth and dimension as Modern Love. I like them both. demure vix has a slight shimmer and a slight purple/rose duo-chrome, which adds to the interest.
What is it with Essie polish and their formula? Essie is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get!Thanks for the quote, Forest, This started out fine, then in the middle of painting a nail a huge drop would find its way down the brush and onto the nail. So then I would take off as much polish as possible and it was streaky like no other. It wasn’t a difficult task to paint my nails but I don’t like that globbing thing this polish does. I think goopy is almost better than this. Especially when I was on the last coat, I did not want any globs! I guess that is the charm of Essie?
demure vix in sunlight.


I would give this polish 4 out of 5 stars. 4 might be pushing it because of the gooping, maybe 3.5. You guys know what I’m saying. I do love the color, I love the price, just not the formula. All that being said I might just wear this one for a few days!

This is me and my “boyfriend” circa 1977-79. Can you see how skinny I was in my size zero jeans? I thought I was fat and my “boyfriend” would always tell me I should do sit ups and go jogging to get off the extra weight. My “boyfriend” would order for me in restaurants, he would get me the dieter’s plate with cottage cheese. When I look at this picture today I am SOOO glad I moved back to Idaho in 1979 and away from the crazy “boyfriend”. I also wonder what the “boyfriend” looks like today. Somehow I think he is pretty much bald and overweight.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

I have been asked several times to do a comparison study of polish by brand. Well actually I have been asked what brand do I like the best? As I’ve never really done a comparative study of the brands I have spent the last several months doing just that.

20120707-172951.jpgRight hand

20120707-173040.jpgLeft hand

As you can clearly see I have a crazy manicure going on right now. I’ve received 2 compliments on my nais today. No one has said what the hey? Which by the way this is day 2 of this crazy manicure and you can see some slight wear already starting. The Essie Play Date and my beloved Lavender Creme are showing slight bits of wear, but I’m not ready to hold it against them, just yet.

The other thing I noticed is how crazily similar OPI Strawberry Margarita is to Wet n Wild Lavender Creme.

I will check back with you in a couple days, as Operation Crazy Mani continues………

These are in particular order?
1. Revlon Grey Suede.

2. OPI Skull & Glossbones

3. Zoya Wednesday

4. OPI Strawberry Margarita

5. China Glaze Pink Voltage ( neon)

6. Essie Play Date

7. Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

8. Venique Heel d’Orssey

9. Wet n Wild Lavender creme

10. Wet n Wild Dream Poppy

Probably my three favorites are the last three, Heel d’Orssey, Lavender Creme and Dream Poppy.

My next 2 favorites are Wednesday and Pacific blue.

And, as surprised as I was, I think my favorite out of all of them has got to be Wet n Wild Lavender Creme. I wear this color over and over. I will take this polish off only to re-apply, and that never happens. So, the Number One spot for me this summer is Labender Creme. 🎉💅🆒

Coming in October this collection from Essie looks to be right up my alley. I love the grey/brown/taupe colors so much I buy them over and over. I’m sure when this collection does launch I will be picking up the greige colors, in the very least. The 2 maroon colors look very much like Angora Cardi and Merino Cool, I don’t know about the more red one or the green one, holiday themed maybe? We will have to wait and see.


This is the cabinet I found at a yard sale a couple weeks ago. I thought this would be perfect for my nail polish to live in. I’ve been keeping my polish in the corner cupboard in the dining room. This is not the ideal place for polish as it is full of morning light along with afternoon light. And, as we all know, light is not friends with polish.

20120703-000357.jpgBut as you can see, this cabinet needed some work.. The slats needed to be removed in such a fashion to allow the polish to stand upright in the cupboard. This was only about a 15 minute task as the slats were made of MDA and broke in 2 pieces rather easily. When I was done removing slats, this is what it looked like.

20120703-000706.jpg after each time I would do a video Showing a part of my collection I would then add the polish to my cabinet. Finally today I finished my collection with my Revlon polishes. I have more Revlon polish than any other brand because of my un-ending hunt for CHANEL dupes. It’s amazing how many I have found in such a short time. (Be sure to check the page above called “Check Here for Dupes)
Here is my cabinet all complete, with a home for all my polishes.

20120703-001205.jpgRight now I have them organized by brand. I think ideally I would like to have them organized by color. But it’s a start. I’ve moved the cabinet into my bedroom. It sits perfectly on top of my dresser. My bedroom is the room with the least amount of light, the perfect home for my polish.

20120703-001600.jpgunfortunately this is what my dining room looks like. Now that this nail polish cabinet project is over, I can finish my dining room. Soon I will have an after picture that shows how great my dining room really is, not just a stop over for polish.

💅Thanks for stopping by and if you want to see the final part of my collection you can find it here.

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