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I like this combination for a spring manicure. What do you think?

If you read my earlier posts you know I have painted all my polish onto nail wheels. This was actually a fun exercise and it is nice to be able to look at the wheels, and pick a color to use. Today I couldn’t decide which color I wanted, so I used both. Carrie is the pink one and Alicia is the orange. These are both from Julep.
For those of you who don’t know, Julep is a monthly subscription service for nail polish. Remember the book of the month club or Coumbia House records? Julep is like that. When you first sign up they determine your style from a quiz and then depending on your style you will receive a box, monthly with 2 new polishes and some other beauty item. The most recent boxes contained a bottle of organic Argan oil. This is all for $19.99 per month. For a limited time you can receive your first box for only ONE CENT. At checkout use the code MARCHINTRO or COLOR2012.
Click here to go to Julep.com
Julep Maven Program

This is a great deal, you can cancel at any time, skip a month or have your box sent to a friend. If you don’t like the colors in your box you can pick whichever box you want. One of the things I like about Julep is they are on top of the trends for colors of nail polish. It’s nice to know that whatever color is ‘trending’ you know it will show up in their boxes. I bet it won’t be long and some soft powdery blues will be featured. I think that is the next trend for polish colors. But that’s just my humble opinion.
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This is from the new Holland collection by OPI. Yes, this is a new polish but I bought it before Lent began, along with several others. Kinda like a ‘last supper’ if you will. I will post other swatches from this new collection as I do them.

The sun came out, for literally three minutes, so I took this picture outside. I love the sparkles in this. They make me smile. 🙂
This polish goes on exactly as it looks in the bottle, which is always nice. Although I must tell you, this is with 3 coats. Normally I do 2 coats, not always a top coat, but this one still showed the tips of my nails with only 2 coats so I added a 3rd coat because I do not like that. I also have on a top coat of Seche Vite fast drying topcoat as I don’t have all day for my nails to dry.

The other polishes I got from this collection are Gouda, Gouda Two Shoes, Wooden Shoes Like to Know, and Thanks a Windmillion. Go to my YouTube page for my video of Wooden Shoes Like to know by clicking here: My You Tube Channell ~ NOTD Wooden Shoes Like to Know
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Today is Ash Wednesday. It is a day for reflection and suffering. It is a day to free oneself of humanly bonds so that our soul can live in peaceful eternity. For me Ash Wednesday is a day to test my will power. And this year my will power will be tested. You see, I have a problem….I’m an addict. Yes, an addict. I’m addicted to nail polish.

This the whole of my nail polish collection. Maybe. I might have a few more in my medicine cabinet, but if they are in my medicine cabinet, I don’t care for them.

Less than 3 months ago, this was the extent of my polish collection.

Then, at Christmas time, every time I logged onto Sephora dot com, I saw this amazing set of miniature nail polish. A set of 18 OPI colors. For only $49.99.

So of course I bought this set. I remember exactly the day it arrived, I spent most of the day painting, and re-painting my nails. That was the beginning.

This is the end. At least for the next forty days. Yes, I am giving up buying nail polish for lent. I must say though, I can polish my nails daily and not repeat a color. For more than forty days!
So by my counting, I will have to make do until April 2nd. I think I can do it. I will be honest and let you know if I break my Lenten promise.

What did you give up for lent? Anything? I had a friend who gave up coffee every year. She drank decaf coffee, but she gave it up every year.

I have been looking for a green fingernail polish for quite some time. As I’m sure with you, I would buy a polish because it looked great at the store, but the second I got home with it, I knew it was not for me. Especially the green colors.

I found this one from Revlon called “Varnished”

As you can see this color suits my coloring.

I like this polish because the formula is smooth and goes on without any fuss. I had been using quite a few Essie polishes before this one. And we all know Essie can be quite fussy to work with. This Revlon went on great. In fact I had been used to doing such thin coats with the Essie that this one would probably go on with one normal coat. The picture is with 2 coats and no top coat.

I think it looks beautiful and it wears nice. What do you think?

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