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This is Week 28 of The Nail Polish Lottery Club (#NPLClub) and the number picked by random.org was 78. I do have more than 78 un-tried nail polishes in my collection, so I used the number 78. And for me, that was:


Rock Star from Revlon Mini. I am showing both hands as I initially thought the right hand was so much worse than the left, but looking at the pictures they are both really bad. This is after 1 day.
Rock Star from Revlon Mini is a straight up purple cream. The formula was a bit goopy and kind of hard to work with. As I’m sure you’ve experienced these kinds of polishes, I thought the 2 nd coat would smooth things out and make it okay but the 2nd coat was also hard to work with. I did 2 thin coats with a coat of quick dry top coat. Less than a day later, I had a mess, lots of chipping. I normally love a cream polish and purple is a great color but not so much with this one.
I bought this Revlon Mini set of 4 polishes from K-Mart last year. It is the only time I have seen a Revlon Mini. I had this purple one, a red one, Gold Coin, and Winter Mist , which has been re-promoted to Elegant. There is no number with the name so I know this has been re-promoted by Revlon, I am not sure of the name(s) but I know 1 name is just plain Rock. There are also some scented Revlon that look a lot like Rock Star.

I’m glad I finally tried Rock Star even though it did not perform like a rock star, it is nice to know that this purple is not for me! Within 24 hours it looked like I’d had this polish on for days and days, not a good look. Because of the formula and the performance, I can only give Rock Star from Revlon Mini 2/5 stars. I do like the mini bottles and I did like this color. 🌟🌟

My chalk board in the kitchen, trying to remind me to lay off the ice cream! I have been obsessed with caramel ice cream this summer. I have moved onto caramel frozen yogurt, but still I have eaten nothing but that. Not a good look!!

For more information about the Nail Polish Lottery Club just go to our Facebook page for all the details and guidelines. Every Monday we pick a new number from Random.org and that is the number we use to decide which of our un-tried polish to wear. It is a lot of fun, lots of nice people and you are more than welcome to join in the fun. Everyone is welcome. Even if you only share once a month or weekly, you are welcome in our “club”.

💅 As always, thanks for stopping by!

As promised this a picture of Sally Hansen’s Plum’s the Word. This is a pretty pinkish, mauve color. I forgot I had this polish, but found it when I decided to organize my nail polishes. I used to keep them on an old spice rack I found at a yard sale. My collection has outgrown the spice rack, now I keep them in old dishes, mostly found at yard sales. I have a corner cupboard in my dining room. It has been taken over by polishes in dishes.

Anyway, I digress… Back to Plum’s the Word. This polish is VERY close to Essie’s Island Hopping. I think PtW is just a little bit deeper in color, but the IH is shinier.

As you can see in this picture, they are very close. Just so you know, PtW is on the left, IH is on the right. They are between the pink sparkle and cute polka dot nail. I think I might have too much time on my hands. #obvious
Like I’ve said before, Sally Hansen does a great job with polish. I happen to like the wide flat brush in this brand. But I have average to large nail beds. I can see why someone with a little nail bed would not care for the wider brush.
Please check out my You Tube channel. This week I have uploaded video(s) showing my polish collection. I know I have a small collection compared to others but it has been fun to swatch them all on my “wheels of gorgeousness”. thank you, Lori
(if you watch my videos you will ‘get’ the reference to my YT friend Lori). You can get to my channel by clicking the link at the top of the page. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Upcoming post: My Julep collection
Don’t forget Julep polishes for limited time, get your first box for ONE PENNY. Use code COLOR2012 or MARCHINTRO.
Click Here for Julep

Today is Ash Wednesday. It is a day for reflection and suffering. It is a day to free oneself of humanly bonds so that our soul can live in peaceful eternity. For me Ash Wednesday is a day to test my will power. And this year my will power will be tested. You see, I have a problem….I’m an addict. Yes, an addict. I’m addicted to nail polish.

This the whole of my nail polish collection. Maybe. I might have a few more in my medicine cabinet, but if they are in my medicine cabinet, I don’t care for them.

Less than 3 months ago, this was the extent of my polish collection.

Then, at Christmas time, every time I logged onto Sephora dot com, I saw this amazing set of miniature nail polish. A set of 18 OPI colors. For only $49.99.

So of course I bought this set. I remember exactly the day it arrived, I spent most of the day painting, and re-painting my nails. That was the beginning.

This is the end. At least for the next forty days. Yes, I am giving up buying nail polish for lent. I must say though, I can polish my nails daily and not repeat a color. For more than forty days!
So by my counting, I will have to make do until April 2nd. I think I can do it. I will be honest and let you know if I break my Lenten promise.

What did you give up for lent? Anything? I had a friend who gave up coffee every year. She drank decaf coffee, but she gave it up every year.

There is a nail polish company from the northwest called Julep. I am liking this program more and more. What it is, is a monthly subscription service for nail polish! Remember Book of the Month, or Columbia House records? Like that only nail polish. Go to http://www.julep.com/?r=18436663. If you go to this site from this link I do get a referral point. With 2 referrals I will get a free month. 🙂
So go two times! Not really, just kidding!

At the website you will fill out a style quiz, from that they determine which kind of ‘maven’ you are. You can be an American Beauty (me), BoHo Glam, Bombshell (Jilly), Classic with a Twist (mom), or It Girl (Ashley). Then based upon that you get a box with 2 polishes, a hand cream and a couple of samples. All for $5, use the code INTRO. If you continue in the program it is $19.99 per month.
These polishes are what they call “4Free” meaning they are free of 4 of the worst chemicals used in polishes. I don’t know what they are, but some polishes say they are “3Free” ( Butter London, Gosh, Barry M, and Debra Lippmann). This company also donates $1 from each maven box to a charity based in helping women’s causes. So they are a good company and they are from Seattle! Love that!




Each month they will send you an email showing you what colors you will be getting. You can change to another box with different colors, skip a month, send to someone else or cancel. They are very easy to work with. If you do nothing then you will get a box with your maven type for that month. The It Girl maven is always just polish and you get 3 bottles of polish. Each month there is another item besides the 2 polishes. The first box has a hand cream, the 2nd box I got had a cuticle oil. Some boxes got a hair finish spray. They have body scrubs, this month they are giving a bottle of Argan oil.
Julep Nail Polish
I have received 2 colors I did not like, one was pale yellow and the other a rusty red, but I think they will be great on my toes! If you are interested check the web for codes because they have offered it recently for one penny. I just google coupon codes, there are several sites that you can get the code for. Let me know what you think! Thanks so much.

The other thing about me you should know, I am totally addicted to nail polish. This is my newest CHANEL from their Spring 2012 collection. This the color May. CHANEL released only 3 polishes for their Spring 2012 collection: April, May and June. (my birthday is in May, and I love pink)

This picture does not do this polish justice. It is so pretty that when I am driving I am distracted by the beauty of this color. When the sunlight hits it, oh my! Gorgeous!

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