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What’s on my vanity? Is really whats in my basket. Yes, it’s a nice Longaberger basket, remember when everyone was buying Longaberger baskets? Do they still? I haven’t heard of a Longaberger basket party for so many years, but I do love their baskets and have way more than anyone person should own. Not that I obsess much. For the past 6 weeks I’ve had lipstick 💄in my vanity/basket. For those of you new to my blog and you tube channel I keep items in a basket, on top of my vanity I’m somewhat overwhelmed with, as in I have too many, and I need to work through them to see which ones I like, which ones work for me and which ones I need to find a new home for.
My first basket was full of mascara. I’d found myself inundated with lots of different mascaras. At some point I put them all in the basket, kept it on top of my vanity so that I used each and every one. By the end of the month I knew what mascara worked for me and what ones did not. The next month I did eyeshadows, then blush. This system works very well for me and I’m quite pleased with myself for coming up with this idea, (pats self on the back). Finally this brings us to this months item: lipsticks.💄


20120731-145036.jpg These are my favorite lipsticks from my collection of Revlon. They are Mink, Teak Rose, Fire & Ice and Cherries in the Snow, going left to right. As you may or may not know CITS and F&I were released in 1953 along with nail polish to match your lips to tips. I love this trend and so happy it is coming back. I wrote about this back in November, which at that time Revlon was the only brand you could find matching lips to tips. Look just a few short months later and Butter London released the Lippy, soon to be followed by Mac and I’ve heard Estée Lauder is jumping on that band wagon. My all time favorite combination of lips to tips will always be CITS.

20120731-150344.jpg(This photo was from the first ad campaign for CITS & F&I, I did not take this photo myself)

This Mac Viva glam IV and Vincent Longo Eve Rose. Both such great lipsticks. I did a review of the Vincent Longo lipstick here. I promise I will do a post about the Mac viva Glam project. Every cent of the purchase price of your Viva Glam lipstick you buy goes to the Mac Aids foundation. They are doing such great things for those afflicted with aids and for the families of thos afflicted with this terrible disease. I like it that ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE PURCHASE PRICE GOES TO THE FOU DATION. I feel very strong about this and I promise when I have more facts I will post more about it.
Now, would you like to see my mini collection of lipsticks? Yea?

20120731-151144.jpg So cute my little minis. There’s my beloved Burberry in all it’s checkered glory, my mini Tarte lip surgence in the color moody (how apropos), my lil Gurelain, 2 adorable Jane Iredales and of course the king of the minis Dior, I think the color is Fire. 💋💋

20120731-152209.jpg. 💄This Tarte lip surgence in fever was a total surprise to me, I’m surprised at how much I like it. I have always been a girl to shy away from orange lipstick, orange nails, you get the picture. But this color works for me and I love it. I wear it quite often.

20120731-152419.jpg. 💄I wanted to show you these lip surgence screw up from the bottom and there is actually a lot of product there. I’m showing this because one of my girls thought the only product was what was shown when the cap comes off. Now you know. Also, my little mini one does the same and it screws up about another inch, not bad for a mini..

The lipsticks that didn’t work for me are being added to my blog sale, sanitized, of course. I’m adding a **gasping for breath** CHANEL😝, a couple of Lancomme, And NYX. So please stop by my blog sale and hopefully find something you can’t live without!👏
Thanks so much for stopping by! 💅

Today I painted my moms nails the prettiest red. It is Ruby Stilettos from Sally Hansen. It is so sparkle-y, it is gorgeous! As you all know, my mom has macular degeneration along with glaucoma, and I think because she can’t see very well she is loving these bright colors. The brighter the better.

I’m loving this one too.

I painted my nails with Revlon Teak Rose and Demure in a half and half manicure. So many of you have asked me about this, I hope this picture will help show how it is done.

I always start with my right hand and paint my pinky and ring finger color A, in this case Teak Rose. Then I paint color A on my left hand on the middle, pointer and thumb. Then with color B (Demure) I do the opposite. Paint my left hand pinky and ring finger with color B, then on my right hand paint color B on my middle, pointer and thumb. Doing a half and half, or some people call it a reverse, you paint 5 fingers one color and the other 5 a different color. The result is an opposite color for each finger. In other words, the pointer fingers will each have a different color, the thumbs will be different, etc…


Sometimes I use contrasting colors, like today and some days I use very similar colors like this one with Russian Red from MAC and Rosa Rosa from Estée Lauder.





Usually I end up with a half and half because I can’t decide which color I want to wear that day. I’ve never seen anyone do it before. Now every once in a while I see someone else with it and it makes me smile! I saw a half and half today on a FaceBook ad. I was really tickled to see it, I guess that’s what compelled me to do this one today. And, knowing me, tomorrow will be something else! Maybe not!
Thanks for stopping by 💅

20120324-203648.jpgthis Revlon’s “Teak Rose” in lipstick and nail polish. My newest obsession!


I used to think that matching nail polish and lipstick was so old fashioned.. But, I guess when you are as old as I am, old fashioned is okay. I happen to like the look of matching nail polish with lipstick. I have googled the subject extensively, with not so much in the results department. But then there is Revlon. Does it get any more ‘old fashioned’ than Revlon?. Looking through my stash I found the Teak Rose combo I am wearing now and I found this little gem,

This little beauty is ‘Cherries in the Snow’. Gorgeous, to say the least, AND there is a matching polish just waiting for me to pick up at my local Shopko store. Since I have 9 more days of self imposed “no-buy nail polish” (for Lent), I will wait to match these 2 little cupcakes of cuteness together. I can hardly wait! The last time I was in Shopko, which was Thursday, there was only one of the polishes left. It was a struggle to leave it there and NOT buy it, but I did. I’m sure it will be there when I go to actually buy it. Oh, did I mention I hid it? Yes, I did. Hide it, that is. Where? I’m not sayin’ – just in case. For a split second I thought about shoplifting it, because that would not break my Lenten promise of not to ‘buy’ nail polish. Somehow though I thought that just might be pushing it!

(This picture makes me happy, so I included it. If you have to ask who that is, well then maybe you should be reading a different type of blog!
I must tell you all that I did buy a nail polish. I know, I know, but sometimes these great deals come along and you have to jump on them. I had an opportunity to purchase a CHANEL Jade Rose polish at a VLoG sale for a great price. The beautiful Lori, (YouTube name ll42863) had a sale on her channel. I also bought a blush and lipstick, all CHANEL. $80 for all 3 items and shipping. CHANEL polish is now $26, blush around $50-55 and lipsticks are from $24 and so you can see why I had to do it. Sometimes a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do! I will definitely do a video when I receive and I’m sure a NOTD will be posted to honor the newest CHANEL polish to my little collection. Do you also want to see pictures of the other items? Just let me know. thanks everyone!

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