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Now that Lent is over, I have been reflecting on this years Lenten challenge of giving up purchasing nail polish. If you remember I gave up purchasing nail polish because from Thanksgiving last year to lent, which is about 90 days I had purchased over 50 bottles of nail polish. That wasn’t counting the OPI minis collections I had. So, yes, a little excessive. I decided to give up purchasing new nail polish so that I could get a handle on this obsession of mine. So the question is, did I get a handle on it? Yes, I did.

About a two weeks into Lent, I received an email from Julep telling me I earned a free box that month for referrals, thank you Mom and Jilly. I was beyond ecstatic because at the two week mark I seriously felt I needed some new polish. About a week later I received a package from one of my You Tube subscribers and friend, April. She sent me 2 bottles of a new polish called Venique. I wrote about this polish on this blog, this has become a favorite of mine. The formula is very different, I love it. I haven’t seen it for sale anywhere yet, but when I do I will be buying.

I also did a swap with a YT friend from Ireland. She sent me a box of beauty items available in her country, including 4 bottles of polish. This Gosh polish is beautiful. The others are so pretty as well, I just haven’t photographed them yet!

During lent I did buy 1 bottle of polish, a CHANEL Jade Rose that the beautiful Lori sold on a VLOG sale. I couldn’t pass up the bargain! These are some of the other temptations I did pass up from my Canned Food Outlet.


On my trip to Nordstrom, and Ulta, yesterday I did buy some polish, but not too many. I bought a set of 5 minis from The New Black in Haze which are 5 shades of purple. You know how I love my half & half manicures! These will be perfect for that. At Ulta I bought 2 bottles of Revlon, Fashionista and Wild Strawberry. Both I believe to be CHANEL dupes, but either way I love the colors and I don’t have anything like them.
The thing I learned from this little exercise is that I have plenty of polish to get me through. I don’t need any more, yes I want some (Zoya, Ciate, Barielle). Now when I think about buying a polish I really think if it is a color different from what I have. I discovered I have bought the same color over and over. Commander in Chic from Sally Hansen for example is exactly like 4 other polishes I own. So I will be more discriminating when it comes to color selection!


Today marks the half way point for Lent. For a few days prior to lent, I was thinking about what to give up. I was taught that you give up something, something special, during the period between Ash Wednesday and Easter. This is the time that Jesus was on the cross. In the old days Catholics would give up meat but with the onset of modern times that has been changed to eating fish on Fridays during lent. And to tell you the truth I don’t think too many Catholics follow the no meat on Friday tradition much anymore. At least I don’t and very few of my friends do.

Back to the nail polish….I normally give up chocolate for lent but this year I wanted to go back, old school and give up something that is special to me. As I’ve said before this obsession I have with fingernail polish is new. At Thanksgiving last year I owned 3 bottles of polish

20120313-165423.jpgon Ash Wednesday I owned over 50 bottles. That is a little excessive. Especially beings I don’t have a job or an income! Because of this, I decided to give up purchasing any more bottles of fingernail polish during lent. At times this has been hard. I watch a lot of You Tube videos and I would see a pretty polish on someone and want to buy it. I still watch the videos but now instead of buying a new bottle, I keep a list. I have an earlier post about my list. It is growing more every day. I have been forced to take stock of what I have. I have painted my polish on little nail wheels, you can buy them at the beauty supply store.
One thing I have learned from this exercise is 1). I have a ton of brown-ish polish, 2) I have a ton of blue-ish polish 3) I have a ton of brownish blue gray-ish polish and 4) I keep buying the same color
Can you see that? Why is that?
This Lenten challenge hasn't been an easy one for me, but I think about my You Tube friend Teresa (screen name TeresaNC1) who gave up shopping, of all kinds, for lent. During the whole time of Lent Teresa gave up shopping. She initially gave up even grocery shopping but then realized her husband was better suited doing other chores and she resumed the grocery shopping duties. Even though I have given up purchasing nail polish, I still shop for it, and look at it. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't tell you I've even made it to the checkout with a bottle or two, only to give back to the clerk. I only have to think of my YT friend Teresa though and I know if she can accomplish her challenge then I can certainly attain my little goal. Only 20 more days!
Reminder:Julep Maven program can be started for only one cent. Go to their website here:Julep Maven Program
Use the code MARCHINTRO or COLOR2012. I had an email from them yesterday saying the MARCHINTRO code is still good.
thanks so much for reading, please leave me a comment, and if you gave up anything for lent, please let me know.


This is Essie Play Date with two coats of Julep Portia on top. Can you say sparklefest? This box arrived at my house yesterday. This is my daughter’s subscription, but of course I opened it, I mention only because this does not count towards my Lenten challenge of not buying any nail polish during Lent. With that said, Julep always packages their boxes so nice.

Everything was in the pretty purple sack, then tied with a ribbon and a nail file attached. The nail file is just a nice little extra thrown in. Last month they had chocolate bars shaped like Oscars. The BoHo Glam Maven box this month included the Portia polish, shown above and Alicia, which is an orangey, sherbety color. Every month they include a beauty product, this month is a jar of Elixir Organic Moroccan Argan oil, 1fl oz. This color wheel shows all the Julep polishes I have.

Starting on the left, Portia, Blake, Meryl, Alicia, Carrie, Maria, Heather, Anne, Taylor, Megan, Marisa, and Elizabeth. These are all two coats but I can say that Blake, Alicia, and Marisa only needed one coat. The formula is smooth, the brush is ample, and the colors are spot on trend for spring/summer. This is a monthly subscription plan which is $19.99 per month. You can skip a month, send to a friend, or cancel. They send an email monthly showing what will be in your box. If you don’t care for that box you can pick whichever box you want, and you can even go back a month. They are really nice people to work with, and no surprise here, I love this company. The best part is they have great deals with different discounts. Right now they have a discount code: COLOR2012, which charges you ONE PENNY for your first box! ONE RED CENT gets you all I’ve shown here. Go to Julep Maven Program
I don’t know how long the one penny promotion will last so go sooner, rather than later. Also, just so you know, if you go on the link above I do get a credit towards my monthly boxes. 😉
Update 03.08.12: Just saw a new ONE CENT code: MARCHINTRO


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