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This is Berlin There, Done That from the OPI Germany collection just released. This color is a gorgeous mushroom-taupe that may just find a place in my heart as one of my Top 5. It is very close in color to my beloved Commander in Chic, except CnC has more purplish undertones whereas ( did I just use the word ‘whereas’) Berlin There, Done That has more of a mushroom undertone and slightly lighter. BTDT is completely opaque with 2 coats, no problems with pooling or streaking. Which would you expect anything less from OPI?

This is Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue. A deep, rich blue with a hint of shimmer…gorgeouseness in a bottle. I almost didn’t pick this one up as I’ve been on a blue kick lately. I don’t know why, but to quote the great Karl Lagerfeld when asked about all the blue at the CHANEL S/S2012 fashion shows “I don’t have the blues” just a lot of blue nail polish! I’m so glad I did get this color as it is stunning!

This is Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! Another great color for fall. A deep charcoal grey, cream formula with not so much as a shimmer or micro-glitter in sight. It is an interesting polish as it seems to have an olive green cast to it in some lights and other times it seems to have a blue cast to it. Like I said, interesting. This too, may make its way into my Top 5. You know I’m a sucker for a full on cream polish!

This polish is called Every Month is Oktoberfest. This would be a good polish to buy for a friend with a birthday in October **cough** Gina and **cough** Diana and **cough** Indie. This is another gorgeousness in a bottle. The color is described as a plum. I would call it a very deep, rich plum with undertones of purple shimmer. Simply stunning. I realize I keep using the word ‘stunning’ in describing this collection but it is. OPI’s Germany collection is right on trend for this falls colors. There are 12 colors offered, 3 nudes, a lime yellow, ( ok, whatever) the gray and blue shown, a mauve, a shiny red, the Oktoberfest shown here, a shimmering red orange, a bright purple, and a gorgeous shimmering burgundy, that I must have! I don’t know how I over looked the burgundy, but it will be rectified first thing tomorrow!

Lord knows I don’t need another bright purple polish but I think Suzi & the 7 Dusseldorfs has my name on it, along with German-icure. As always, I will post pics when I get them.

As always, thanks for stopping by. Check back with me, I came across the most amazing nail artist, his work is in a museum!/em>. You will be blown away by this man’s talent. He gave me permission to use his photos and I am so excited to share them with you.

Did you guys know I have a secret crush on Regis Philben? I drove hours to meet him, and I looked like I’d driven hours to meet him. I was so thrilled I could not say a word. Thank God Jilly was with me, she stepped right up, introduced us, told him I was a little bit of a fucktard, which made him laugh, told him I made her watch his show every day, and generally had a grand old time with the crush of my dreams. (not really, I could never dream of a man that wears a size small tee shirt, would you?). Anyway this picture makes me happy so I am sharing it with you.

As always, thanks for stopping by.


If there is a cosmetics company out there that does nail polish colors better than CHANEL, I haven’t found them, yet. CHANEL always gets the color of the season just right. Maybe that is because CHANEL is the one setting the trends. If you looked at the recent fashion shows held in New York, London and Paris you will see that trending for the summer and fall is a lot of blue, gray, and blue-grays. CHANEL showed their latest haute couture collection set in an airplane. The runway was the center aisle of the plane. When asked after the show, why all the clothes were blue, Karl Lagerfeld responded with no reason, but added “I don’t have the blues”.

This the end of the show when all the models come out. Gorgeous!
Dior also showed a lot of bluish-gray. Probably more on the gray side than the blue side. His polish of choice looked to be an eggplant purpley color. CHANEL’s clear choice for polish is a pretty frosty blue. Right now on the CHANEL website, there is a limited edition color “Coco Blue” which is a light frosty blue. The other limited edition colors are Gold Fingers, part of the Las Vegas de CHANEL collection. This is a sheer gold, and the only review I saw on it was not a positive one. The reviewer said it pulled too much yellow, making her hand look sallow. From the Spring 2012 Collection June is the only color of the 3 released for this collection to be a limited edition.

These are the 3 colors released for the spring collection. From left to right, April, May and June. I bought May for myself as my birthday is in May (16th) and I love pink :), I bought April for a friend of mine who has a birthday in April, and I bought June as a prize in an upcoming giveaway on my You Tube channel.
These polishes ultimately give a great payoff in color and wear. If you haven’t used them before, they can be frustrating. Pretty much across the board, CHANEL polishes must go on in thin, thin layers. You need to let the first coat dry before applying the second coat, and don’t be surprised if you need a third. I have 3 coats of May in the picture, with a topcoat. The other thing about these polishes is the uniqueness (is that a word?) 🙂 of the colors. I know May is a spring/summer pink and you think it would be easy to duplicate, but not so. This is a warm pink, as opposed to a cool pink which is part of why it is so different. Even with CHANEL’s Black Pearl, which is a gray shimmer with blue undertones, you think it would be easy to duplicate but not really. You can come close. Revlon’s Black with Envy comes ‘close’ to Black Pearl but I think it is too dark to be a dupe. Black Pearl is part of CHANEL’s permanent line, and has been a top seller for many years. Revlon’s Naughty, which used to be called Perplexed is touted as being a dupe for CHANEL’s Paradoxical. I have heard from a reliable source that this is an exact dupe. I must say Naughty is also in my top 5 polish list.
CHANEL has raised the price of their polish. I paid $25 for Black Pearl and May. June was $28 and April was $26. McKenzie at Nordstrom told me June was higher because it is LE. Are they worth the price? For me and the 2 polishes I own, yes. I love both Black Pearl and May, they are in my top 5 colors of all time. Will I add to my collection of CHANEL polish? Probably not. For me the $8 polish that is ‘close’ to a CHANEL color is just fine. I will save the difference and buy more lipstick!

This is another picture that makes me happy, so I just had to add it.
My You Tube channel
Click on the link above for my You Tube channel. I will be announcing a giveaway in the next week, one of the prizes will be CHANEL’s nail polish in the Limited Edition June!. This color has been described as the perfect apricot color! And I agree, it is so pretty and bright. This spring/summer it is all about this apricot, peachy, tangerine-ee color. It is every where. Which of the 3 spring shades is your favorite?


20120304-223751.jpgThis is Black Pearl

Today is Ash Wednesday. It is a day for reflection and suffering. It is a day to free oneself of humanly bonds so that our soul can live in peaceful eternity. For me Ash Wednesday is a day to test my will power. And this year my will power will be tested. You see, I have a problem….I’m an addict. Yes, an addict. I’m addicted to nail polish.

This the whole of my nail polish collection. Maybe. I might have a few more in my medicine cabinet, but if they are in my medicine cabinet, I don’t care for them.

Less than 3 months ago, this was the extent of my polish collection.

Then, at Christmas time, every time I logged onto Sephora dot com, I saw this amazing set of miniature nail polish. A set of 18 OPI colors. For only $49.99.

So of course I bought this set. I remember exactly the day it arrived, I spent most of the day painting, and re-painting my nails. That was the beginning.

This is the end. At least for the next forty days. Yes, I am giving up buying nail polish for lent. I must say though, I can polish my nails daily and not repeat a color. For more than forty days!
So by my counting, I will have to make do until April 2nd. I think I can do it. I will be honest and let you know if I break my Lenten promise.

What did you give up for lent? Anything? I had a friend who gave up coffee every year. She drank decaf coffee, but she gave it up every year.

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