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This is Gray Suede by Revlon. Yes, it is a dupe for CHANEL Frenzy, but that is not why I love this polish enough to add it to my Top 5 list. In my opinion this is a classic, timeless nail polish color that will be around for years. Just as Cherries in the Snow has survived, what 6 generations? I feel Gray Suede will be one of those always appropriate, classic polishes.
This polish is a dream to apply, goes on great with 2 thin coats. Does not puddle or bubble and the color is just nude enough to go with everything. There is an undertone of lilac to it and a slight lilac, pinkish shimmer going through the bottle. This does not translate onto the nail per se, but because it is in the formula it makes for an almost perfect polish. I will always have this polish in my collection. If my house was on fire, and my pets were safe, and of course the kids, I would go back in for this polish. Or maybe just go buy another new one the next day. You know what I mean.
Is this one of the colors I buy over and over? My answer would be no, even though I do have several polishes that are close to ‘Gray Suede’ they are different enough that I do not consider them dupes, maybe close cousins.

20120726-153431.jpgThis Dusty Rose from Gosh

20120726-153635.jpgthis is OPI Dulce de Leche and Gosh Dusty Rose

20120726-153745.jpgButter London Yummy Mummy and All Hail the Queen are similar but much darker

I know that Revlon has come under fire recently for using bloggers photos in their advertising campaigns. Specifically the Sinful Colors ad campaign where they published a pamphlet showing some great nail art that can be achieved, again supposedly with SC polish. The problem was apparent as one of the photos used showed the person holding a bottle of Color Club polish. SC polish was not even used. Then Revlon, in their continued wisdom used the nail art photo of a blogger and imposed that onto their model. Again, no SC polish used. Today I was in Walgreen’s coincidentally to purchase Revlon polish and found the pamphlet in question.

20120726-163035.jpgThe CEO of Revlon made a statement when this all came to light, the statement being of course it was not the fault of Revlon but their PR firm made the mistake. I am no CEO of a large company but doesn’t someone from the company, Revlon in this case, have to look over and sign off on what the PR people do? That would make sense to me. The CEO also said un-equivocally that all pamphlets had been pulled from the shelves, which this clearly was not true as I picked this one up today. I take this debacle with Revlon a little more personal than most bloggers because if you look at my blog as a whole, what company is most represented? That would be Revlon. In my quest for finding dupes for high end polishes I have come across so many Revlon dupes and I have always given them their due on this blog. I must say I was disappointed in the statement put out by Revlon. I’m one that believes if you make a mistake, you say “I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I will do my best to not let it happen again.”. I do not like the defense of the PR firm did it, because we all know the PR firm will say Revlon signed off on the pamphlet right here, and then we go round and round again. Again, what is wrong with “we are sorry for such an embarrassing moment in the history of Revlon and Sinful Colors, and it won’t happen again. “. Or how about, ” we, as a company love the nail blogging community and as an offer of gratitude to the thousands of bottles of polish you sell here is a PR kit for all the new colors, for each season to come!” now that would be awesome and more close to the truth than the PR firm did it. By the way my mailing address is PO Box 1630, Lewiston, ID 83501, if you wanted to mail me the new colors I would be happy to promote them. Which brings me to, have you seen the new Revlon colors at Walgreens? Awesome, I bought one today called Infamous. Photo below, who says I can’t wear orange?

I happen to love Revlon and I would be curious just how many bottles of polish I have sold for Revlon with my CHANEL dupes being Revlon polishes. Daily I get emails asking if I know of a dupe for CHANEL Paradoxal (Naughty), Superstition (Cherries in the Snow), and so on, all day long. So if Revlon wants to through a little love my way, I would be ecstatic!

This post has kinda started out In one place and made a road trip worthy of Route 66, but the bottom line is, Yes I love this polish and it has a permanent place in my Top 5 Polishes.

What are your top 5 polishes? I would love to know. Have you ever bought a Revlon polish because of my showing it is as a CHANEL dupe? I would love to know that answer! Please leave me a comment and let me know which polish you bought and for what dupe, or maybe you bought it because you liked the polish?

Thanks for stopping by! And remember to Keep Calm and Paint your Nails!



20120624-215537.jpgThis is Revlon Grey Suede

20120624-215617.jpgthis is CHANEL Frenzy from the Fall 2012 collection.
(Please Note: I got this photo from A Google search)
I have not seen the CHANEL Frenzy in person yet, so I will not add this to my list of CHANEL dupes but from the looks of things I think it’s pretty safe to say the Revlon Grey Suede is going to be a dead on dupe for CHANEL Frenzy.

I for one will be spending $5.49 for the Revlon Grey Suede and saving the difference of over $20. Now for CHANEL Vertigo, that’s another story. Just call me Mrs. Vertigo, because I will be marrying that one!

(Please Note: I got this image from a Google search)

20120624-220114.jpgCan you blame me? Gorgeousness in a bottle!
Maybe if I sell my blood πŸ’‰ I will make enough πŸ’° to buy my Mr. Vertigo. He will be mine πŸ’ even if I have to rob a bank πŸ”« ! Okay, now that’s just going too far, or is it? Bwahhhaahaaa

Thanks for stopping by! And remember to keep calm and paint our nails! πŸ’…



Being released as a Limited Edition is Diwali. This was used in the fashion shows. (this picture was taken from a picture posted of the fashion show.)
to me, this looks a lot like Revlon’s Gold Coin. Gold Coin was released by Revlon at the same time as Blue Lagoon, Marmalade, Wild Strawberry and Copper Penny and Red Bikini. Before plunking down $27 for the CHANEL Diwali, it would worth it to check out the Gold Coin. I’m just sayin…πŸ’—

CHANEL has recently revealed the colors for their Fall 2012 line up of nail polish. In the regular line there will be 3 new colors.
Suspicious is a deep, cherry red looks like a jelly type cream finish. I have no doubt this will be an easy one to dupe.

Next up is Frenzy, this is described as a muted lavender cream. Again, I think it will be an easy one to dupe and maybe I might have the dupe in my collection already.

20120618-210138.jpgdoes this look familiar to Frenzy?


πŸ’—πŸ’˜πŸ’—now, we come to Vertigo. Ahhh, Vertigo. I have no words, so let’s take a look, shall we?

20120618-211448.jpgπŸ’—πŸ’—Ahhh, Vertigo.
Be still my heart. This is my favorite kind of polish. Is it black, now it’s gray, no, it’s brown, no its purple. That is enough to make me want to leave my family and move in with it but ….wait for it… It’s got red shimmery micro glitter. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—it’s official, I want to marry it. πŸ’
This may be the end of my searching for dupes for CHANEL polishes. NOT!. I can’t wait, it will be so much fun finding them, especially the one I love! Always gotta have a back up. At least that’s what my ex- husband used to always say. Huh? Maybe that was a sign of things to come? At any rate I think yu know I have my name on Vertigo. Mrs Judi Vertigo. Okay, I’ve gone too far. Which one of these new colors has your name on it?

Thanks for stopping by and remember to Keep Calm and Paint Your Nails! πŸ’…

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