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This is Drew by Zoya.

This is Drew by Judi. (and Rick) 🙂
This is my favorite son, so of course I had to buy this polish from Zoya. I was happy with the color, because no matter what color I was going to buy it. If they had one named Jilly I would buy that one as well.

Zoya is still giving away a free bottle of polish!. If you do not already have an account with Zoya, click on the link below, create an account and they will put in your account a coupon for a free bottle of polish.

Get Your FREE Zoya Polish Here

On the Zoya website, they have a note saying if you add 2 more bottles to your free bottle coupon you will get free shipping. So that is good. When I redeemed my points, they didn’t have this, so I had to pay $6.95 for shipping. I have since learned to check their Facebook page because they seem to offer ‘free shipping’ deals all the time. My last order was free shipping, I haven’t received it yet.
Right now they have a Mother’s Day Trio with free shipping.

Let me know what color you get!

I’m re-visiting the Share the Love program from Zoya because it is still going on. If you do not have an account with Zoya, click on the link below called Free Nail Polish. This will take you to the Zoya website. At the top of the page click on create account. All you need to create the account is your email address. They don’t ask for any other information until you place an order. Once you create your account they will give you enough Share the Love points for a free bottle of polish. You do still have to pay shipping of $6.95.
You can get more points by liking their Facebook page, tweeting, etc… Once you are ready to order on the left hand side of the accounts page you need to click on Promos and Coupons. Your coupon choices come up with a link to pick which one you want.

Free Nail Polish

Zoya has some great colors, I got Lotus and Drew as early birthday gifts. I love both colors. You all know my son’s name is Drew, I lucked out with Drew being a pretty color. Actually I think all the colors are pretty!

I hope you can see the copper shimmers in Lotus. So, so pretty! I love it!

This offer is good only through April!. I know when I redeemed my points it gave me a promo code that is good until October something. So if you get the points, it might not be a bad idea to redeem, even if you aren’t ready to order. That way you will still have them for when you are ready.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you take advantage of this offer, if you do please let me know what color you got! Thanks! 🙂

Zoya has just upped their Share the Love program. By clicking this link, instead of getting a $5 coupon, which was awesome, now you will get a FREE bottle of polish.
FREE Bottle of Zoya
Click on the above link for your free bottle of polish. The Zoya website says this is for the month of April, but I have seen where some of the colors have sold out, so don’t wait too long.

Let me know what color you get. I’m so excited they changed this to a free bottle. They also have promos for free shipping, so click the link and check out their website!
ZOYA Free Nail Polish

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Nail Polish of the Month!

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