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Now that summer is over and we are all looking forward to fall, I have been reflecting on my favorite Summer 2014 polishes. As you all know I decided blue would be my ‘signature’ color for the summer. For the most part, I wore a lot of blue.

Azure from CHANEL is one of my favorites because my handsome son bought this for me as a Mother’s Day -slash-Birthday present. (All you Mothers with middle of the month May birthdays know what I’m talking about. May is a great month for birthdays but we get short changed with the whole Mother’s Day thing at the same time. Really I’m not complaining.).

Resurrection from Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (CSM) has been another favorite this summer.

It became a staple used with Grey by Grey from Sally Hansen CSM in my half and half manicures you all know I like to wear. More times than not, I will have on a half and half manicure.





Whether it’s Barry M Blue Moon, or CHANEL Sky Line, and all the blues between its impossible to pick a favorite.
Maybe because of my fair skin which is definetly pink toned and my blue eyes I cannot pass up a great blue nail polish from any shade or any brand.

With all that said I think this fall my ‘signature’ look will be

Pink leaning toward red. That’s what mood I’m in for today anyway!
What color are you in the mood for?

πŸ’…As always, thanks for stopping by!

For some reason I decided this summer my ‘signature’ color would be blue. This started me on a blue journey that, although I had on blue nail polish, my summer was anything but blue.


This was the beginning of my summer blues. I have always thought the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure formula to be one of the best drug store brands. I’ve long wondered why they called Gray by Gray this name when it is clearly a blue polish, as evident in these pictures. Anyone agree with me, or is it just me? Seeing blue instead of gray?


The next round of summer blue came with these L’Oreal polishes, again a great drug store brand. Notting Hill Blue has long been a favorite, so much so that I don’t wear it very often as I want to savor what I have left of it.

Just to shake things up a bit, I did wear a bright pink from Rimmell called Posh Pink. It was fun for a change.

Back to the Summer of Blue ~ 2014 with this gorgeous Sally Hansen CSM in Please Sea Me. This was sent to me as a PR sample for review. I was not asked to comment on this one but it is so, so pretty I couldn’t help myself. It is a gorgeous polish and has been formulated with their new gel like formula which increased wear time considerably.

This is another polish sent to me for review from Pacifica.. Pacifica is a 7-free, vegan 100% cruelty free company. If you have not tried them as yet please check them out. This polish went on smooth and wore like iron.

That was pretty much it for my Summer of Blues ~ 2014. It was actually a lot of fun for me and gave me a chance to wear my blue polish which I seem to have an abundance of! Maybe because my eyes are so blue?

What do you think?

**Some items featured in this post were sent to me by PR firms for my review. I was not asked or paid to comment on any of these. All opinions are my own.***

πŸ’…As always thanks for stopping by!

The big day is a week from today. Here are a few ideas I came up with for a wedding manicure.

Snow Bunny from Revlon is a CHANEL dupe for “Attractiom”. It is a pretty white frosted snow flake shiny polish. It’s one of this polishes you either hate it or love it. I happen to love it.

Bubble Bath from OPI this is 3 coats. All the other pics in this post are 2 coats, no top coats. I think for a pink nail polish this leans more on the beige side of pink.

No Way Rose’ from Morgan Taylor is a gorgeous rosΓ© gold without being in your face gold. I did a blog post here when I first discovered the Morgan Taylor brand. I think it’s a beautiful color and I think it’s funny that this is the same color Jilly and Ashley picked for the bridesmaids to wear.

Don’t Hate Me Cuz from L’Oreal is my favorite gold nail polish. It goes on great, very few stroke marks show and it wears like iron. Okay that last one I just through in there, we all know I don’t wear a polish long enough to know if it wears like iron. But I think this one would.

I Will! From L’Oreal is the prettiest cream color and I think it would look gorgeous for any bride. When Jilly came to town to announce her engagement this is the polish she had on, so maybe she might want a new one to actually get married in.

Like an accent of No Way Rose’. Brings the bridesmaids in with hers, different yet not.

I like an all pink nail, Elizabeth Street from Nails Inc fits the bill. Full coverage with 2 coats, no top coat needed and its the perfect color pink for a wedding.

It’s also very pretty with an accent finger of the rosΓ© gold.


And for the bride that would make Karl Lagerfeld happy, along with her Mother either the top picture of Skyline from CHANEL or the bottom picture of Dragon from CHANEL. The first one Skyline is a very rare light blue with a shimmer, even though it is rare I would happily share with my daughter.
Dragon is for the bride that thinks outside the box and wants to wear what she wants to wear, whether its a dress, shoes or nail polish. I know my daughter to be all of these women wrapped into one glorious woman.

From the day she was born I prayed for her husband as well as for her and her brother. I could not have picked a more perfect man for her to marry. I am so happy for them both, I know they have a life time of happiness ahead of them.

πŸ™ As always, thanks for stopping by!

I found this set of 5 Rimmel Long Lasting Finish Pro Nail Polish at Ross last night for $6.99 for the set. That works out to $1.25 per bottle, yes I did the math, pretty much in my head, it wasn’t a hard one to figure out. I don’t have a lot of Rimmel nail polish because the 5 drug stores in my town carry the same 4 colors, white, red,blue and steel grey. So I was excited to get this set. English Rose and Cherry Fashion particularly look like pretty polishes and I think I will like them.

Also at Ross was this set of 5 L’Oreal for the same price. I do not have any of these colors. I especially wanted to try Nottingham Hill Blues from their London collection because I think that is the one I sent to Diana. One of the names is Boozy Bruch which I think is a mistake? Shouldn’t it be Boozy Brunch?. I don’t know but I’m happy to add these to my collection of L’Oreal because I’ve always had good luck with L’Oreal nail polishes. And at $1.25 per bottle it’s a great deal. The Rimmel at $1.25 wasn’t such a great deal because they are already $1.99, but the L’Oreal sell between $5.99-$7.99 so this was a SCORE!

Then I went over to T J Maxx looking for Spa Ritual Polish and I found this set of 2 Orly polishes for $6.99 which is a good buy because I believe Orly usually runs around $9 per bottle. Orly nail polishes also all have the Leaping Bunny logo on them so you know I like seeing that. I like both these colors Mind’s Eye and Prince Charming which looks suspiciously like Commander in Chic but oh well!

So once again I am buying nail polish as if it is about to be outlawed! I don’t know what it is I just can’t resist, especially when they are such good deals! For me they are anyway!
Maybe I should do a blog sale? Anyone interested in some bargain priced nail polish? Let me know, and I will be happy to sell some of my ‘stash’.

πŸ’… As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

I often get asked what is the best brand of nail polish. Because of that, I have been working all summer on comparing different brands of nail polish. I compared over 3⃣0⃣brands of nail polish, all available in the US. Meaning this comparison of brands does not include any Barry M or other brands only available in the UK. I scored the different brands using these 5 items of criteria: brush/bottle, formula, price, dry time, and wear. These are the items that are important to me in a nail polish. When I was finished there were 3 brands that had all 5/5 stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
This is the complete list of polish I compared in this “study”. These are in alphabetical order

#9Butter London. 4/5. $35.00/oz
CND. 3/5. 31.40/ oz
CHANEL. 3/5. 65.00oz
China Glaze. 3.5/5. 16.00/oz
Ciate. 3/5. 19.86/oz
Color Club. 3/5. 11.66/oz
#10D Lippmann. 4/5. 36.00/oz
EstΓ©e Lauder. 3/5. 41.85/oz
Essence. 3/5. 7.40/oz
Essie. 3/5. 17.39/oz
Illamasqua. 3/5. 32.00/oz
Julep. 2/5. 51.85/oz
#5-L’Oreal. 4/5. 15.38/oz
MAC. 3/5. 36.00/oz
Maybelline. 3/5. 26.08/oz
Megan Miller. 3/5. 28.00/oz
Nails, Inc. 3/5. 21.53/oz
Nars. 3/5. 32.00/oz
Nubar. 3/5. 14.00/oz
#8-OPI. 4/5. 18.00/oz
Orly. 3/5. 16.00/oz
#4-Revlon. 4/5. 13.98/oz
#2SH CSM. 5/5. 14.98/oz
SH Extreme. 3/5. 7.50/oz
SH Lustre Shine. 3/5. 21.18/oz
SH Nail Prism. 3/5. 23.30/oz
SH Magnetic. 3/5. 30.00/oz
Sinful Colors. 2/5. 4.00/oz
The New Black. 3/5. 44.00/oz
#3- Venique 5/5. 14.00/oz
WnW Fast Dry. 2/5. 3.33/oz
WnW Mega Last .5/5. 6.66/oz
#7-WnW Wild Shine 3/5 2.32/oz
#6 Zoya. 4/5. 16.00/oz

πŸ’…3⃣4⃣TOTAL BRANDS TESTED over a 5 month period from May thru September.

πŸ’…US Brands NOT tested: Dior, Rimmell, NyC, Julie G, YSL, LE Mer Beaute, Elf, Pure Ice, Barielle, Nailtique, Sephora by OPI, Nicole by OPI , the Balm, Milani, Lancomme, Laura Mercier, Guerlain, Piggy Polish,

I love this polish! The more I use L’Oreal polishes the more I like them. I got this one a couple days ago to add to my pink stash, as I am planning on wearing pink polish for the whole month of October. You all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s just my small way to give back and to honor those fighting this terrible disease and especially to honor those who have lost their battle.😑
Although I think this manicure looks beautiful the formula was one of those goopy yet runny at the same time. Until you come across that type of formula you won’t know what I’m talking about, but it would come off the brush in a clump and then pool onto the sides of the nail. Since I’ve had this happen before I was able to get a great manicure with little effort. This is why this polish did not get 5/5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟and only got 4 in my comparison study.
But I think my nails look great and I think this a great pink. What do you think?

I don’t know why I felt I needed another pink, since I already have enough pinks to wear a different one each day this month and on into November! But I do like it and I’m happy to add it to my collection.

One of the first swaps I did with my friend Diana, who lives in London, she put in this little kit of nail polish and all the proceeds went to cancer research. She knew I feel passionate about such causes so she was kind enough to get this for me. I will definitely be wearing these polishes in the days to come. Anytime I see something with proceeds going for research, I do what I can to support such efforts.
But, enough about that, I could go on and on and I probably have. I want to know what colors pink you are wearing this month? Have you found any limited edition make up items with proceeds going for BCA and/or research? Tell me about them in the comments below.

As always, thanks for stopping by and I promise I will get back to the count down tomorrow. We are at the top 3! All 3 of these polishes received 5/5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 to me that is exciting!

Just one last reminder, I have 1 of these sets left, proceeds go to BCA and I will pay for the shipping, to anywhere in the world. $15 for 2 OPI nail polishes. You Glitter Be Good to Me and I Think in Pink. The tops have the pink ribbon logos on them. Please let me know if you are interested in this last kit! Thanks so much!

As I am writing this post the songs from “Grease” are playing on my iPod portion of my iPad. I πŸ’— love that movie. One of my very favorites. Right now it’s “🎢🎢 Summer Lovin”. 🎢🎢 I must need to watch this movie again because this has been going on for a couple of days now. But anyway, back to the post, what I’ve been lovin’ all summer long, and finally picked it up last night.

20120817-122528.jpg L’Oreal Now You Sea Me.. This is a perfect blue green for me because it leans more blue than green. I really like it, I like it so much it may have a spot in my Top Ten colors, ever!.

I have wanted this polish since about mid-April. I’d seen it first on EstΓ©e from EssieButtons and of course loved it on her. Then I would see it in the stores, and I don’t know why but I would pass it up. Then my You Tube friend Sandra at Makeuploverusa showed this polish and I knew I wanted it. Even then I still passed it up. Then yesterday my YouTube friend Gina at Citrushearted made a comment on Twitter that after wanting all summer, she was finally going to buy the Deborahh Lippmann polish Mermaids Dream. I too had been thinking about getting the DL polish, mostly because I need a DL polish to finish up my review of my polish by brand comparison study and I don’t feel it would be a complete comparison leaving this brand out. Small problem, it’s not sold anywhere near me, so I will probably have to go on-line to purchase. The other small problem is DL does a lot of glitter, and we all know I’m not so much for the glitter. I have been looking at Nordstrom’s site and will probably order a DL creme finish for my “study”. But I’m getting off track, again!
After Gina’s comment about buying Mermaids Dream dafter wanting all summer, Now You Sea Me came to mind for me. 🎈 And I had a $3 off any purchase from Walgreens so I thought, today is the day “NYSM will be mine. I went into Walgreens, straight for the polish. They have a sale, BOGO, the get one is free, so I picked up 2. These are $5.99 each. Total price at this point : $5.99 for 2. When I got up to the check stand, my favorite Beauty SA had a coupon in her pocket for $2 off any L’Oreal product. So this dropped my price to $3.99 for 2. Then I had my $3 off any purchase so the grand total for 2 bottles of polish was 99 cents. I did have to pay the sales tax on the higher prices and on both bottles so I actually paid $2.18 for those 2 bottles. Love It!

20120817-124609.jpg I love this color on me. . This is definetly the color of this summer, this turquoise blue/green. You know me, I figured I’d probably already had this color in other brands, but I don’t. πŸŽ‰

This is the nail wheel with the turquoise blue-greens I own. Some are close, but not really. There is enough of a change in the color to differentiate this one from the others. From left to right the colors are: Butter London Trustafarian, Color Club Age of Aquarius, Essence Viva la Green, OPI Thanks a Windmillion, Zoya Wednesday , China Glaze For Audrey, L’Oreal NYSM, China Glaze Sea Spray, Sally Hansen Gray by Gray, and OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam.

β˜€Now for my review: L’Oreal polishes generally have a thinner consistency to them, especially with the lighter colors. But as the colors get darker, the formula seems to get a little thicker. This one seemed to be a mixture of thin and thick, not an ideal formula to work with. Once I realized what was going on, after removing one hand already painted, I went back to my old stand by of thin coats. This took 2 thin coats perfectly, full coverage, no Dreaded 😑VNL and dry time was as expected. Any streaks caused by the formula were quickly fixed with a top coat of Seche-Vite.
I think this a perfect summer color and will be a good one to carry into fall. I think you could wear this color all year round, if you want to!
I give L’Oreal Now You Sea Me 🌟🌟🌟🌟 out of 5.

Do you like this color? Are your L’Oreal items on crazy sale right now? Let me know if you pick this o e up, I do t think you will regret.

Thanks for stopping by. πŸ’—πŸ’‹πŸ’…

🎢🎢Summer Lovin, had me a blast! 🎢🎢

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