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(Some of the colors featured in today’s post have been sent to me for review. Some of them were purchased by my self when I was able to find them from my little town!)

Artful Dodger from butter LONDON is one of my very favorite nail polish colors. The fact that it is from butter London only makes me love it all the more. Yes, I have a thing for the brand. Not only is their formula, brushes, bottle design, dry time, and unique colors one of the best out there, but I love the fact that BL is a cruelty free company. Not only are they a cruelty free company but so are their suppliers. I do not think that fact is one that is talked about enough.
I could not pick just one color as a favorite from butter LONDON so I will show you the rest of my “Top 5 (or 8) Favorites”






FINAL THOUGHTS: on butter LONDON “My Top 5 Favorites”: I don’t own a whole lot of BL brand but the colors I do have are unique to my other brands/colors. I do own a lot of nail polish and for the most part, if there is a color I like from ABC nail polish company, I can usually find a close enough dupe from XYZ nail polish company. I appreciate their unique colors, and I admire their choice as a company to be cruelty free. The retail price is $15 per bottle, but I have seen sales, usually at Nordstrom.
Well worth the price, IMO.
Have you tried butter LONDON ? What do you think? Which is your favorite color?

(Some of the colors featured in today’s post have been sent to me for review. Some of them were purchased by my self when I was able to find them from my little town!)

💅 As always, thanks for stopping by!>

How pretty is this combination? I am in love with this polish! This is from Butter London. I was sent the Primrose Hill Picnic and Trout Pout along with the Lippy to match. You all know how much I love my half and half manicures, these two colors were meant to be together this way. You also know I am in love with the trend of matching lips to nails. Butter London has made that an easy look to accomplish with their Lippy. The Lippy is an exact match to the nails. So pretty, I cannot stop looking! And then with the Primrose Hill Picnic Lippy? It’s too much. I am in love with myself today!🙂



I must say these pictures turned out pretty good with the lilacs in the background. I love when the lilacs are in bloom.
I uploaded a You Tube video about these gorgeous polishes. Watch it here:
My You Tube Video Butter London
The video pretty much covers it all, but you have to agree with me, this is the prettiest combination I’ve come up with yet! One reason why I love Butter London is they have such great colors. It seems like I keep buying the same colors over and over. I have at least 4 bottles of the smoky, brown grey color that is so popular, 6 bottles of virtually the same color brown, I don’t know how many bottles of pink, mint, or blue polish I have. But, when you go to the Butter London website and see all those colors, they are all so different from anything else I have. For instance, there is a color called “Artful Dodger” that is a turquoise blue. But it is also a little smoky, a little ‘dirty’, not like any other turquoise blue you’ve seen. But all their colors are like that. They are beautiful but they have a little something different.. And for me, different is good!
Have you tried Butter London, or the Lippy? What do you think? Have you gone to their website? I just love looking at all those pretty bottles, such great colors. I want them all! You can check out the colors here : Butter London
What colors do you have?
Thanks so much for stopping by!


This is Yummy Mummy from Butter London. In the interest of full disclosure this was sent to me by their PR person for review. She also sent a Lippy, in the same color. thank you so much!


I wrote earlier about my obsession with matching lips to nails, which I adore this look! I also wrote earlier that there are not very many companies offering matching lips to nails products. Revlon was the one that I knew of. About the same time I was looking on the Butter London website because I heard they were having a sale. I missed the sale but that is when I discovered the Lippy! Butter London is launching the Lippy, as we speak, ehrr read, and I for one couldn’t be happier.

The Lippy matches exactly with the polish. At $17 it is a bit (OK, a Lot) pricey, but it is a great lip gloss. It goes on like any other lip gloss but dries down to a smooth, moisturized color that stays exactly as when first applied. I was worried that the Yummy Mummy color would make me look like, well, a mummy, but it is a very pretty neutral. When it dries down it makes my lips look moisturized and better than naked lips, if that makes sense?

Now my only problem, is living in a small town in Idaho, getting my hands on more. I love the Trout Pout and the Primrose Hill looks just like it should be mine! I think this is a trend that will be around for a while. I am so happy Butter London came up with the Lippy and I can’t wait to see what other companies will do to follow! Because you know they will follow.
What do you think of the trend? Matching or not so much?

In my previous post I confessed to you my newest obsession, wearing matching lipstick and nail polish, old school style. This is something I have been thinking about for quite sometime. As you all know I have given up buying any new nail polish during lent, so you can imagine my delight when I came across the bottle of Teak Rose polish, knowing I had a tube of Teak Rose lipstick somewhere.

Stay with me, I do have some exciting news to get to-
As I also stated in my previous post I have searched the Internet for matching polish and lipsticks, with no results. Even the Revlon site didn’t have a section to match up their products. Last night though, late, I was looking at new nail polish, because it’s only a week left of lent, and I thought I would get a head start on my new purchases. I went to Butter LONDON’s site because I’d heard they were having a sale. I must be too late for the sale, but guess what I found? That’s right matching lipsticks for their nail polish colors! cue the singing angels!
This makes me very happy. It makes me happy for so many different reasons, but mostly because I like the colors from Butter LONDON and maybe the matchy-matchy thing won’t be so old school after all! Maybe I will be hip and ahead of the trend! Oh yea!

I tried to order on their website but when my order didn’t go through I sent an email. I received a reply this morning from Lauren and she said they are available at Ulta right now, and will be available on the website starting in April. The nearest Ulta store for me is about 225 miles away, so I guess I will be waiting until April. That’s when lent ends, right? Woo Hoo!

What do you guys think? Do you like the trend, will you try it? Which Butter LONDON duo will you be picking up? I already have Teddy Girl polish, I’m crazy about Yummy Mummy, love Primrose Hill Picnic, dying to try Snog and of course Trout Pout is perfect for this summer of corals. I guess that’s all of them! 🙂

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For me the Polish of the Month has to be CHANEL, with their new formula that I happen to love. I'm not thrilled with the color choices and I'd like to know where I'm supposed to get a new bottle of May , which will be empty soon? you can find CHANEL polish at www.chanel.com or my favorite place on earth: Nordstrom www Nordstrom.com

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