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CHANEL Camelia is one of the new long lasting formulas from Chanel.  This is a gel like formula, much thicker than before and dries down to a gel like manicure.  This color Camelia is stunningly beautiful.  It seems to have a light, or a brightness all its own, that is hard to describe.

Cameli is one of my favorite shades, a blue based pink leaning more to red.  In some lights the pink is obvious and yet in other lights it can be almost orange, not my favorite.  In fact, the opposite of my favorite but somehow this has become a favorite nail polish worthy of my Top 5 List, just like that.  SNAP!


Tip wear appeared on day 3, so I am not sure about CHANEL’s claim of long lasting, but I forgive the wear, this color is worth it.  

Application was a bit goopy and will take some getting used to.  I used OPI NAIL Envy as a base coat.  (Since we have last met my nails have stopped growing.  My daughter did some research and, along with my ex-husband, came to the conclusion that the medicine I have to take will slow my nail growth, also my hair doesn’t grow as fast as before.  So I will always have OPI Nail Envy on as a base coat.)  I did not use a top coat.  I wanted to see how the polish behaved on its own, so to speak.  Next time I will probably use my favorite fast dry top coat Seche Vite.  The finish was very much like a gel manicure so you can imagine how surprised I was at the ease of the removal.  No big deal at all.  I used straight acetone, like always.  

Final Thoughts:  This new formula from CHANEL won’t be for everyone but it is worth trying.  So far they offer 14 colors.  Yes 14 colors, period.  The former LE vernis colors from CHANEL have disappeared, at least I haven’t seen them anywhere except the usual Ebay, or Amazon sites.  You can purchase Camelia here: Nordstrom’s

If you like the look of matching nails with your lipstick, the  CHANEL customer service rep told me that even though they have discontinued the Rouge Coco lipstick in Camelia, this should match closely:  Nordstrom’s Chanel lipstick in Dmitri, $37. 

Let me know what you think of CHANEL’s new formula.  

And remember Keep Calm and Paint Your Nails!

Vincent Longo is a world famous make-up artist who started his own line of cosmetics. . Although I’d never heard of him before, I’d seen some of his make-up in You Tube videos done by an amazing woman Donna, @donnashorts1. Donna makes the best videos on You Tube. Based only on her recommendation I purchased the Vincent Longo lipstick in the color Eve Rose, and the Vincent Longo Dew Drop Radiant Blush in Misty Blossom.


You all know I don’t do too many ‘reviews’ of make-up, but I heard Vincent Longo is now available at Nordstrom, so I thought you might see it there and wonder, is it any good? In my opinion, the answer would be Yes!.
I hope you can see where I swatched the lipstick with the blush above it. I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but the blush really is a dew drop moisturizing blush. Sounds weird, I know, but when you swirl all the colors together onto your cheeks you are left with an amazing sheer, dewy, blush. I really love it. 👍
The lipstick also, I love. For me the color is perfect and the formula is very creamy. It feels like a lip gloss, almost, not sticky at all, just creamy. When the color ‘dries down’ you are left with a pretty your lips but better…. Blah, blah, blah. I know everyone says that about their favorite lipstick or gloss, but there truly is no other way to describe it.💋

I am very happy with my purchase of Vincent Longo lipstick and blush. I bought mine from dermstore.com. I had a $25 off coupon, when you spend $50, so these 2 products did not cost me very much. Vincent Longo is also available on HSN, they put some great packages together, and now it’s also available at Nordstrom. If you Google Vincent Longo, a ton of shopping sites come up.

Let me know if you try any Vincent Longo products and what you think of them. I know the beautiful Lori, my friend on You Tube recently got a lipstick in a nude color, she loves it too! Thanks so much for stopping by.💗

In celebration of receiving almost 100 subscribers, and to thank all my subscribers I am giving away the following bag, filled with goodies! The bag is a faux patent, lined with leopard print, from Nordstrom’s.

The prize includes an Evening Out Complexion Kit by Lorac. The compact comes with a silky smooth powder foundation, 2 creamy concealers and the tools you need to complete your look. The powder puff and concealer brush are hidden in a compartment between the powder and the concealer. Color is in Medium.

One tube of Lorac Sheer Lipstick in Just Kissed. This is a pretty rose, nude color. Looks like your lips, only better. I am also including my favorite every day palette called Lorac Croc Palette. This includes 4 eyeshadow and a blush. Eyeshadows are Moonshadow, Serenity, Garnet and Suede. The blush is in Soul Ame, these are all great colors for everyday. The shadows are not too glittery, just the right amount of shimmer. The blush is a pretty brown-rosy color, not glittery, again just the right amount of shimmer.
A giveaway from me would not be complete without fingernail polish and yes, there is polish in this bag. I am giving one lucky subscriber a bottle of June by CHANEL. June is the only Limited Edition nail color from the Spring 2012 collection. Historically, CHANEL Limited Edition nail colors are the hardest to duplicate and the hardest to come by. Remember, CHANEL does not re-issue their limited edition items. I am also including a 5 piece set of Sally Hansen polishes. There is a clear, purple pinkish, a dark purple/brown, a light sheer pink and a bright fuschia pink.

I have left the sticker on the CHANEL polish, so if you are near a Nordstrom you can return this, with no hassle. I bought the Lorac items from Sephora. The bag was a gift with purchase.

To enter, so easy, go to my You Tube channel. I have a video up called Giveaway ~ CHANEL & Lorac! You must be a subscriber of mine! Leave a comment in the comments. Tell me what is your favorite beauty item, lipstick, mascara, fingernail polish or blusher? This giveaway is open internationally. If you are under 18 and you win, I will need your parents permission. On March 31st I will choose a winner using random.org. Because of this I will not be replying to any comments on this video. Thanks so much to all my subscriber’s. I am so thankful for all of you and Good Luck to Everyone!

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Haute Look for Amazing Deals ~ A Nordstrom Company

HAUTELOOK is a Nordstrom company. They have a return policy that allows you to return items purchased online to be re- turned to their Rack stores. I have never had a bad experience shopping at Nordstrom nor HAUTELOOK. I HGHLY RECOMMEND BOTH STORES. Be sure to go to Hautelook on Monday Dec 1st To see what great deals they will have on butter LONDON polish. Butter LONDON is a mid-priced polish with a high end quality. I'll see you there, bright and early! http://www.hautelook.com/short/3Bg7v

Nail Polish of the Month!

For me the Polish of the Month has to be CHANEL, with their new formula that I happen to love. I'm not thrilled with the color choices and I'd like to know where I'm supposed to get a new bottle of May , which will be empty soon? you can find CHANEL polish at www.chanel.com or my favorite place on earth: Nordstrom www Nordstrom.com

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