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Early this past fall I read on a blog about the Michael Kors ~ Estée Lauder Make Up bag that would be out for the holidays 2012. The blog post showed the bag in 3 different colors, with different make up options in each bag.
I found out that different stores had different colored bags/make up. Macy’s had the black bag, and that is the 1 I bought. This was $38.50 with an Estée Lauder fragrance purchase.

I usually buy my Mom a Beautiful fragrance gift set every year, but she hasn’t been using her perfume because she said she kept spraying it in her eyes. (she had a stroke almost 4 years ago and has limited use of her hands) the Beautiful roll on was perfect for my Mom this year, so that is what I bought.

I love my make up bag from Michael Kors, and I have been loving the make up that was included.


The blush works well for me and I like the multi-colors. I think it gives more “depth” to my blush. I haven’t really worn the lipstick and lip gloss, yet. The colors shown above are Cherry Passion, a cream lipstick and Garnet Desire, a pure color shimmer lip gloss.

My most favorite item from the Micheal Kors bag is this little eyeliner pencil. Yea, I know, I’m not really into eyeliner and I usually don’t use it. But, this little pencil is amazing!
It is called Estée Lauder Pure Color Intense Kajal Eyeliner in 01 Blackened Black. If you watch my videos on You Tube you may have noticed my eyes looking ever so great, because of this eyeliner pencil. I actually “tight line” my top eyelid, make a little tiny wing and from the 1 application, when I blink, a bit goes into my bottom lash line, and I think it looks great.
You can find an Estée Lauder Intense Kajal Eyeliner here.. Use the promo code PLEASURES for a free gift with purchase.
For the Micheal Kors ~ Estée Lauder make up bag, Nordstrom’s version
Use the same promo code above. Also, I believe you can buy you the bag on its own now, without the required fragrance purchase. The Nordstrom version is a pewter gray bag with pinker options for the make up.

💅 As always, thanks for stopping by.

This is my Mom. I took her to get her hair done the other day. She was actually singing “I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty” from West Side Story. She is too cute!

This is my first ever Vlog/Blog sale. I posted a You Tube video, I will link it below, showing briefly the products I’m selling. If you have any questions, please contact me at Judi.tierney@yahoo.com.
These items are for sale, they have been slightly used, and I will sanitize them according to Wayne Goss’ directions for sanitizing make-up. If you are interested in an item, please let me know, send me your Pay Pal address and I will invoice you. Payment must be received within 24 hours or item will go back up for sale. Shipping will be $3 for the first item and $2 for each additional. I will ship internationally if you are willing to bear the cost of shipping. No returns or refunds of any items. Some of these items are not from a pet free/smoke free home, so if that is important to you, please do not buy. Also, if you under the age of 18 please do not buy. If you really, really, really want something please ask your parents to contact me prior to purchasing.
👣Just a side note, if you purchase something off my “Polish for Sale” page. There isFREE SHIPPING offered there, so it would ALL be free shipping. 👏

20120724-131925.jpgLorac croc palette $15

20120724-131952.jpgShady Lady 1 from the Balm $12

20120724-132021.jpgMeet Matt(e) from the Balm $10

20120724-132053.jpgNude Tude E/S Palette from the Balm $14

20120724-132130.jpgBurberry eau de parfum, original 1.7 oz, $20

20120724-132213.jpgMUA E/S pallette Heaven & Earth $8

20120724-132509.jpgEstée Lauder duo $2

20120724-132648.jpgRevlon Cream E/s in Skinlights $3

20120724-132726.jpgMaybelline Color Tattoo e/s Too Cool, Audacious Asphalt or Bad to the Bronze $1 each, $3 for all.

20120724-132828.jpgSally Hansen nail polish, set of 3. True Love, I Do and Ruby Stilettos. $5

20120724-132937.jpgRevlon Fall Mood nail polish, only used for swatching, this is the same as Copper Penny, $2

20120724-133047.jpgSet of 2 OPI polish. One is Designer Series with the sparkle-y silver top in Reserve and the other is Paint My Mojitoes-toes Red. Both for $6

20120724-133227.jpgEstée Lauder quad e/s $3

20120724-133407.jpgPhilosophy Illuminating
face powder, shimmering face powder, lit from within cream blush, e/s duo. $1 each

20120724-133521.jpgEstée Lauder nail polish in Rosa Rosa. $10

20120724-133613.jpgAliza II 6- pan e/s, pastel colors $1

20120724-133708.jpgMaybelline blush in medium mauve and impeccable grays e/s trio. $3 each

20120724-133804.jpgSmashbox duo lights AM/PM $3

20120724-133904.jpgwet n Wild palette in Lust $2 and Sweet as Candy $1

20120724-134013.jpgSmashbox in Improv $4 and Estée Lauder in Rose Tea $8

20120724-134119.jpgLancomme Love It! $8

20120724-134210.jpgPurity Mineral Glow $5

20120724-134253.jpgBurberry #24 Romantic Rose soft satin lipstick $23

20120724-134341.jpgJulep lip gloss Camellia $5

20120724-134432.jpgDiamond Gloss up to 5 day wear nail polish in chocolate $1

20120724-134533.jpgset of 3 lip glosses, Too faced, Clinique and Bath & Body Works. $1 each. $3 for the set.

20120724-134659.jpgset of 2 Avon glosses, Glazewear in Cherry and perfect wear in plum. $1 each, $2 for the set.

20120724-134834.jpgRevlon Colorburst lip gloss in Hot Pink Rose. $4

20120724-135005.jpgSmashbox lip enhancing gloss in POP $4


20120729-161848.jpg Brand new, never used Brighton purse.. I bought this at a yard sale, $10



20120729-162148.jpg CHANEL blush in 55 In Love. I bought from a blog sale. $22


20120729-162357.jpg MAC blush in Immortal Flower. I won this in a giveaway, barely used a couple times, not my color. $23


20120729-162652.jpg Venique Top Thong. I thought I was buying a different Venique top coat, sigh I be blonde. $7.50

Does it ever end? Soon, I promise. I am working through these as fast as I can. As I do each brand and make the video, then write about it, I then put it away in my new cabinet I found to keep my polish in. I’m excited because the cabinet is filling up and my dining room cupboard is becoming cleaner and looks more like a china cupboard than a nail polish store.
#7 does have some great polishes including my all time favorite CHANEL. CHANEL Black Pearl is probably my favorite number 1 polish of all time. I think it is so interesting the way it can look gray one minute, then green, then black. Awesome! 😍

Of course the next favorite of all time is CHANEL May. May is my birthday and May is pink. Doesn’t get any better than that, as far as I’m concerned.

20120619-101736.jpg May is one of those colors that while driving all I want to look at is my nails.🚗 probably not a good idea.

For my long time readers, you will know that I ‘used’ to hate the color red for nails. Couldn’t stand it. What was I thinking? Take a look at these gorgeous nails and you will wonder the same thing.

20120619-102127.jpgthis Russian Red from MAC along with Rosa Rosa by Estée Lauder.

#7 is full of old favorites but also some new favorites, as well. Including this beautiful little number from Wet n Wild called Lavender Cream

#7 just may be my new lucky number.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and for hanging in there with me. As I said, we’re almost to the end! Ha! Always remember to Keep Calm and Paint your Nails.💅

In the mail yesterday I received the sweetest birthday present. Indie sent me 4 bottles of polish. I don’t have any of these brands and I’m so excited to try them. The colors are great and not like anything I have. Which is good!
Starting on the left, CND Asphalt, CND Dark Ruby, Sinful Colors Dream On and MAC Russian Red.


Indie knows I have an ‘obsession’ for William and Kate, she sent me a couple of post cards and a magnet with W and K photos. I love those, Indie. Thank You!
She also sent 2 beauty diary sheet masks. I used one last night and I loved it. It felt very soothing on my skin.
I painted my nails with the MAC Russian Red. I was thinking this might be too much red, so I did one of my half & half manicures with Estée Lauder Rosa Rosa to go along with Russian Red.

I must say, I feel very grown up and lady like today. I think I should call my girlfriends, get dressed up, put on some proper shoes, and go to a fancy, schmancy type of restaurant for tea. What? If only there was a place like that in my town, I’d be there. Of course, I would change my shoes. Somehow these shoes don’t go with my nails today.

Thank you so much, Indie. I really appreciate this! I love everything you sent. It’s people like you that I’m so glad to call my friend. 🙂
**Updated Photo **
I’m trying to get a better photo so show how pretty this polish is. I’m sorry it this is the best I could do, it’s kind of cloudy here today.


I have talked before about Venique nail polish and how much I love it. Venique is without a doubt the best nail polish I have ever used. I love it. The only problem was finding a place to purchase, until recently.

My local beauty supply store has Venique! Yea! 🙂
I am so happy! I bought a few bottles. On my nails today is Kitten Heel Slide, the darker pink and Heel d’Orsay is the lighter pink. My nails are so smooth, they feel like glass! I’m sorry the pictures aren’t better but it is a very cloudy, gloomy day out, I had a hard time getting any pictures to come out!

Giveaway Time!
I am giving away 2 bottles of Venique. B-ceen & B-gorgeous and Galoshing in the Rain. Also included in the giveaway will be an e.l.f. Glitter Eyes eyeshadow palette.

Entering is easy, but you will need to go to my You Tube channel, the link is below. On this video, leave a comment. I will not be replying to the comments so that I can use random.org to pick a winner. This giveaway was not announced in the title so you will have a good chance of winning. This is in celebration of almost 200 subscribers! I’m am so thankful for all my subbies! I will pick a winner 1 week from today. Enter here: Venique Giveaway video

Good Luck to everyone! I know who ever wins this will love it as much as I do!

This is Estée Lauder Pure Color in Rosa Rosa. I am in love with this color. I took this picture yesterday afternoon when the sun came out. The sun came out for about 15 minutes yesterday.
This is how the day started

I can’t put my finger on why I like this color, but I do. It is pink, coral and dare I say red, all in one. Now, I know I have said over and over I do not like red fingernail polish and I know I have said over and over you will never see me with red fingernail polish. Is this really red? You tell me.

Yea, I’d say that is red. But I like it. So I take back all my rumblings about the use of red fingernail polish.

These are the prettiest little bottles of polish I own. They are like little ice cubes with color in the center. Molten Lava is on the left and it is as dark as it looks, almost black. In the bottle it has different shimmers. I thought it would be more like Revlon Naughty (which used to be called Perplexed and is an exact dupe for CHANEL Paradoxial). But it comes out black. I’m not sure but I may be returning this one.
Please check out my You Tube channel here:My You Tube channelfor more info on this polish. And I wanted to remind you of the ONE PENNY promotion from Julep. As far as I know it is still on. Use the code COLOR2012 or MARCHINTRO to receive the entire box for one penny. Go to Julep here:Julep Maven program
Tell me, what do you think of the Rosa Rosa? Do you like as much as I do? Do you think I should reverse my entire stance against red fingernail polish?
Update: I forgot to say the polish is $18, .3 fluid ounces. As a point of reference CHANEL polishes are .4 fluid ounce, OPI are .5 and Julep is .27 fluid ounce. These were bought at Macy’s. I’m sure Nordstrom, Barney’s and where ever Estée Lauder is sold would have them.

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